Selena Gomez Addresses Weight Gain on TikTok

Selena Gomez Addresses Weight Gain on TikTok


Selena Gomez addresses weight gain Im not a model

Selena Gomez has been on a health journey since she revealed her lupus diagnosis in 2015. Since then, she's taken her medication and undergone a kidney transplant to address the condition.

This week, the star of 'Only Murders in the Building' took to TikTok livestream to address body-shaming comments about her appearance and revealed that taking medication causes her to gain weight.

1. She's not a model

Recently, The Wizards of Waverly Place alum took to TikTok Live to address body-shaming comments she's received on social media in the past. During their conversation, she revealed that her medication for lupus causes her to retain water weight.

She doesn't stress about it, and urges her fans not to either. The 'Only Murders in the Building' actress and singer has been open about her lupus diagnosis since 2015, so she understands how much pressure this condition can put on people.

Gomez shared a video that went viral explaining her medications for lupus cause her to retain water. She says it's just another side effect and no one should ever feel bad about how they look.

Her lupus diagnosis has been an integral part of her life for years, and she's never shied away from talking about it in interviews. She's currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments to combat the disorder, and even underwent a kidney transplant in 2017.

Gomez said she never let the extra weight affect her mood or self-image. In fact, Gomez noted that it helped her stay positive and focused on work.

She shared a touching home video from her childhood, showing her playing outside as thunder rumbles. She remembered how her mother provided her with books about thunderstorms and lightning which helped ease her fears.

Gomez's message of compassion and empathy are inspiring to many around the world who are suffering. It serves as a reminder that each of us has our own stories, and empathy can be an empowering force in helping heal our inner demons.

Gomez urges her fans to help spread the message of positivity and self-love. Ultimately, Gomez wants viewers to remember that no matter their appearance, they are still loved.

It's a straightforward message that should be welcomed by everyone. It serves as a reminder that we need each other and can all stand up for one another. The actress and singer is leading with compassion, and her fans should be immensely proud of her for it.

2. She's not skinny

Gomez, known for her candid nature, recently went on a TikTok livestream to combat body-shamers who have made comments about her weight. In the video, Gomez revealed that taking medication for lupus--an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation throughout the body--has contributed to her increased weight.

She continues to explain that having an autoimmune disease has caused her to "hold on to a lot of water weight," and hopes people can learn to accept themselves and practice self-love when they feel the need to justify their body image.

Gomez has always been open about her struggles with weight, even admitting it has affected her fashion choices - she once described herself as "not a model" because she needs to adjust her body size in order to feel comfortable and healthy.

Selena has endured years of body-shaming and negative feedback about her weight from fans, but it seems she's ready to put an end to this. In a recent interview with the Giving Back Generation podcast, Selena revealed how her lupus diagnosis has had a major effect on her physical appearance; often needing her to battle in order to maintain proper portions.

In a subsequent TikTok video, she responded to a user who questioned her weight by saying that she's always skinny and adding an emoticon of a sad face. This clip has amassed over 24 million views, showing why some might be taken aback by her response.

Gomez's response may have been considered harsh, but many celebrities have endured body shaming and negative feedback from their fans over time. This is especially true for Gomez who was recently diagnosed with lupus and must endure numerous challenging treatments to stay healthy.

The actress-singer, nominated for a 2023 Golden Globe for her role in Hulu's Only Murders in the Building, has long been an advocate for mental health awareness. Last year she founded Wondermind to assist those struggling with depression or anxiety. Additionally, she shared about her battle with lupus back then and underwent kidney transplant thanks to actor Francia Raisa's donation.

3. She's not fat

Selena Gomez has long been an outspoken supporter of body positivity, whether it's on social media or with humor and candor. But recently she has come under scrutiny regarding her weight.

Gomez addressed the comments during a TikTok live session and explained that her weight gain is due to taking medication for lupus.

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that weakens the immune system, leading to extreme fatigue, muscle pain and inflammation. Typically treated with steroids - though some individuals may gain weight as a side effect.

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, women who have lupus have an increased likelihood for developing diabetes and heart complications. Furthermore, those diagnosed with this disorder could experience serious issues with their immune system, including increased vulnerability to infections.

She explained that her lupus diagnosis requires her to take medicine which suppresses her immune system, potentially leading to water retention.

Thankfully, she's been diligently working on her diet and workout regime for the past year to shed the excess water weight. With trainer Amy Rosoff Davis by her side, she made healthy food choices and altered her lifestyle in order to achieve success.

The singer-actor went on to explain that due to the medications she takes for her lupus, she will 'hold a lot of water weight'. She encouraged her fans to practice self-love when they experience body shame.

Gomez has shown that she doesn't let the negative attention she receives stop her from her acting career or efforts to raise awareness about mental health. But her fans should keep their opinions to themselves and not comment on her weight gain.

Gomez has endured many trials and triumphs, yet she remains a powerful and successful singer-actress and multi-hyphenate businesswoman. Additionally, Gomez is very open about her health issues; she has chronicled her battle with lupus on social media since 2015.

It's refreshing to witness a star who doesn't hesitate to express herself and isn't ashamed of her body. Additionally, there's comfort in the fact that she doesn't allow others to judge her solely based on appearance - she looks healthy, beautiful and talented after all!

4. She's not skinny fat

Selena Gomez often faces body-shaming trolls who leave comments about her weight on social media platforms, yet the star doesn't let this derail her day.

On a TikTok livestream, Gomez opened up about her lupus diagnosis and how medication for the chronic illness often causes her to gain weight. Although Gomez has often spoken openly about her health issues and mental wellbeing over the years, this was the first time she'd addressed how lupus medications may influence her weight.

She revealed that she was diagnosed with lupus when she was younger, resulting in extreme fatigue, muscle pain and inflammation. To combat these symptoms, she usually takes steroids to reduce inflammation within her body.

Though it is understandable that her quality of life-improving medication may have an effect on her weight, it's essential to remember that excess pounds aren't always healthy and shouldn't be condemned. In fact, the actress-singer has already stated she doesn't feel ashamed or body shamed because of it.

Gomez, in addition to taking her lupus medication, was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and kidney problems. Fortunately, she has found a way to manage these ailments and is now back on the path towards recovery.

Ultimately, the "Who Says" singer has managed to bounce back and look amazing once again. Her latest TikTok post features her rocking a Puma unitard with side stripes and logo detailing.

Her latest look is a refreshing change from the many times she's donned dresses that are either too short or long for her figure. She looks amazing in this one and we're already fans!

Gomez has an opportunity here to be honest about her health issues and address how she feels about her fluctuating weight. Hopefully she will use this platform to spread positive messages about herself and put an end to all of the disparaging remarks that have been directed at her body over the years.

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