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Snow in Portland on Wednesday? Yes There's a ... | Future Starr


Snow in Portland on Wednesday? Yes There's a Chance

Snow in Portland on Wednesday? Yes There's a Chance


Snow in Portland on Wednesday Yes theres a chance

On Wednesday, Portland is likely to experience snow - it just depends on where it falls. Noah Alviz, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Portland, says that cold air coming in could bring anywhere from no accumulation up to several inches of accumulation.

Forecasts call for rain and some areas may even experience sleet.

Rain Turns to Snow

Wednesday evening's forecast calls for rain to move in, then it will change to snow, snow showers and a wintry mix. This storm is expected to last through Thursday when the National Weather Service anticipates freezing rain as well.

Travel is expected to be extremely hazardous due to the expected wet and slippery conditions on sidewalks, streets and bridges. PBOT strongly urges everyone to stay home and refrain from travel during this period.

Portlanders should expect high winds, particularly in the mountains. According to the National Weather Service, winds may reach as much as 55 mph in some cases. This poses problems for those traveling by bike or foot and could prove hazardous if you aren't wearing a helmet.

PBOT crews have begun applying gallons of deicer on roads and prepping equipment such as snowplows and gravel spreaders in preparation for the winter storm. They will continue working around the clock to keep residents and tourists in the area safe during any changes in weather conditions.

On Tuesday afternoon, some snow is forecast for the Portland metro area; however, accumulations will be minimal. It is most likely to begin in higher elevations of the city and then gradually move down through the foothills overnight.

On Wednesday, snow levels will fall to approximately 4,000 feet, meaning most accumulation will occur high up. However, some areas could experience 6-12 inches of accumulation on lower levels - potentially affecting roads and resulting in minor coastal flooding.

For many people, this will be the first major winter storm of the season and could pose a major problem when planning holiday trips. PBOT warns that driving during this storm could be hazardous; thus, the National Weather Service has issued an advisory for drivers to avoid travel as much as possible.

On Thursday, temperatures will be cold and the wind gusts strong. This causes the air to become extremely cold and the wind chill temperature to be exceptionally low - placing many people at risk for frostbite or hypothermia.

Winds Will Be Strong

Over the past several days, winds have been particularly strong along the Columbia River Gorge and Portland metro area due to a deep low pressure system in the Pacific Northwest.

However, that storm system is expected to pass quickly. That means we can expect a return to more normal weather this week with more rain and less snowfall.

The National Weather Service anticipates strong east winds will persist Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, with peak gusts likely in the greater Portland area. These may result in downed trees and power lines.

On Wednesday night, some residents reported they were already facing issues. However, most outages are expected to occur in the morning hours due to a cold front moving in later that day, bringing heavy rain and stronger southerly winds.

Forecasters at the NWS predict winds in the 45 to 55 mph range, which would be much stronger than what many people experienced during recent storms.

Those concerned about wind strength should take precautions, such as parking their car or RV out of the way and wearing an umbrella while driving. Wind can carry downed trees limbs and other debris which could then fall on cars.

Electricity providers have reported numerous outages throughout the region, and expect more as winds continue to blow during the evening hours. Portland General Electric alone has reported over 1,500 outages as of 5:30 p.m. today.

The company said they are currently working to repair a major outage in the upriver region due to a downed tree. Furthermore, they warned that their power lines may get damaged during this storm, so it's essential that you contact them if you experience an outage or have any queries.

Rain will remain limited to the valley, while the Cascades could see some snow accumulation and the Columbia River Gorge is expected to experience a mix of snow and freezing rain late evening and overnight. A winter weather advisory has been issued for these areas as well as upper Hood River Valley; travelers are cautioned.

Snow Accumulations Will Be Light

Forecasters across the region are still trying to determine whether or not it will snow in Portland on Wednesday. But here's what we know: Yes, there is a chance of light snowfall.

On Tuesday, light rain is expected to turn to snow at times. The NWS anticipates total accumulations of 0.5 inches across most areas with higher elevations reaching up to two inches.

On the coast range and Cascade foothills, a Winter Storm Warning has been issued. In these areas, some additional snow showers are expected early Thursday morning.

