#Shania #Twain #shares #update #on #ex #and #former #bff

#Shania #Twain #shares #update #on #ex #and #former #bff


Shania Twain Shares Update On Ex And Former BFF

#Shania #Twain #shares #update #on #ex #and #former #bff

Shania Twain is an acclaimed country music star and she continues to thrive despite the end of her 14-year marriage to producer Robert "Mutt" Lange. Through it all, Shania had to endure much pain and heartache during this turbulent time.

Thankfully, she found comfort in the relationship of her best friend's former husband. Recently on Armchair Expert with host Dax Shepard, she opened up about their past on an episode and is sharing an exciting update!

She’s Moving On

Shania Twain has revealed some details about her relationship status with Robert "Mutt" Lange and Marie-Anne Thiebaud, her former secretary and best friend. This affair shocked the music industry back in 2008 and left Shania devastated - ultimately ending their 14 year marriage in 2010.

Since then, Twain has kept her feelings about the situation private. But recently she shared an update on it with co-hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman of the podcast Armchair Expert, saying she had moved past it; no longer embarrassed by her husband's infidelity, they are actually good friends now.

Twain, 57, shares a son with Lange called Eja D'Angelo and they reside in Switzerland. On her Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl, Twain discussed the scandal surrounding their union.

Twain recounted her second marriage as giving her a fresh start and new love, yet she hasn't completely let go of the past.

The singer, who is currently hosting a Las Vegas residency at the Zappos Theater, has prioritized her health and is accepting of aging. Additionally, she's begun making healthier food and exercise choices to maintain her vitality.

She donned a stunning white dress with black details and matching skirt in the video for her new single, "Life's About To Get Good," released on April 1. The singer-actress took to Instagram to share both the song and its accompanying video.

Twain showcases her incredible vocals by holding a pamphlet that reads "Cured Heart," an allusion to Eja's cries after his father's infidelity. Additionally, Twain wears various outfits from her classic country music career.

Following her breakup, Twain had to work hard to put her life back together. She battled through depression and dysphonia - a condition which made singing difficult - as well as dealing with the loss of both parents. Despite these obstacles, she was able to return to music and become an international success, selling over 100 million records worldwide.

She’s Married

Shania Twain is one of the most renowned stars in history. Her music has been played on radio stations worldwide and she's earned numerous awards for her work. But beyond all that, she also has an inspiring love story to tell.

Twain's first marriage ended in 2008 after 14 years when she discovered her husband, record producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange, had an affair with his assistant and fellow musician Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Through their separations, Twain and Thiebaud continued to support one another emotionally but soon began feeling a romantic connection toward one another.

Shania and Frederic got engaged in December 2010, and celebrated their nuptials on New Year's Day 2011 in Rincon, Puerto Rico. According to People magazine, the couple were married at sunset with about 40 of their closest friends and family members present.

Before their nuptials, Twain described Thiebaud as a "compassionate and understanding friend," asserting that she could rely on him and his love. They shared a son, Eja (born 2001), and he has another daughter named Johanna (21), both from Montreal.

Though Twain has kept her former BFF and ex-partner mostly private since their divorce, she did give some insight into her feelings on heartbreak in her July 2022 documentary Not Just a Girl. The Waking Up Dreaming singer compared the pain she felt upon separation to that which her parents experienced when they passed away - both intense yet bearable.

Recently, the country star revealed to People that she still has a soft spot for her former husband. According to People, Lange and she are "in a very good place with each other," but they only communicate when it pertains to their son.

Twain and Frederic's relationship is an inspiring testament to how love can triumph even in difficult circumstances. She describes their bond as "twisted but so beautifully twisted." So if you're searching for an iconic love story, Twain and Thiebaud should be your go-to pair.

She’s Single

Country music icon Shania Twain has finally revealed her affair with former husband Robert "Mutt" Lange. After nine years of marriage to Lange, Twain discovered he was having an affair with best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Although Twain divorced Lange in 2008, they remained close throughout the years that followed.

In an exclusive interview with Dax Shepard for his Armchair Expert podcast, Twain confirmed her ongoing relationship with her former best friend and ex-husband 15 years after their affair. Additionally, she shared a picture of herself and Thiebaud taking selfies in Switzerland that she posted on Instagram back in February 2020.

Twain has remained active in the music industry since her divorce from Lange. She's released five studio albums and had two Vegas residencies, earning five Grammy awards, numerous BMI songwriter awards, plus many other honors along the way.

She was also honored with CMT's Artist of a Lifetime Award and Icon Award at Billboard's Women in Music ceremony. Recently, Kelsea Ballerini joined her on tour, and now she will embark on her own Queen of Me tour beginning April 1.

The five-time GRAMMY winner's latest studio album, Waking Up Dreaming, is out now and marks her first release with Republic Nashville. Additionally, she stars in an engaging music video for the infectious tune directed by Isaac Rentz.

This track offers captivating vocals and an upbeat narrative, sure to inspire those seeking a fresh start in their lives.

The new track features heavy drums and synth-driven instrumentation that give off a contemporary Country-pop vibe. No doubt, this song will be sure to please fans of the singer.

Five-time GRAMMY winner Twain has amassed an ardent fan base. Her albums have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making her the highest selling female artist in Country music history.

She credits her marriage with Thiebaud with giving her the courage to perform again after eight years of inactivity. Furthermore, Thiebaud provided her with unconditional love and support during some of her darkest times.

She’s Living in Switzerland

Shania Twain is one of the most successful female country music artists ever, with three albums selling more than 10 million copies each. She's best known for her hit songs such as "The Woman In Me," "Come On Over" and "UP!"

Despite her impressive career, she has faced many hardships throughout life. She has endured multiple marriages and battled Lyme disease.

Twain is also a mother, having two children from her previous marriages. She and former husband Mutt Lange have one son named Eja, while Twain's second marriage to Nestle executive Frederic Thiebaud resulted in her stepdaughter Eloise.

Twain owns a stunning home in Switzerland that she shares with her husband Frederic. Situated near Corseaux, overlooking Lake Geneva, she purchased the property back in 2011 and loves spending time there with her family.

The singer loves nature and often takes walks or hikes in her surrounding area. Additionally, she enjoys gardening, so her garden showcases lush plants with a rustic aesthetic.

On her most recent radio show, Twain shared that she enjoys spending time in her backyard. She even posted a photo of herself sitting atop a log surrounded by lush trees and an idyllic farm.

When she's not traveling, Twain can be found relaxing at her Switzerland home with her husband and son. In addition to this stunning residence, Twain also owns several other homes around the globe.

She leads a very private and cozy lifestyle, so few photos of her Swiss house online. Although it's smaller than the previous one she owned in Switzerland, it still boasts plenty of space and luxurious features.

Twain owns a large house in Timmins, Ontario which she and her husband purchased years ago. This is her childhood home; however, she currently resides in Switzerland.

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