Shrinking Is Getting the Ted Lasso Treatment - Will There Be a Season 2?

Shrinking Is Getting the Ted Lasso Treatment - Will There Be a Season 2?


One year after his wife's passing, Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel) is struggling to balance life and work. In an effort to help his patients, Jimmy begins breaking therapeutic norms and disregarding both his training and ethics in an attempt to better themselves.

Shrinking is an intriguing dramedy that explores important topics with an offbeat, family-oriented perspective.

Will There Be a Season 2?

Apple TV+'s debut season of Shrinking was an instant hit, and it appears the streaming service will be returning for more. Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford, the show is a comedy-drama about a grief-stricken therapist who begins breaking ethical barriers in his job by telling clients what they think without their consent.

Despite its serious subject matter, the show never loses sight of its comedic elements - which makes it successful. Though based on a film by Jonah Hill, its creators have made some changes to make it feel more grounded and authentic.

Jimmy's methods may not work for everyone, but they prove beneficial nonetheless. Additionally, it's refreshing to watch a show that doesn't try too hard to cheer people up like Ted Lasso does and instead focuses on the real-life traumas that drive so many of us.

The show features several recurring characters, such as Christa Miller as Jimmy's neighbor Liz and Lukita Maxwell as his teenage daughter Alice. Luke Tennie portrays Sean, a client whom Jimmy takes under his wing; Heidi Gardner portrays Grace - a woman suffering from an abusive husband who also visits Jimmy's office.

Another recurring character is Paul Rhoades, a therapist with Parkinson's disease. He's an unassuming but loving individual - not quite Jimmy's "silent partner" though!

He's often the "naysayer" in Jimmy's therapy room, and his skeptical attitude can lead to some contentious sessions where both he and his clients question whether it is worth continuing.

Shrinking's first season offers plenty of charm, from its charming cast to its inventive storytelling techniques. Unfortunately, the show also has some serious flaws - one being that it attempts too many things at once.

Shrinking does have some excellent moments and it is definitely worth watching, but the overall tone of the show can be somewhat confusing and doesn't always build towards an exciting payoff. Unfortunately, viewers won't necessarily know what to expect when watching Shrinking.

The first season is an excellent starting point, but nothing quite compares to the show's second episode. This hilarious and heart-wrenching tale follows Jimmy as his grief rewires his life, forcing him to confront it head-on. It's a story that anyone dealing with grief will understand, making it sure everyone enjoys themselves in the process.

Will There Be a Season 3?

Shrinking, the streaming comedy created by Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, has received critical acclaim for its inspiring first season. Starring Jason Segel as Jimmy Laird - a grieving widower who has taken up therapy to cope with his loss. He works at an understaffed, underfunded clinic run by Paul Rhodes (Harrison Ford), who served as Jimmy's boss and mentor during his clinical career.

The show offers a refreshing and often hilarious glimpse into the struggles of people dealing with grief, but it's far from perfect. Jimmy attempts to break away from traditional therapeutic methods in an effort to heal himself as well as his patients; however, this approach fails miserably and Jimmy himself struggles to reconcile his newfound self-involvement with ethical boundaries he preaches.

There are moments where this approach works: When Jimmy's patient Sean tells him to leave her husband's PTSD-stricken husband and let him crash in his backyard, it's sweet and relatable. However, there also tend to be many awkward misunderstandings along the way, especially when Gaby (Jessica Williams), Paul's assistant, seems so eager for Jimmy to break rules without fail. It may not always be successful though!

Jimmy's antics often end up being more embarrassing than they need to be, such as his attempts at snorting cocaine during a meltdown or riding his bike while screaming at his teenage daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell). These comedic antics take away from the emotional depth of the show while adding comedy value.

Though it may be tempting to compare Shrinking to Ted Lasso, the soccer sitcom starring Sudeikis as a dedicated family man, the two shows are very different. While the former goes against standard TV sitcom traditions by offering an unfailingly positive message, the latter employs much subtler methods of providing motivation.

Apple's new show, Shrinking, was praised by The Hollywood Reporter as "one of 2023's funniest shows" and the "most charming and life-affirming show about grieving ever made" and was created by Lawrence and Goldstein who also co-created Ted Lasso - winner of an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2019. They are said to have written over a dozen episodes for Shrinking so far.

Will There Be a Season 4?

One year after his wife's passing, Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), a grieving therapist, begins breaking the rules and telling his clients what they need to hear. In doing so, he disregards both his training and ethics; ultimately leading to profound changes in people's lives -- including his own -- while helping them cope with their grief.

Jimmy's plan seems ideal at first, until he begins to question whether radical empathy is really the best approach for both his patients and himself. Even if it seems beneficial at first glance, throwing out the rulebook can have unintended consequences -- particularly if his colleagues are unwilling to embrace it.

Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, whose credits include Spin City, Cougar Town and Scrubs, have the potential to keep Shrinking running for seasons to come. Their writing team is well-known in the business and their collective wit shines through on every episode.

That is why viewers will find many episodes devoted to grief in season 1. Grief is not only a recurring topic on the show, but other issues are addressed and managed on an ongoing basis as well.

In particular, we're treated to several poignant storylines involving mental health - from a man in the early stages of Parkinson's disease to a woman facing her own divorce. Fortunately, the characters of the series manage to address these topics in an engaging and meaningful manner.

Another character we particularly enjoy is Gaby, a woman in the early stages of cancer diagnosis. Her friends Liz (Christa Miller), Brian (Michael Urie) and Sean (Luke Tennie) all make guest appearances on the show to provide emotional support for her.

Jimmy's friendships are essential in helping him cope with the difficult times he is going through. No matter how much he tries to avoid them, they remain by his side throughout this journey and serve as an essential source of comfort as he deals with grief.

Shrunking may not have the same upbeat message that Ted Lasso did, but it still manages to offer an insightful and humorous take on grief. It serves as a reminder that we all struggle with mental health at some point in our lives and should always be open to seeking support and understanding when needed.

Will There Be a Season 5?

Apple TV+ recently renewed Jason Segel's Shrinking, a dark comedy featuring him as an unfiltered grieving therapist who finds comfort in his clients' stories. The series, featuring Jessica Williams and Harrison Ford as lead roles, has received critical acclaim for its sharp scripts that successfully balance grief with humor.

The show follows Jimmy (Segel), a widowed therapist, as he works through his grief and attempts an experimental approach to therapy that departs from his traditional method. Additionally, Jimmy takes on a new client, Sean (Luke Tennie), who seems quite mysterious.

He finds solace in his daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell), fellow therapists Gaby (Jessica Williams) and Paul Rhodes (Harrison Ford), who is also dealing with his own loss, and friends such as Liz (Christa Miller) and Brian (Michael Urie).

Jimmy's new outlook leads him to make significant changes in his life, forcing him to consider what he truly desires from life and how best to achieve it. Through these inquiries, Jimmy seeks answers about himself and what kind of path lies ahead for him.

While his candor may not be popular with his clients, it could be the right path for him to take. Furthermore, by being open with them about his intentions, he could potentially show them how much they can trust him in return.

Although shrinkflation may appear to be an unfair practice, it's actually a widely used strategy in many industries, particularly food and beverage production. Companies use it as an answer to cost increases caused by rising raw material costs; instead of raising prices, companies reduce product size without compromising ingredients or quality.

Unfair practices such as this could drive consumers away, especially if they're unaware why a product is being reduced in size. Furthermore, it could erode customer confidence between companies and their clients.

That's why Shrinking fans have wasted no time in calling for a Season 2. They've already teased the show's finale on Instagram and begun voting on when they would like more episodes to air.

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