Selena Gomez Just Posts a Natural Curly Hair Selfie on Instagram and Fans Are Obsessed

Selena Gomez Just Posts a Natural Curly Hair Selfie on Instagram and Fans Are Obsessed


Selena Gomez has been rocking her natural curls lately, as evidenced by a series of Instagram posts celebrating the new style. We can all take comfort in knowing that by accepting ourselves fully, Selena can truly find happiness within ourselves.

This is an incredible accomplishment for the singer-songwriter and we can't wait to see her continue her amazing journey! Additionally, she's launching a makeup line called Rare Beauty that spreads the message that everyone is beautiful just as they are.

She’s embracing her natural curls

If you've been following Selena Gomez on Instagram, then you are already well-acquainted with her hair experiments. She's tried a range of styles from curls to air-dried shags and 90s throwback hair - but this 'do may be her most signature yet.

On Instagram, the 27 year old posted a natural curly hair selfie and her followers are infatuated. Photos show off her long wavy locks while wearing minimal makeup and a black turtleneck.

Her hairstylist also added subtle copper highlights from Great Lengths for an eye-catching gradient effect. According to the salon, it's an effortless way to achieve a fresh summer look without needing any color at all!

Gomez has been sporting a shorter lob for several months now, but this is her first full head of natural curls in quite some time. For someone who typically opts for classic pin-straight styles, this change of pace is quite refreshing.

If you're not sure how to style your natural curls, Gomez is the perfect example of how to embrace them! She rarely shows them off on social media, but in a recent Instagram photo she chose to showcase them fully.

She's not the only celebrity to sport natural curls, and others such as Gabrielle Union and Ariana Grande have both shared pictures of their untamed locks on social media platforms. It appears that these looks are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities.

If you're thinking about rocking your natural curls, there are a few things to take into account before going for this look. Most importantly, allow the curls to dry naturally before trying to pull them out; forcing them will create frizzies and make them less defined.

Additionally, ask your hairstylist to cut your curls from wet to dry in order to maintain their defined look. Additionally, don't forget to inform them if you want to add in some highlights for a more vibrant appearance.

She’s wearing a turtleneck

Gomez has been an enthusiastic natural hair advocate since her Disney days, so it's only fitting that she would take her love of curls to the next level. Last week she shared a selfie featuring natural curly hair on Instagram and fans are absolutely enamored!

She donned a turtleneck with her hair down, creating an effortlessly feminine and chic look. She paired the striped top with jeans, then accessorized with heels and gold earrings for extra flair.

Gomez's style fits right into the '60s trend that we're seeing more of this year, so it's no wonder she draws inspiration from iconic looks from decades past. Back in July, she donned a yellow fit-and-flare dress by Haitian designer Victor Glemaud while visiting The White House wearing Oscar de la Renta's black shift dress.

Celebrities often show their individual style by taking risks with outfits, so we were thrilled that Miranda Lambert chose to rock her curls this morning. Usually, she keeps her hair up in a ponytail or bun but this time, she went for an easier-going style.

In addition to her natural hair, she ensures she gets enough sleep and follows a nutritious diet. Her favorites are fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as water throughout the day. Eating well helps her maintain both slim figures and beautiful skin.

She strives to go to bed early and wake up early in order to prevent dark circles or fatigue the following morning. This way, she can devote more time to her makeup and skincare regimen and keep her skin looking healthy and youthful.

She loves natural makeup, so she always opts for a simple lip color that complements her eyes. Her go-to lipstick color is bright red; matte is usually her go-to choice, but sometimes she adds a rosy tint for subtle pops of color. Eyeliner and mascara are her go-to products; sometimes adding bronzer to finish off the look.

She’s wearing minimal makeup

Selena Gomez recently posted a natural curly hair selfie on Instagram and fans are loving her new style. The singer is known for frequently switching up her hairstyles, and this latest one may just be one of our favorites yet!

Her hair was styled in tousled curls and light honey highlights, adding length at the top of her head compared to her previous straight bob haircut which debuted back in May.

Gomez has frequently displayed her natural curls on Instagram, and she often goes back to basics when it comes to makeup. Recently, the star shared a stunning tutorial using products from her new cosmetic line Rare Beauty.

Instead of wearing a lot of makeup, she chose an effortless natural look that highlighted her skin and eyes. To begin, she applied tinted moisturizer to her face before applying concealer under her eyes, on top of her nose, forehead and cheekbones with a bronzer stick. Finally she finished it off by applying Fuchsia Ascend lipstick for an added pop of color.

She finished off her makeup with her signature cat eyeliner, full lashes, and filled in her brows. Finally, she finished off the look with a metallic gold smokey eye.

Gomez looked absolutely gleeful in this glamorous shot, but we're totally on board with her decision to embrace her natural curls - especially since she has spent most of her career in the spotlight.

Due to this, she's always had to deal with a great deal of pressure when it comes to her appearance. "Being in the public eye can be challenging, but it's also an opportunity to share your story and connect with others. Having people who support and understand you is invaluable," she states. "Having people in your corner will always be key."

Gomez never fails to wow us with her stunning beauty looks and dramatic hair transformations. She truly sets the bar high and we can't wait to see what she has in store for the future!

She’s wearing a red lip

The singer recently shared a natural curly hair selfie on Instagram and her followers are infatuated! This look has been trending lately.

Gomez's signature style has always been the straight lob, but her new look adds a more feminine flair. Along with her signature wavy bang and long layers that fall below her waist, Gomez features long layers that fall to her ankle.

She first displayed her curly hair in May on a TikTok video, but it has been some time since then. We assume she may have been testing out the look for some type of music video or something; however, we cannot be certain.

She seems to be loving her new look! She shared a pic on Instagram with the caption, "New hair who dis?" The photo already has 1.5 million likes.

Gomez chose wavy curls with a side part to give her hair more texture and volume. Her makeup was subtle, focusing on her eyes with black liner and bronze smoky eyeshadow to draw attention to them.

Gomez is wearing a two-piece set by Alia with white Stuart Weitzman pumps and classic hoop earrings, all of which harken back to Selena Gomez's old school glamour days.

No wonder why the singer and actress feels so secure about her appearance! Not only is she a self-described beauty expert, but she's known to take action against online body shamers who make unfounded comments about her weight.

Gomez created this look by teaming her dark tresses with a light-colored lipstick from her new beauty line, Rare Beauty. The Barbie-pink hue adds an eye-catching element to her black and white ensemble.

She finished off by tipping her lashes with black liner for an elegant finishing touch! This is a great way to add dimension and dimension to your makeup without looking too heavy or overdone.

Gomez showed off her natural curls while still looking put together, providing us with hope that more flawless looks are on the way this fall.

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