No Winter Storm Warning has been issued for Portland, but KGW meteorologist Rod Hill warned of a chance of snow. "We could get some accumulation but not enough to cause concern," he said.

According to the NWS, most areas will experience a trace of snow and up to half an inch in the Willamette Valley. At higher elevations however, conditions will be lighter.

It's also worth noting that snowfall rates aren't expected to be significantly greater than what we saw during Valentine's Day.

Even if it snows on Wednesday, it won't be enough to restore the snowpack back to normal levels.

Ultimately, any snow that does fall will mostly be restricted to city streets and sidewalks before melting away.

That said, snow could still impact commuters in the city. In the afternoons, slippery roads could result in delays due to snow accumulation.

If you're going to be driving in the snow, consider investing in a winter windshield wiper. They are much more effective than regular wipers and won't clog your windows with water droplets.

Don't forget your snow boots and gloves either - especially on the west side of the metro area where it may be especially slick.

Today morning, a light freezing drizzle is predicted before turning to snow by this afternoon. Afterward, skies should clear up by evening.

Temperatures will stay cold through the night, with highs in the mid-30s. Winds are likely to be breezy in the morning but becoming light by noon.

Snow Levels Will Be High

A powerful winter storm is expected to hit the Pacific Northwest this week, turning rain into snow Tuesday night and continuing into Wednesday. The storm will bring both to Portland metro area before dropping snow on mountainsides.

This storm is expected to be the leading edge of a cold front that will move in from Alaska on Tuesday. As it moves south into the Pacific Northwest, expect heavy rainfall and strong winds.

On Tuesday morning, rain will turn to snow with a light accumulation. Some areas could see up to an inch of accumulation by evening.

Tuesday will be cloudy and rainy, with high temperatures dropping from the mid 40s into the 30s in most places. However, temperatures should increase slightly during the afternoon as more sunlight streams in.

Later this week, another system is expected to arrive with more snow and a chance of ice. This weather pattern is predicted to last into Friday or even into Saturday, making travel in the region extremely challenging.

The National Weather Service warns that freezing rain could create hazardous roads, particularly along Interstate 84 east of Portland. This is a major concern as Christmas travel will be underway and more people than usual are expected to be out driving during this period.

On Wednesday morning, the Cascades are expected to experience their heaviest snowfall - anywhere from 10-22 inches. Additionally, strong wind gusts are predicted in the mountains during this storm.

On Wednesday and Thursday, drivers in Northeast Pennsylvania may face hazardous driving conditions due to severe thunderstorms. The National Weather Service has warned that road closures along I-90, Interstate 94 and Interstate 29 could occur late Tuesday into Thursday due to flooding.

At lower elevations, snow will turn to sleet and freezing rain overnight, potentially leading to significant ice accumulation - particularly along roadways in Portland and the Columbia River Gorge. This ice will be especially hazardous as it slows traffic down and reduces visibility.

This University Used ChatGPT to Tell Students About a Mass Shooting

Last Week Vanderbilt University's Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Utilized ChatGPT to Inform Students About Mass Shooting at Michigan State University

On February 11th, Vanderbilt's Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion sent an email via ChatGPT in regards to the recent mass shooting at Michigan State University which caused considerable backlash among students, faculty members, as well as Vanderbilt Hustler - their student newspaper.

Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

After the shooting at Michigan State University that claimed three lives, staff at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College sent an email to students written by ChatGPT - an artificial intelligence program that writes text based on tens of thousands of data sets. The message came across as kind and encouraged students to take care of one another following the tragedy.

However, students were concerned. Laith Kayat from Michigan (whose sister attends MSU) told The Vanderbilt Hustler it was "disgusting" to use a computer to compose an email about community and togetherness because it lacks empathy like a human does.

Vanderbilt University's student newspaper reported that the office had temporarily taken a step back while reviewing the situation. Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Nicole Joseph expressed regret over using ChatGPT to compose an email, calling it "poor judgment," and urged the University to take more proactive measures in order to prevent gun violence.

ChatGPT is a writing suggestions generator that can be instructed to craft stories, answer questions and more by typing commands into its system. Its style is determined by the vast amount of data it's been taught how to interpret, according to McClatchy News.

