Starship Entertainment's Girl Group IVE - "Kitsch" MV

Starship Entertainment's Girl Group IVE - "Kitsch" MV


Starship Entertainment's Korean girl group IVE recently released the music video for their pre-release single song "Kitsch."

In the music video, all members of IVE showed off their free-spirited style. They looked extremely sporty yet glamorous in their ensembles.

This fun dance track boasts an addictive hook, celebrating the girls' individual charms and self-assurance.


Starship Entertainment's girl group IVE has unveiled the music video for their pre-release single 'Kitsch', which will be featured on their upcoming first studio album 'I've IVE' due out April 10. The track combines repetitive synth loops and trap beats with more R&B elements, creating an addictive track guaranteed to get you moving.

Gaeul, Yunjin, Rei and Wonyoung all take center stage in the music video for 'Kitsch' directed by Jinooya Makes. The visuals depict the band members in a variety of locations from rooftop parking lots to grassy fields - looking stunning in their outfits!

On March 27, the music video for 'Kitsch' was released and features all six members of IVE performing the song in various settings, each looking confident and youthful as they take turns strutting down a runway as they dance alongside one another.

This is an encouraging sign for the group, as they've been making waves in K-pop with their energetic performances and catchy tunes. Furthermore, they have collaborated with prominent names within the industry by signing deals with Columbia Records in the US and The Orchard for international distribution outside of America, placing them at the forefront of K-pop's next generation.

Many of IVE's other music videos have focused on their vocals, but this one stands out more. The singers are shown in multiple settings throughout the video - something uncommon among most groups.

For instance, one image features the singers standing before a mural that mirrors Ariana Grande's style elements. Another shot shows them sitting in an elegant row wearing varsity jackets.

On occasion, there are also pictures of IVE members wearing checkered mini skirts and black laced tops. Leeseo even donned a lovely rocking outfit!


Kitsch MV is an upbeat song that showcases IVE's quirky charms. Their youthful energy and self-assurance is evident through their youthful looks and energetic choreography.

Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo are pictured enjoying their youth without worrying about what others think of them. The girls are wearing sporty outfits alongside glamorous looks.

IVE is a Korean girl group composed of six members, each with their own special charms and talents that define them. These positions within the group are usually determined by each member's strengths; these may include main rapper and singer, sub rapper and singer, visual artist or main dancer.

At present, IVE has released two digital singles, "Eleven" and "Love Dive." Both songs have become hits on the music charts and been well received by their fans.

The group's latest pre-release single, 'Kitsch,' has already generated considerable excitement. Released just one week before their first full album, I've IVE, the song has quickly made waves on streaming charts and YouTube views alike.

In addition to their new video release, IVE also shared the lyrics for their single track. Written by GAEUL and REI, this rap song exudes elegance from every angle. With vibrant instruments combining various bouncy sounds, listeners are taken on an exciting journey by IVE's captivating soundscape.

Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) participated in the writing of IVE's "Kitsch" MV for the first time, further elevating its quality. IVE's daring and individuality are evident through their lyrics which explore self-love.

On April 10th, IVE's upcoming album is expected to be a hit with their fans. Unfortunately, many IVE fans are already disappointed that main vocalist Liz was given barely five and a half seconds of lines in the song. As she is the face of the group, fans hope to see more of her on future albums than she had in 'Kitsch'.


IVE has made quite the impression with their debut single, "Eleven," and has continued to wow fans with subsequent releases such as mega-hits "Love Dive" and "After Like." Their latest track, "Kitsch," follows suit, featuring an intriguing blend of high-tech and low-tech elements that showcases IVE's confident yet effortless style of dance music. In the music video for this track, Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, and Liz perform all the right moves while flaunting their hulking physiques with grace.

The video debuted on YouTube's trending videos list, garnering the attention of its share of social media-savvy fans. Furthermore, IVE's exciting new track will be released as part of their upcoming full-length album "I've IVE" on April 10th - fingers crossed they have great success with it and keep us all in the know about all their exciting plans for the future.


As a lover of Korean pop music, I appreciate how the industry consistently produces exciting and innovative songs. IVE's pre-release track "Kitsch" follows suit with this philosophy with its vibrant instrumental and elegant melody; making it an exhilarating listen for those who appreciate IVE's style.

The MV features all members of IVE as they embark on an array of adventures and experiences while maintaining their youth and freedom. Furthermore, the members are seen wearing stylish yet sporty ensembles that give off a distinctive 'kitschy' aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates their free-spirited personalities.

Fans have expressed their displeasure with the MV, despite all its enjoyable visuals. IVE's main vocalist Liz is given only six seconds of singing time in the song - an astounding shock to many. This means she has been given less screen time and lines compared to other members.

Though this may be a minor detail, many K-pop fans have addressed it on social media platforms. Line distribution is key when creating songs for idol groups as there are often multiple singers involved; with so many singers in an ensemble, it can be challenging to ensure all singers get enough lines and time for each song - particularly when it comes to the main vocalist who typically needs more singing time than other members in order to shine through in the mix.

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