Stacey Solomon Struggles With 'Impossible Task' With Baby Belle Before Dad

Stacey Solomon Struggles With 'Impossible Task' With Baby Belle Before Dad


Stacey Solomon struggles with impossible task with baby Belle before dad

Stacey Solomon has been busy keeping fans informed on her latest addition - her fifth child. She and husband Joe Swash welcomed little Belle earlier this month, and now Stacey shares a photo of her daughter with fans.

It has been an exciting few weeks for the 33-year-old, who is also a mother to Rose and Rex from her previous relationship with Aaron Barham as well as Zachary from her current one with Dean Cox. Additionally, she's engaged to Joe.

Stacey’s eldest son Rex

Stacey Solomon is one of the UK's most beloved celebrities, boasting five million followers on Instagram. The Loose Women star has had a profound effect on her fans by regularly sharing heartwarming moments with her young children.

Since the arrival of her fifth child, baby Belle in December, the former X Factor star has kept her followers updated with plenty of adorable photos. And it seems like she's doing a pretty great job as a mum so far!

But before her baby can take its first steps, mom needs some assistance from dad - and thankfully he was there to provide it!

Her accompanying reel featured David, the dad of this X Factor contestant, taking photos of little Belle in her family home, Pickle Cottage. Dave donned a professional camera around his neck and seemed delighted to capture some images of the new arrival.

Her two younger children - daughter Rose and son Rex - were also present in the photo. Though they seemed a bit grumpy, they could also be seen laughing and snuggling close to their momma.

Stacey has faced her share of impossible tasks before; breastfeed her youngest son Rex, born in May 2019, proved particularly challenging.

On the day her son started walking on his own, she shared a video of him taking his first steps in the kitchen - an incredibly proud mum having an emotional moment as her toddler took those first tentative steps!

On Saturday, she won over hearts when she revealed that her youngest son Rex was feeling a little sad after his brothers left for vacation. Luckily, Rex got to enjoy some fun activities with his brothers; she shared videos of them playing on the swing and dipping their toes in a lake.

The Loose Women star and her husband Joe Swash are parents to three sons, Rex, Zachary, and Leighton. After being together for five years, the couple is very close.

Her daughter Rose

Stacey Solomon has shared the tender moment her daughter Rose met her new baby sister Belle for the first time on Instagram. The Loose Women presenter posted a video to share the touching moment.

In the clip, Rose can be seen cuddling Belle and gently touching her. It's evident that they are getting along well as Stacey can be heard laughing while watching the video.

The former X Factor star is expecting her fifth child this month, joining Rex, three and one-year-old Rose that she shares with Joe Swash. Additionally, she has older sons Zachary (14), and Leighton (10), from previous relationships.

Stacey and Joe are set to tie the knot at their Essex home Pickle Cottage next year. It's believed they began dating in 2015 and became engaged two years later, before announcing their engagement last year.

Stacey has been active on social media during her pregnancy, sharing plenty of updates including pictures, weight-ins and discussions regarding breastfeeding.

Now, the mother-of-five is ready to tackle her most daunting challenge yet: caring for baby Belle.

As part of her latest Instagram montage, Rose shared a clip of Rose meeting her new baby sister for the first time. It's an endearing moment and it's evident that Rose is immensely proud of her sister.

The video captures Rose snuggling up to her new sister and touching her, as well as giggling and smiling at the baby. It's a special bonding moment between them that Stacey can't wait to watch her daughter grow up and learn more about life.

She's not the only mum-of-five to name their children after characters from Disney films; Molly-Mae Hague named her son William Wolf Howey and Stacey named her daughter Belle after Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

The 33-year-old is an admirer of the princess, and she hopes to name her daughter after it too. When asked what name she would choose for their newborn, Belle was announced - with a special connection to Rose. So it's no surprise that they chose such an elegant option.

Her sons Zachary and Leighton

Stacey Solomon and her husband Joe Swash are proud parents to four children - Zachary, 14, Rose, one, Rex, three and Belle born earlier this year. The X Factor star also has a son with ex-fiance Dean Cox and another with Aaron Barnham but living in a family with multiple sets of kids can be challenging at times, as she recently revealed.

Stacey admits it was challenging becoming a mother, but she feels like she has grown as an individual as a parent over time. As Stacey tells HELLO!, "It has been an adventure but one I adore."

She believes having a baby has been the best thing that has ever happened to her. She feels more secure and has learned how to better manage her emotions.

She may be having difficulties breastfeeding and is experiencing postnatal depression (PND), but she still manages to have fun with her kids. In an adorable photograph posted on Instagram, Belle can be seen nursing while Rose (1 year old daughter) and Rex (3 years old) cuddle up against her.

Stacey Solomon shared the photo on her Instagram story with the caption: "Stacey Solomon loves her kids so much!" She continued, adding: "Welcome to our family, baby Belle."

This week, Stacey revealed her surprise pregnancy to Loose Women. She admitted: "I was incredibly nervous to share the news after trying for so long and having several miscarriages. But now that I am a mom," Stacey felt truly blessed."

She and Joe share a son from their previous relationship named Harry, whom they both adopted at birth. The couple tied the knot in July this year.

They're currently hard at work on building their ideal home together, which includes a pool at Pickle Cottage in Essex. Soon, they hope to have their own garden and plenty of room for guests.

Stacey is also busy raising her children while decluttering her home and crafting for others. Recently, she launched the BBC One series Crafty Christmas in which she invites care home residents, charity shop workers and her own family members to her house where they can create homemade gifts together.

Her daughter Belle

Stacey Solomon is a television personality who achieved national fame as an X Factor contestant in 2009. Since then, she has become one of the most influential celebrities on social media with 5.5 million followers and featured on several different shows such as Loose Women and The Love Machine, among others.

The 33-year-old mother of five has five children - three sons and two daughters. She had two of her sons with ex-fiance Aaron Barnham, while Joe Swash is the proud papa to two more with him. Their eldest daughter Rose, 3-year-old Rex and one year old Belle were born into this world as well.

Since their daughter Belle's birth, Stacey and Joe have been sharing regular updates with their fans. One particularly touching video featured baby Rose meeting her sister for the first time; watch it now!

Stacey recently shared some adorable moments with her family on social media, yet recently revealed that she was struggling to capture the perfect passport photo of her new daughter. She explained to her followers that she needed to'send help' as she couldn't seem to get the baby girl to cooperate for a photo.

Her latest post on Instagram featured a heartwarming image of the mother-of-five nursing her daughter Belle. Her other kids, one-year old Rose and three year old Rex, were also smiling alongside their mum as they cuddled up for cuddles.

Many have commented on how much Belle looks like her dad, former EastEnders star Joe Swash. But it appears that Stacey is the first of her friends to share a snap of their newborn baby on social media platforms.

She captioned the photo "Hello beautiful Belle..." and it has since received over half a million likes from her 5.5 million followers on Instagram.

For the former X Factor star, who is renowned for her ability to impress judges on the show, this achievement is an incredible accomplishment. She was a top 12 finalist and mentored by Dannii Minogue during her time on the show.

She has also hosted for several television shows, such as Celebrity Juice and I'm a Celebrity: Extra Camp. Additionally, she released several albums like Shy and My Big Mistake.

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