#Starbucks Introduces Olive Oil Drinks

#Starbucks Introduces Olive Oil Drinks


Starbucks introduces olive oil drinks

Starbucks has released a line of drinks infused with olive oil. Inspired by an inspirational trip to Italy, the "Oleato" line is composed of Sicilian Partanna extra virgin olive oil, carefully selected for its delicate flavor profile.

Oleato is debuting in Italy this spring with plans for US expansion this spring. Their line of beverages will include Starbucks' classic Caffe Latte, Iced Shaken Espresso and cold foam beverages.


Are you in search of something different to drink at Starbucks? Look no further: the coffee giant has just unveiled their Oleato line of olive oil-infused drinks. Options include a latte, an iced shaken espresso and cold foam cold brew.

Olive oil-infused beverages will be available starting this summer in Italy, and later this year the chain plans on expanding into other markets such as the US, Japan, Middle East and even Australia - giving customers everywhere a taste of this exciting drink trend!

Food & Wine reports that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz initially considered adding olive oil to his coffee on a whim, but wanted it to taste great so he consulted his team in Seattle about it.

They teamed up and created three drinks that incorporate Partanna cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Nocarella del Belice olives in Sicily into Starbucks arabica coffee. These beverages - an Oleato caffe latte and an Oleato iced shaken espresso - will be available at Starbucks cafes across Italy starting this week.

These drinks are infused with one and a half teaspoons of Partanna cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, providing about 120 calories each. However, the company believes that adding olive oil makes them more appetizing and richer; plus studies have demonstrated how olive oil may reduce inflammation and enhance heart health.

Olive oil-infused drinks are a groundbreaking innovation from Starbucks, who typically introduce new beverage trends by experimenting with ingredients or tweaking existing recipes. But this combination of olive oil and coffee takes things to the next level - potentially becoming one of their most creative beverages ever created.

No one could argue with the taste of an Oleato latte. It offers a delightful combination of creamy iced coffee and nutty espresso that is smoother and creamier than your standard Starbucks iced latte. Plus, the unexpected savoury hit from olive oil combined with sweet oat milk provides an unexpected delight.

Iced Shaken Espresso

Starbucks has announced the introduction of olive oil drinks for the first time ever, according to Starbucks executives. Their Oleato lineup is inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of taking a spoonful of extra-virgin olive oil daily and includes an oat-milk latte infused with olive oil as well as cold brew drinks topped off with "golden foam" infused with the oil.

Starbucks' oat-milk latte is a beloved vegan treat that will be joining their selection of non-dairy drinks this spring. Combining hazelnut milk and espresso, this beverage produces an irresistibly smooth, sweet, and slightly creamy cup of joe.

Oleato beverages have long featured oat milk, but in recent years the company has been gradually expanding their selection of plant-based milk options. This has been a blessing for vegans who don't enjoy almond milk's texture or don't want to spend a lot of money on an alternative milk.

Starbucks recently unveiled their Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, joining other dairy-free offerings like Chocolate and Brown Sugar.

Shaken espressos are created by shaking a shaker or mason jar full of ice and syrup into a tall glass, then pouring in any milk or non-dairy alternatives you desire.

Shake or shake the contents of a shaker or mason jar together for several seconds to mix them thoroughly. Then give it another good shake to break down any ice and help the espresso mellow. You can keep the lid on to help maintain coolness as well.

This classic iced espresso recipe is simple to make and works great with any type of milk. Starbucks uses 2% milk as their default option, but feel free to substitute any other type of milk or milk alternative you'd like.

Cold Foam

Starbucks has always been at the forefront of coffee innovation, but their latest venture is truly groundbreaking. They've announced the release of Oleato - a line of drinks infused with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

This week, Oleato Caffe Latte, Iced Shaken Espresso and Golden Foam Cold Brew will be released in Italy; eventually they plan to expand into other markets such as Southern California this spring, Japan, Middle East and the United Kingdom by 2023.

Starbucks' beverage development team has developed Partanna olive oil, a blend specifically created for their coffees, to add an exotic touch. The nutty and slightly sweet olive oil has its own distinct taste that they say perfectly complements the coffee.

Italian Starbucks restaurants will now carry Oleato drinks, featuring olive oil-infused drinks like an espresso deconstructed and iced cortado. Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan will also offer five variations of Oleato drinks as part of their exclusive lineup.

In a statement, the company revealed its inspiration for the Oleato line as "an Italian tradition to enjoy a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil each day as an uplifting ritual." Interim CEO Howard Schultz was moved by this story and brought it back to Seattle with him where Starbucks' beverage development team created recipes for three distinct drinks that will be available at select stores.

These new beverages are part of Starbucks' overall plan to introduce novel and creative drinks as the chain strives to stay afloat in the face of intense competition. Starbucks has been experimenting with ingredients in recent years, but adding olive oil will be a first for the company according to Chief Marketing Officer Brady Brewer.

Caramel Macchiato

Starbucks has unveiled the Oleato series of drinks, all made with extra virgin olive oil made with Nocarella del Belice olives from Sicily. Available in three varieties - latte, espresso and cold brew - these beverages are made with Partanna extra virgin olive oil infused with the delicious aromas and flavors found only at Starbucks.

According to Amy Dilger, the company's principal beverage developer, the concept was inspired by an olive oil drinking ritual on Italian farms. She discovered the incredible buttery flavor of Nocarella del Belice olives and spoke with family farmers to craft this delectable extra virgin olive oil.

"Olive oil is one of the most nutrient-rich oils on Earth," Dilger states, noting its benefits from healthy fats like Omega 3s and Vitamin E. She adds that it makes for an ideal addition to coffee drinks, adding texture and depth with each sip.

Starbucks collaborated with Partanna, a Sicilian company, to craft these drinks specifically tailored for their Starbucks arabica coffee. These olives are picked and cold pressed within hours to preserve their exceptional flavor.

Starbucks' Oleato series stands out in that it uses more than just olive oil to flavor their coffee - it's actually infused with it! To make these drinks, Starbucks baristas will mix a spoonful of oil into the coffee before either steaming it into milk or shaking it into espresso for an irresistibly nutty and sweet taste.

Starbucks' Iced Espresso can be served cold with milk and vanilla syrup as a topping. This drink can also be made with almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk for an even creamier effect.

Starbucks' frappuccino is a beloved drink, but you can make it at home for less money and with healthier ingredients. It's simple to prepare and can be served hot or iced. For something extra decadent, drizzle caramel on top or add some whipped cream.

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