Sources Say Rex Ryan is in the Running For the Denver Broncos' Defensive Coordinator Job

Sources Say Rex Ryan is in the Running For the Denver Broncos' Defensive Coordinator Job


Sources Rex Ryan interviews for Broncos DC job

Multiple sources have reported that former Jets and Bills head coach Rex Ryan is in the running for Denver's defensive coordinator job. These include ESPN's Adam Schefter and 9NEWS Denver's Mike Klis.

ESPN's Schefter reported on Saturday that the Broncos interviewed Ryan. This is significant as Ryan hasn't coached since being fired by Buffalo in 2016 with one game left to play.

Adam Schefter

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Denver Broncos have interviewed former Jets and Bills head coach Rex Ryan for their defensive coordinator position. After a disappointing 2022 season, they are seeking to strengthen their defense.

Schefter reported that Payton and the Broncos reached out to Ryan last week for an interview, and the two discussed the position in person on Saturday. 9News Denver's Mike Klis reported that the team may still interview other candidates before making a final decision.

In addition to Ryan, DeMeco Ryans and Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph are also in the running for the position. Both coaches are familiar with Denver's defense and run an "attack 3-4" scheme.

Schefter isn't sure about Ryan's coaching background, but he did mention that his defenses with the Jets have consistently ranked in the top 10 during each of his six seasons there.

Former head coach Tom Coughlin guided the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship Games during his first two years with the team and won a Super Bowl, but his defenses have struggled recently.

Rex Ryan has coached the Jets for eight seasons and the Buffalo Bills for four. During his tenure with both teams, he has amassed an impressive record of 59-90 with the Jets and 74-93 with the Bills.

As a former NFL quarterback, Ryan brings with him an extensive knowledge of the game and can offer insight into their offense. Additionally, he knows how to analyze plays and read teams' strengths.

His intimate knowledge of the NFL has earned him a place of honor on ESPN, where he's frequently the first to report on significant developments within the game.

He is an ardent sports fan and has covered the NFL for almost two decades. He has written for numerous newspapers and television stations, including The Denver Post.

Since joining ESPN in 2009, he has been recognized by USA Today as the best NFL insider three times. Additionally, his work on ESPN Radio has earned him widespread recognition.

He is married to Sharri Maio and has two children, Devon and Dylan, both born and raised in New York State.

Mike Klis

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Denver Broncos' defense has been their lack of a defensive coordinator. That has sparked numerous interviews and speculation about possibly hiring former Jets head coach Rex Ryan as their new DC.

Mike Klis of 9NEWS noted that Ryan may not be the ideal candidate for this position, but if hired he would provide Denver with an experienced and talented defensive mind to run their defense. That being said, Ryan has been out of the NFL for six years now, raising some legitimate concerns about his legitimacy as a candidate - particularly given his past history as head coach.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Broncos have been searching for a new DC since the end of the season and remain on the hunt. But their search has taken an unusual turn.

On Friday morning, Walmart co-owner Rob Walton was reported as the top contender to purchase the team. His bid of $4 billion marked an all-time high for an NFL franchise and cemented his place as a potential buyer of the Broncos, according to sources.

Second, the Broncos will not consider any offers under $4 billion. That means if someone offers less than that they'd be wasting their time.

Finally, former Broncos' head coach Vance Joseph has also been mentioned as a possible DC candidate. Joseph served as coach from 2017-18 and experienced two losing seasons - 5-11 and 6-10 - during his tenure.

As a coaching veteran, Joseph is an esteemed defensive mind who could help the Broncos' defense replicate what Gary Kubiak accomplished in Super Bowl 50 - an accomplishment of significant significance given that they haven't made the playoffs since that victory.

Though it could be an awkward move for the Broncos to bring in someone who hasn't coached since 2016, that's part of the NFL and it could all work out in the end. With their current defensive struggles, it is likely that this move will help them get back on track. With that being said, they need to move quickly when searching for a defensive mind who can guide them through this season's challenges.

Troy Renck

According to 9NEWS Denver's Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos are searching for a new defensive coordinator. Rex Ryan - former Bills and Jets head coach - and Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph have both been interviewed by team management.

The Broncos have conducted an extensive search, yet they haven't made a final decision yet on who they want to hire for the position. This week, they plan on interviewing additional candidates before making their final choice.

According to 9NEWS' Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos have requested permission to interview Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph for their vacant position. Joseph has an impressive resume as a defensive play caller and has collaborated with Sean Payton in the past.

Though it remains uncertain how the Cardinals will grant permission to the Broncos, it appears likely they'll have an opportunity to speak with Joseph before his contract expires this summer. As defensive coordinator for the team since 2019, Joseph has called plays for his teammates; however, their defenses haven't been strong enough to rank among the top 10 in points allowed this season.

When the Broncos search for a new DC, they'll need someone who can run their defense intelligently and creatively. While their defensive backfield is already strong, they require an even stronger secondary that can make big plays in crunch time.

A powerful pass rush is critical to the Broncos' success. They have many talented players, but they need more than just a few superstars to ensure success.

With that in mind, the Broncos need a linebacker who can cover ground and transition from sideline to sideline. While they've made progress this season with some defenders, a true three-down linebacker who can assist on special teams is essential.

The Broncos could use a player like Devin Bush, an impressive linebacker with versatile coverage skillset who can cover ground from sideline to sideline. While there are several promising prospects available in the draft, they must make their selection carefully.

The Broncos have brought on board some experienced coaches, such as tight ends coach Declan Doyle and offensive line coach Zach Strief. Both coached under Sean Payton in New Orleans and are expected to be strong candidates for the upcoming season.


On Saturday, Rex Ryan, the former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills head coach, interviewed for the Denver Broncos' DC job, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter of ESPN. Throughout his time in the league, Ryan earned a reputation as one of the league's most esteemed defensive minds.

He began his coaching career coaching the Baltimore Ravens from 2005-2008, before transitioning to lead the New York Jets for six seasons. During that time, Ryan's defenses amassed an impressive record of 61-66 (48 percent) and made two postseason appearances.

In 2016, Ryan left the NFL to become an analyst for ESPN. With 20 years of experience in the league, his teams boast a combined win/loss record of 164-156-0.

Ryan has extensive coaching experience, having served as both the Baltimore Ravens' defensive coordinator from 2005-2008 and New York Jets' head coach from 2009-2014. Though he hasn't coached in the NFL for some time now, many consider him one of football's premier defensive minds.

At his peak, Ryan's defenses consistently ranked in the top 10 for various defensive categories. Furthermore, his offensive schemes were renowned for producing highly-productive offenses.

Payton could potentially benefit from Ryan's hiring if he were to join their defense. However, given how long he has been out of the NFL and how different offenses have evolved since his last NFL appearance, it will be difficult to judge if Ryan is an ideal fit for their system.

Unfortunately, we won't know whether or not the Broncos will hire Ryan until after he has had time to assess their defense and compare it against rivals. In the meantime, we'll keep you posted on any developments as they become available.

Rex Ryan may not be a household name in the NFL, but his resume includes plenty of wins and losses--including a 61-66 record with both the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. Additionally, Rex served as defensive coordinator while with the Ravens, leading them to two postseason appearances and two AFC Championship games.

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