It has long been used to assist students with their essays, and more recently it's even been popular for helping kids create video games. But when the program was recently used to compose an email, it caused a major social media stir and outraged many students.

On campus, there are plenty of organizations and resources to aid students with their wellbeing. For instance, the University Counseling Center provides individual, group, and psychiatric services for students. Furthermore, Zerfoss Student Health Center offers primary care at no cost - there are no co-pays for routine visits!

At Vanderbilt University, LGBTQI Life serves as a cultural center and resource for students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Here, they provide affirmation, offer support and advice about LGBTQI-related matters, as well as help organize campus groups.

The Office of Student Care Coordination provides comprehensive care to students across nine dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional and financial. Services range from mental health counseling and addiction treatment/prevention, adolescent counseling and psychiatric referrals; additionally the office offers various wellness events, classes and programs.

The Email

OpenAI's ChatGPT is one of the most groundbreaking AI technologies to come out in years, yet its potential uses have raised some serious doubts.

This technology is a conversational chatbot that responds to writing prompts with text written using neural net technology. Neural nets are computers that "read" large amounts of text and then learn from it; this helps them comprehend language better for human users.

But it also means the machine's answers may be inaccurate, sometimes dramatically so. This is because the model lacks a fundamental comprehension of what questions are or how to answer them correctly.

OpenAI relies on humans to rate its models' outputs in order to guarantee reliable outcomes. These ratings guide the neural net's training so it produces better outcomes with each new learning cycle.

ChatGPT can now handle more complex tasks, according to Columbia Business School professor Oded Netzer. However, the software still has its limitations - such as not being able to recognize emotions like fear and sadness or understanding what causes them. Furthermore, ChatGPT isn't as adept at recognizing patterns in data as other technologies are.

Another concern is that this technology could be exploited by malicious actors to spread misinformation or propaganda. As a result, many schools have banned it from their networks and devices.

Vanderbilt University's Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion sent out an email to students in the wake of the mass shooting at Michigan State University that called for a culture of togetherness. To craft this message, they used OpenAI's ChatGPT tool. In response to student newspaper inquiries, Nicole Joseph - associate dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College - apologized for sending out the email and said her office would review the incident.

Some students were indignant at the university's use of ChatGPT to craft an email, believing it a poor decision and indicative of a lack of concern. Laith Kayat, a senior from Michigan who wrote in the student newspaper that using ChatGPT to write such messages was "sick and twisted irony." He went on to say how disgusting it was for a computer to craft messages about community and togetherness.

The Text

Vanderbilt University's Peabody College used ChatGPT to send an email to students about a mass shooting at another school. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for such sensitive matters has brought Vanderbilt into controversy with students.

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Peabody sent an email to the student community on February 15th that was signed off by two deans. But one line at the bottom caused outrage among many on campus: 'Paraphrase from OpenAI's ChatGPT AI language model - personal communication, February 15, 2023'.

OpenAI uses an extensive amount of text from around the internet, books and other sources to teach ChatGPT about a given topic. As a result, it has been programmed to understand a great deal about that particular area. Furthermore, it can pick up on subtle language cues like sarcasm or humor which would otherwise go undetected by human eyes.

However, the chatbot's capacity to comprehend human users' intentions leaves it vulnerable to several issues: It might answer seemingly reasonable but incorrect or nonsensical questions; additionally, it may be more likely to decline inquiries that it doesn't comprehend.

Researchers have suggested this may be because ChatGPT is influenced by the wording of input it receives. Additionally, it may be able to rephrase questions it doesn't feel confident answering.

The problem can be remedied by reinforcing ChatGPT's learning with additional human feedback - known as reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF).

No one knows whether ChatGPT could be exploited by hackers to spread misinformation or create malware or phishing scams. As the internet becomes more interconnected, we may see more of these AI-generated contents that could be utilized by malicious actors.

Though the university's EDI Office has yet to explain their decision to utilize ChatGPT, students have voiced their dissatisfaction that this tool could potentially pose a problem in academia. Some schools have banned its use while others are cautiously incorporating the tools into their classes. As with any tool, it's essential that users are aware of potential hazards and how best to minimize them.

