Stephen A Smith Rants About Anthony Davis Injury History

Stephen A Smith Rants About Anthony Davis Injury History


Lakers Stephen A Smith rants about Anthony Davis injury

Injury has been an enormous factor for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, particularly with Anthony Davis.

Ernani has been involved in almost half of LA's regular season games this season and his injuries have drawn considerable fan ire.

The Brow’s injury history

Anthony Davis has become one of the most beloved figures on the Lakers since they traded away a portion of their young core to acquire him in 2019. That offseason saw Davis lead them to their inaugural championship as franchise history was made; furthermore, his relationship with LeBron James became one of the finest in NBA history.

However, despite his many accolades, 29-year-old Channing Frye's injury history is becoming more apparent. An eight-time All-Star, Frye has missed significant time each of the past two seasons and this must change for them to have any chance of recovering next season.

Brow is an invaluable member of the Lakers, leading them in points per game while playing key defense roles. His presence can never be underrated.

Recently, however, he hasn't been at his best and his recent absence is an indicator of this fact. According to The Los Angeles Times, Big Man recently experienced flu-like symptoms which prevented him from participating in Lakers upcoming game against Indiana Pacers.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Davis will also likely miss two games of the regular season due to his right foot injury - it could keep him sidelined for months!

Lakers players have responded well since Davis' injury; winning five of six games over this stretch shows how their play has improved significantly. But their recent success may be put to the test when going up against an Golden State Warriors squad that has won three consecutive championships and may try for back-to-back championships themselves.

No one disputes that the Warriors are an impressive team capable of producing big numbers in the playoffs, yet there remains the question as to whether their chemistry will allow them to take it a step further?

Considered thusly, the Warriors might take advantage of their impressive roster and play their best game possible; but, without proper caution and strategy in place it will likely prove hard for them to overshadow the Lakers in the long run.

The Brow’s work ethic

Anthony Davis has had one of the most impressive careers in sports, yet over the past two years has come under scrutiny regarding his work ethic. Reports allege he often takes extended amounts of time off during off-season to relax - leading him to miss several games as a result.

Anthony Davis' injury history is one of the key reasons behind why his presence has been limited this season on the court for Los Angeles Lakers, even after they acquired him via trade with New Orleans Pelicans back in 2019. While no doubt gifted, it's clear he is no longer his former self.

Smith is an immensely popular presence on ESPN's First Take program, where he often launches into long rants about various topics in sports - whether that be soap operas or NBA matches, his trademarked voice raises its volume to make his point loud and clear.

Smith has become well-known among fans through his rants, helping establish him with ESPN as a sports commentator. But Smith is more than that and is looking beyond his career to explore other passions.

Smith has hosted his own show on ESPN since 1996 and also written for publications like the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Daily News. Additionally, he has made appearances on MSNBC as a commentator and currently appears as part of First Take's analysis panel.

Although Davis has struggled this season, Smith believes he can improve by taking steps such as strength and conditioning training that will make him healthier and more athletic.

But this bold assertion has been met with much disagreement by various individuals. Being healthy does not guarantee success on the court alone - rather, having the proper mindset matters just as much.

Stephen Smith spoke at a campus lecture about overcoming adversity with an emphasis on staying positive and having people around you to help get through tough times.

The Brow’s impact

Stephen A. Smith was on ESPN's First Take show when he began criticizing Anthony Davis' injury history and threatened Kevin Durant if they did not stop their comments!

Davis averages 23.2 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocked shots per game but has been susceptible to injuries in recent seasons. During 2018-19 he missed numerous games due to various knee-related ailments including strain and sprain issues.

At his best, it's obvious why the Lakers drafted and signed him to such an ambitious contract: he's an established NBA player with plenty of talent; however, since joining them this season he has struggled against stiffer competition, missing two games due to injuries.

If Davis can stay healthy this season, he could potentially have an even stronger season than last one; though there's no guarantee. Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and Deandre Ayton all possess more experience than Davis does and are expected to provide fierce competition in the NBA.

He also needs to improve his three point percentage and free throw attempts; however, if he can stay healthy in 2022-23 he stands a good chance at becoming a star at the next level.

Furthermore, he could hold some potential trade value as well. It might make him the ideal complement for the New Orleans Pelicans when signing Zion Williamson later this year.

Another team that could consider him for hire are the Lakers. Their season has been far too unsuccessful despite boasting star players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook; yet they still have not made it into the playoffs.

They're currently exploring trading for either Kyle Kuzma or Brandon Ingram as they look to add quality players like these two to bolster their bench and increase chances of competing for championships. Losing out on a top pick might hurt but Kuzma and Ingram would both provide major upgrades that could significantly strengthen the team if acquired through trades; it would give the Lakers an advantage against potential title threats.

The Brow’s trade value

Smith asserts in an episode of First Take that the Lakers should forego trading Anthony Davis due to recent injuries that have hindered his play and decreased productivity.

Davis has missed many games over the last two seasons and has struggled to make an impactful contribution this year for Los Angeles Lakers. If the Lakers wish to improve next season, it is crucial that Davis remains healthy and plays all 82 contests.

If Davis can remain healthy this offseason, he will once more be one of the premier big men in the NBA. His talents as both an offensive and defensive leader allow him to lead his team in scoring and rebounding, as well as block shots for other teammates while creating opportunities.

However, injuries can be detrimental to teams and it's essential to remember that not all players have equal value; therefore it is vitally important to assess each individual before making decisions on trades or transfers.

Therefore, any trade must include players with sufficient value for the Lakers to justify it; players like Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook who have proven their worth at playing at a high level may be ideal candidates.

D'Angelo Russell could also be considered as an asset by the Lakers. He played an integral part in their championship run during their inaugural year in Los Angeles and has an impeccable defensive reputation.

He is only under contract for one more season, so the Lakers don't feel obliged to retain him. Should he depart in this season, they would need to either buy him out for an exorbitant fee or sign him back for next season at significantly increased salary levels.

The Jazz, Timberwolves and Lakers are in talks over a three-team trade involving Russell for Mike Conley, Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Additionally, the Lakers would receive an expected first-round draft pick in 2027 or 2029 from Utah.

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