Sonic: Clone Chaos Part 2 Game Review

Sonic: Clone Chaos Part 2 Game Review


Sonic Clone Chaos Part 2

Sonic: Clone Chaos Part 2 takes you on an exhilarating high-speed journey across five vast Starfall Islands, as you face off against waves of powerful enemies in order to save humanity!

Chaos Emeralds are magical gemstones with unimaginable powers, unmatched by any other substance in existence. Their possessor can transform and unleash devastating destructive energies.

Chaos 0

Chaos 0 is the initial boss of Sonic Adventure, its enhanced port Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and 2010's remaster. He can be fought as Sonic by default in both games but can also be fought as Metal Sonic in the Boss Sub Game.

In the comic, Chaos is a fish-like Drakon Guard who was engaged in battle against the Echidna tribe for control of the Master Emerald. When Eggman offered him all of Chaos Emeralds if he agreed to follow his orders, Chaos readily accepted.

He then absorbed all seven Emeralds and transformed into Perfect Chaos, wielding his power to flood Station Square until being ultimately destroyed by Super Sonic.

Chaos often disappears into a puddle, undetectable to enemies. However, his ripples left behind in the water can be detected.

Chaos 1

Chaos is a water deity who desires limitless power, traveling time and space to collect emeralds. His story differs from that of Sonic the Hedgehog from 1992-2002, as his origins lie outside of the game itself.

He is a powerful mutant Chao with nearly complete control over water. At first, he served as guardian of the Master Emerald and friend to Tikal; however, later he joined forces with Dr. Eggman in an effort to steal the Chaos Emeralds from Tikal.

His primary form is a humanoid with two arms, legs and head that looks vaguely humanoid; however, his body is composed of fish and lizard parts. This is his most frequent appearance in the games; however, he can transform into Chaos 1 when absorbing a Chaos Emerald or Perfect Chaos when absorbing all seven.

Chaos Control allows him to bend time and space in order to teleport himself elsewhere. He first demonstrated this ability in Sonic Adventure 2 alongside Shadow the Hedgehog, and can even take other beings along for the ride.

Chaos 2

Chaos 2, designed and built by self-employed mechanic George Francis from Ipswich, was twice the winner of the UK Robot Wars Championship. It also set a record by throwing an opponent out of the arena and using its flipper to full effect in combat.

It was one of the most technologically advanced machines in the series, featuring a high-pressure pneumatic flipper driven by liquid CO2 that expanded at 570/1. Furthermore, it became the first robot match winner on television when it defeated Hypno-Disc in Series 3.

Chaos 2 was not only the most successful Robot Wars competitor ever, but it was also the first mobile gaming title to do so with Champions of Chaos 2. With millions of players worldwide, this addictive title has now been translated into multiple languages. Packed full of thrilling quests, characters to collect and an exciting fighting style suited for rogue shooter fans everywhere, Chaos 2 promises an entertaining journey!

Chaos 3

Chaos Emeralds first emerged on a planet tens of thousands of years before Sonic was born and were used to fuel an advanced alien civilization. Unfortunately, their world was destroyed instantly when The End wreaked havoc upon it.

Thus, the ancients were forced to leave their homeland and settle on Earth. Dr. Robotnik eventually freed the Chaos Emeralds with plans of using them as doomsday weapons.

Sonic Adventure features the Chaos Emeralds as a major plot point. King Pachamacac's daughter Tikal was able to unite her spirit with the Master Emerald, quelling Chaos' fury once and for all.

Sonic Adventure 2, Tails is able to craft an artificial Chaos Emerald that has more subdued colors. This Emerald serves as both a source of energy and controls Chaos Control - an impressive feat for someone who isn't an enhanced Sonic or Shadow character.

Chaos 4

Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick Tails embark on a quest to South Island in search of Chaos Emeralds, stolen by Dr. Robotnik and used for creating nuclear weapons.

Once the Emeralds are returned, Chaos takes on a new form that is significantly larger than his previous one. He now resembles an enormous reptilian creature with a bony tail, fins, and multiple eyes and tendrils.

He gains several new abilities, such as creating water tornadoes, firing lasers and controlling large bodies of water. His might was so great that he managed to destroy Angel Island and flood Station Square before finally succumbing to Super Sonic's power.

This game marks the first in the series to feature Tails as a playable character, making it a direct follow-up to Sonic 2. Additionally, it boasts an improved storyline, voice acted cutscenes, and more complex levels than its predecessors.

Chaos 5

Chaos 5 is one of the most versatile characters in the game, offering players both power and versatility. His combination of melee attack power and off-screen casting ability enable him to play at various ranges and execute complex strategies with ease.

This character's humor is unmatched, as his abilities often surprise even the most experienced of its followers. For instance, he can spawn in the form of an unstoppable mob that moves around at will and his abilities make him difficult to capture.

Other impressive abilities of his include using a special earmuff that generates vast streaks of high-pressured pin pointed water beams, shapeshifting into different blobs and even dealing serious damage with homing purple energy slices. Finally, he can combine several clones together and turn them into an unstoppable team of chaos demons that will outlive any competition.

Chaos 6

Chaos 6 is an evil Chao that was once a friend of Tikal. For thousands of years, he had been guarding over a small shrine in the mountains that contained both Master Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds.

He initially appears to be a friendly Chao, showing trust to the young girl. However, she soon warns him of her father's plans to raid the shrine and seize the Emeralds by force. In response, he takes on a more aggressive form and begins attacking the city with renewed ferocity.

As such, Sonic must confront and defeat Perfect Chaos before it destroys Station Square. Fortunately, Sonic wield the power of the Chaos Emeralds and was ultimately victorious over Perfect Chaos in the end.

At last, Tikal has completed his mission and can now wreak havoc on Station Square with one shot, taking down Eggman's brand new Egg Carrier in the process. As they flee together, Sonic gives him a heartfelt thank you before disappearing without a trace.

Chaos 7

Robotnik is back with a grand plan to take over the world - this time by collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds. If he succeeds in collecting them all, Robotnik would hold Earth in an invincible grip.

Sonic and Tails must save the day before Robotnik does, as he already has one red Chaos Emerald in his possession. The two friends set out to collect all of them as they traverse an island filled with mysterious enemies.

They then encounter Chaos, who absorbs the emerald into its body to form a new form. It then transforms into Perfect Chaos by using up all of the negative energy contained within the emerald before dropping it onto the ground.

This Chaos Emerald can be used to transform into Super Sonic, an independent form of Sonic that can teleport and use Wisps. It requires fifty rings for transformation but gains bonus points every few seconds with infinite boost power.

Chaos 8

If you're a fan of 8-bit Chaos, you'll be delighted to know the game has been given an extensive revamp with great attention to detail. Instead of simply rehashing an old classic for profit during the current trend of crowdfunded remakes, Gollop and his team at Snapshot Games have taken time to make improvements that address flaws in the original.

The most noticeable improvement is that casting spells now occurs with more agnosticism, providing tactical advantages. Instead of having to decide a spell and then move, you can now position yourself for an attack before it's even cast - making even complex combos much simpler to predict.

Chaos' gameplay has been transformed, and while this minor alteration won't affect casual gamers much, Gollop's attention to detail and passion when designing the game 30 years ago are testament to his efforts. We can only hope this marks a beginning of what promises to be an excellent update of an iconic classic game.

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