Shannen Doherty Shares Cancer Update

Shannen Doherty Shares Cancer Update


Shannen Doherty cancer update Charmed star says shes feeling great at 9

Shannen Doherty, best known for her roles on Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210, is still working and leading a healthy lifestyle despite having stage four breast cancer. She has shared numerous updates about her battle on Instagram.

In 2015, the actress revealed her cancer diagnosis and underwent a single mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. By 2017, it had gone into remission; however in 2020 it returned as stage IV with spread to other parts of her body.

She?s?feeling great?

On Saturday, Shannen Doherty, who was once a cast member of Charmed, shared an update about her cancer journey. At nine years since being diagnosed, the former cast member appeared on a panel at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut alongside fellow stars Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Drew Fuller and Brian Krause for 90s Con festivities.

Doherty has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer since 2015, entering remission in 2016 but being diagnosed again in 2020. She recently celebrated her 50th birthday, so while she may feel old, her family and friends are proud of her for fighting such a battle.

In an interview with People, Doherty discussed her connection to Charmed character Prue Halliwell as a strong woman. She said, "Prude was such an inspiring figure - I can certainly relate to that and think she's such an enchanting character."

Doherty left the show after season three and was replaced by McGowan, who played Halliwell half-sister Paige Matthews. She later wrote a memoir about her time on the show called Brave which detailed both her experiences on set and difficulties adjusting to life as an additional cast member.

No matter their past differences, Doherty and Milano have maintained a close friendship since leaving the show in 2001. Doherty revealed that she and Milano had reached out to each other several times after Doherty's diagnosis and received several supportive direct messages.

When the Charmed reboot was announced, fans were instantly divided. Both diehard fans and original cast members took offense to what is described as a?fierce, funny, feminist reimagining of the beloved original series. Despite these disagreements, viewers can look forward to watching how these characters interact this fall on The CW - it promises to be an intriguing ride!

Alyssa Milano, who played Prue's sister Piper on the original series, has been vocal in her opposition to the upcoming Charmed reboot. She even went so far as to call it "a terrible idea." Milano states that while she would love for the original series to return, she does not wish for it to be rebooted.

Meanwhile, The CW has released a trailer for their upcoming Charmed reboot and it looks just as good as the original. This reboot will be spearheaded by Jennie Snyder Urman - creator and showrunner of Jane the Virgin fame.

In the trailer for The CW show, three women from the original cast return: Phoebe Bishop (Miranda Otto), Elise Rainier (Katie Stevens) and Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs). Madeleine Mantock will join them as Macy Vaughn, a "Whitelighter," who was recently removed from their television lineup on The CW.


Shannen Doherty has never let cancer stop her from being the actress she always was and she continues to pursue her career with enthusiasm. Recently, she completed work on three films for Lifetime Pictures, including "Dying to Belong" and the action thriller "List of a Lifetime".

Last weekend, the 50-year-old actress attended '90s Con in Los Angeles and shared her struggle with stage four breast cancer with attendees. She expressed that it will be a long battle and spoke about chemotherapy treatment as well as why she chose to shave her head during this period of chemo treatment.

She shared a selfie of herself with three friends, saying how lucky she feels to have them by her side during this difficult time.

Support from loved ones can make all the difference when fighting cancer, so it's essential to find those who will help you out during this journey. Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Marianna Strongin suggests finding someone with experience helping those going through treatment for cancer.

Doherty's friend Jessica Hopper is a licensed mental health counselor who has been supporting her through treatments and is an incredible support in this journey. She even wrote her a supportive message on Instagram - testament to how strong she will remain during this cancer journey.

It's common for those going through chemotherapy to feel lonely, particularly when it comes to their loved ones. Doherty however has had a lot of support from her friends and family members such as her mom and brother; plus, she has a dog whom she enjoys spending time with.

Her fiance, Michael Ayler, has been by her side throughout this ordeal. He provided support during chemotherapy and surgery to remove her breasts; additionally, he watched over her as she received a bone marrow transplant and underwent radiation therapy treatments.

Doherty recently shared her diagnosis of stage four breast cancer in February 2020. Although she previously underwent remission in 2017, this time around she's back fighting the disease.

Roesch reported her breast cancer has an overall recurrence rate of one percent and had spread to lymph nodes in her chest. She underwent a single mastectomy and completed radiation treatment in February 2017, concluding her journey.

In an interview with Variety, Doherty revealed she's been focused on her career since receiving diagnosis. She hopes to show people that those with stage four breast cancer can still be successful in the entertainment industry. In the reboot of Charmed series, which she describes as a "fierce, funny and feminist take," three Latina sisters use their witchcraft to fight evil.


Shannen Doherty, best known for her roles on 90210, Charmed and Heathers, shared an update on her cancer battle this week. At the time she reported feeling "great". She went on to explain that she had battled through the diagnosis with help from Kurt Iswarienko her husband and mother Rosa; in addition to encouraging everyone to get mammograms and get regular checkups as well as being as honest as possible throughout their journeys.

She shared photos and videos of her journey on social media, which she appreciated as a way for people to show their support for her. After sharing the news about her diagnosis with family and friends, she encouraged them to get checked out at their doctor's for screenings.

On Tuesday evening, Doherty looked radiant as she enjoyed dinner with her husband Chris Cortazzo at the Hublot Private Dinner with Edgar Ramirez at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. Wearing a figure-hugging black dress and accessorized with towering heels, Doherty looked incredible in front of the camera.

Doherty, who has been fighting breast cancer for two years, was diagnosed in 2015. She shared her journey on social media with her husband and mother, thanking them for their encouragement throughout this time.

Doherty bravely underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments after her cancer diagnosis. She even documented her journey on Twitter and Instagram for all to see.

Doherty had been in remission for several years after her initial diagnosis, but in 2020 she revealed that her cancer had returned and it is now stage 4. While she returned to remission again in 2020, Doherty recently shared a message to dispel myths regarding stage 4 cancer patients.

Her message is an encouraging one, as she wants people to know that even if they are diagnosed with stage 4, they can fight it. As proof of this, she shared a photo of herself wearing Cookie Monster pajamas - which she said were?a simple way for her to lift her spirits.

Doherty also shared a touching video clip of her character on 90210 kissing the late co-star Luke Perry, who passed away from a stroke four years ago. On this four year anniversary of Perry's passing, Doherty captioned the clip "I love you, Luke!" This comes on the four year anniversary of Perry's passing and serves as a reminder that even with loss we can still love.

On Sunday, the actress shared the touching footage on her Instagram page as a reminder to those who may have forgotten that she and Perry co-starred on 90210 during its initial season.

Though she enjoys this moment of joy, the actress knows there will be other times when grief will overwhelm her. That is why having friends and family by her side during times of illness is so important to her - especially her friends and family who have stood by her side throughout the ordeal.

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