The Response

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that can answer questions and create text using writing prompts from users. It's the latest trending AI tool to ignite conversations in schools, boardrooms and social media channels alike.

OpenAI recently unveiled a machine learning model that can learn from prompts and produce human-like responses in real time. This represents an enormous advancement in artificial intelligence, enabling people to communicate with machines without needing extensive programming knowledge or code knowledge.

This model boasts an astounding 175 billion parameters, making it one of the largest and most powerful language processing AI models ever created. While its answers have been praised for being closer to human-generated than ever before, there are some drawbacks as well.

ChatGPT can sometimes give false information. For instance, it might create fictional historical names and books that don't exist or neglect to solve certain math problems correctly.

Therefore, OpenAI requires human feedback to guarantee its use responsibly. That is why the model isn't fully automated; rather, humans evaluate its initial responses and apply guidelines which OpenAI then generalizes from.

OpenAI is dedicated to making its language model as open and transparent as possible, helping consumers and developers understand its capabilities, limitations and potential misuse. As such, the company regularly checks user prompts and outputs for signs that people may be abusing the model in a harmful manner to themselves or others.

Vanderbilt University's Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion reportedly sent an email to students about the mass shooting. A student at the school described this email as "disgraceful," noting how it emphasizes the university's dedication to diversity and inclusion principles while failing to show empathy for those killed in the attack.

Review A boarding school whodunit fueled by feminist rage

Review: A Boarding School Whodunit Fueled by Feminist Rage

Review is the process of critically examining the subject matter of a book, film or event. The purpose is to provide readers with an objective evaluation of each source and summarize important points from each. This could include comparing research and other literature by topic, point of view, methodological approach, conclusions as well as specific purpose or objective.

Bodie’s Memoirs

Bodie Kane, a podcaster, is invited back to her old boarding school to teach a course on podcasting and encourages her students to investigate the murder of Thalia Keith who was found dead in the school swimming pool during her senior year. Omar Evans - who served as Black athletic trainer at the time - was eventually convicted and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment; however, some internet sleuths have convinced them otherwise and Omar may still be innocent.

Bodie's murder serves as a catalyst for discussion about power dynamics, sexism, racism and how media portrayals of violence against women and girls shape our perceptions of who is good and bad. It offers her an opportunity to reflect upon her own past through this critical lens.

Bodie reexamines the case and realizes her interest in Thalia's death isn't entirely impartial. She knows Thalia was a popular beauty and former roommate; additionally, Bodie knows Omar Evans is an young divorced Black man who's been somewhat spiritual lately.

Makkai's plot, which is similar to Donna Tartt's The Secret History meets Serial, is intricate but captivating. She takes an insightful approach to racism and privilege, exploring how these structures shape our lives and experiences.

Boarding schools, where the economy is intricately linked to their surrounding communities, make for ideal locations for a whodunit. And this book's whodunit, fuelled by feminist rage, proves no exception.

This timely and well-written novel addresses some of the most pressing social issues. It is thought-provoking, with characters that readers can connect to on a personal level.

Rebecca Makkai's novel about a woman's journey to discover herself is an insightful and captivating read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It delves into collective memory with poignant insights into one woman's dealings with her past, creating an intensely felt exploration into collective memory. This novel should not be missed!

The Murder of Thalia

In 1932, Grace Fortescue, Thalia Massie's mother, devised a scheme to get her daughter out of prison. Together with Lieutenant Thomas H. Massie, they decided to kidnap a local prizefighter and beat him to death in order to clear Thalia's name.

The Massie Affair was a landmark criminal case that occurred in Hawaii in 1932 and became widely publicized due to its national and international appeal. This case marked an important turning point in the fight for equal rights for women and Native Hawaiians, still seen today as an important moment of social justice.

After days of speculation, police arrested five men in connection with the sexual assault and rape of Thalia Massie on September 13, 1931. These suspects included Benny Ahakuelo, Horace Ida, Joseph Kahahawai, David Takai and Henry Chang.

When police arrived on the scene, they encountered a woman who claimed to have been attacked by several men in a car. She initially could not identify their assailants but later changed her story and gave them a license plate number.

Though it was unclear if Thalia had been raped or not, she suffered severe facial injuries and her jaw had been broken. She was taken to a hospital and examined by Dr. Liu who noted her extreme bruises and swelling.

As the case moved towards trial, rumors spread through Honolulu that the accused were innocent. It was believed that the alleged rape was a coverup for illicit relationships between them and Thalia, while jealous of her privileged social standing they sought to tarnish her reputation.

At the time of trial, there was no physical proof of rape against Thalia or any of the defendants. Instead, the prosecution relied on rumor and fabrication for its case.

Ultimately, the Pinkerton detective agency determined there to be no substantial evidence supporting Thalia's claim of sexual assault. Without being able to demonstrate that these men had actually beat and raped her, their case against them was dismissed.

Bodie’s Students

Bodie Kane, a 40-year-old film professor and podcaster, is invited back to her alma mater to teach a podcasting course. Though she had moved on from Granby boarding school where her roommate Thalia was murdered during their senior year, Bodie is forced to confront some of her darkest memories when asked to join students in digging up an unsolved 30-year cold case. As Bodie confronts these memories that may have had more than just an impact on how she sees the present, Bodie finds herself forced to confront some of them directly.

The book's main plotline centers around the 1995 murder of Thalia Keith, a stunning young woman who was thrown into a school swimming pool and quickly identified as belonging to athletic trainer Omar Evans. Though Omar was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison for her crime, many questions remain unanswered as to exactly what transpired that night.

Makkai instead of investigating the case from a forensics perspective turns it into an examination of gender, race and justice. She uses the case to demonstrate how racist assumptions about black people's abilities can be reframed in such a way as to challenge existing paradigms and encourage progress.

At times, Makkai's narrative is captivatingly readable and captivating. Her focus on patriarchy's multiple harms to women is particularly captivating; from suppressing their voices to restricting their choices - whether it be who they can be or how they dress - the novel explores these intricate issues from a female perspective.

She's also concerned with the larger structures that keep women on the fringes of society. She points out how women are encouraged to compete for male attention, how teenage boys exert power over female classmates through unfounded rumors, and how women's bodies are subjected to gendered violence without them even realizing it.

Makkai's book explores feminist rage in this context, showing how Omar Evans' conviction and subsequent prosecution of Thalia's classmates played out in the media, underscoring how a system that criminalizes black people is set up to favor white men.

Bodie’s Final Thoughts

Bodie may have moved on from her boarding school days, but the ghost of Thalia Keith remains with her. A successful podcaster, she was recently invited back to Granby Academy - her former boarding school - to teach a class on podcasting where she and her students explore the murder of Keith together.

Makkai's novel is more than just a true crime tale; it offers an insightful examination of sexual predation and racism within the criminal justice system, all set against the backdrop of "me too" activism. Drawing inspiration from theories in film and media as well as contemporary feminist theories of anger, Makkai's narrative also taps into contemporary feminist theories on violence.

Bodie is quickly drawn into the details of her roommate's murder, which has become a contentious topic online. While Bodie is skeptical that Omar - the school's Black athletic trainer who was convicted of killing Thalia - was actually responsible for her passing, Bodie can't shake off feelings of anger and suspicion that accompany these events.

She's not alone; her classmates urge her to reinvestigate the case and consider whether Omar's innocence should be up for debate. The students, many of whom are black, explore issues related to race and justice in this slow-burning climax that leaves you breathless at its conclusion.

I Have Some Questions for You is an insightful, timely, and compelling look at how sexual predators exploit young women - and why we must fight back. Not only does the book provide a thoughtful analysis of power imbalances in people's lives, but it's also essential reading for anyone wishing to comprehend the complexities of our increasingly interconnected world.

Bodie Kane, a popular podcaster, returns to Granby School to teach two minimester classes. One of her students is particularly interested in investigating the case of Thalia Keith who was tragically slain during their senior year.

Bodie muses on her time at Granby, grappling with reconciling her youthful emotions with an adult understanding of what might have occurred. As Bodie examines her memories, Bodie begins to suspect one of her friends may have been a sexual predator who may have murdered her.

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