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San Diego is a vibrant city boasting stunning beaches, an exciting arts and culture scene, world-renowned attractions, thrilling participatory and spectator sports activities, as well as its rich military history. Additionally, it is home to some of the newest culinary arts talents in North America.

In late August 1996, The San Francisco Bay Area newspaper Mercury News published a three-part series entitled Dark Alliance that detailed how a drug ring in San Francisco Bay Area sold tons of cocaine to street gangs in South-Central Los Angeles and channeled millions of dollars to Latin American guerrilla army known as US Contras.


KGTV is an ABC television station headquartered on Air Way in Riverview-Webster, and its transmitter on Mount Soledad in La Jolla. Owned by E. W. Scripps Company, its callsign is KGTV; it broadcasts news, sports and entertainment programming.

KGTV also operates digital translator KZSD-LP (channel 20) for homes unable to receive its VHF signal. David Browne anchors local newscasts, with weather reports also included. KGTV also broadcasts sports highlights from both San Diego Padres and Angels games.

Data from audience insight firm Shareablee indicates KGTV is leading the market in social media actions. This is likely due to their emphasis on creating quality content which should help boost viewership.

Aside from its television programming, KGTV is renowned for its live events and other programs. These include various gaming shows, celebrity meet ups, and other entertainment. Furthermore, the station provides news coverage as well as weather updates.

In the early days, KGTV was known for its 11 pm wrestling and grappling matches. Stars such as Carol LeBeau, Kimberly Hunt, and Bree Walker would attend these events - members of a long-running team that worked closely with Tom Tuck at that time.

Tuck's popularity with the team quickly faded when he left for Los Angeles nine years later on KFMB.

Later, KGTV ventured into sports, hosting two Major League Baseball seasons for San Diego Padres fans. Additionally, they broadcasted numerous high school football and basketball matches.

KGTV is a reliable source of news and information, making it one of the nation's most popular TV stations. It broadcasts seven hours daily plus four and half on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, its weather forecast provides hourly and seven-day predictions as well as air speed analysis for various Bay Area cities. With this service, KGTV continues to stay one step ahead of its viewers!


San Diego is a major broadcast center in Southern California and KNSD (NBC 7/39) is one of its leading news stations. Its programming is based on the NBC network as well as syndicated shows.

NBCUniversal owns 76 percent of the station and LIN Television holds 24 percent, but NBC Universal holds majority control. Master control and local commercial insertion for the station are located at NBC West Coast headquarters in Burbank, CA.

NBC owned and operated stations are KNBC in Los Angeles, KNTV in San Francisco, WMAQ-TV in Chicago, WRC-TV in Washington D.C., WCAU in Philadelphia and KXAS-TV in Dallas.

KNSD does not carry a wide selection of nationally syndicated shows, but it does place an emphasis on local and regional news. It has an extensive morning and evening newscast as well as a weekly sports highlight show.

For many years, KFMB was the go-to station for San Diego Chargers home games when they played on Sunday Night Football; from 1977 until 2016, it aired most of their matches. Furthermore, it provided local coverage of Super Bowl XXXII as well.

In addition to local news, the station provides 24-hour local weather channel NBC Plus on digital subchannel 39.2. This channel features satellite/radar images, current conditions and daily forecasts for major metropolitan areas throughout America.

KNSD, a local NBC O&O, has an impressive social media presence and is the most followed station in San Diego. Led by Sean Monzet's social media team, they pay attention to data and continually optimize their strategy to reach viewers. According to Shareablee's Social Scorecard, they rank as the top-performing NBC O&O for social actions taken and fans/followers.


KPBS is San Diego's PBS and NPR station. Its programming includes national and world news, dramas, documentaries, children's programs and podcasts; additionally it produces local shows like Ken Kramer's About San Diego and Cinema Junkie with Beth Accomando.

KPBS broadcasts on virtual channel 15 (UHF digital channel 19) and is owned by San Diego State University's KPBS Public Media division. Its transmitter is situated atop San Miguel Mountain in southwestern San Diego County.

KPBS can be reached at kpbs.org and on Twitter as @KPBS. Additionally, they have a mobile app for smartphones which provides local and national news updates.

The station's news coverage includes investigative reports and breaking stories from partner stations. It shares video with KGTV, the local ABC affiliate, as well as working closely with 10 News San Diego on coverage.

This week, reporter Kitty Alvarado traveled to downtown San Diego and spoke with a homeless advocate and several unhoused individuals about the recent rise in Hepatitis A cases. Additionally, the city took an initiative towards building denser housing.

KPBS broadcasts a range of programs, such as Valley PBS' weekly documentary series and local newscast Valley This Week. Furthermore, each Sunday the station broadcasts Jacobs Masterworks concerts from the San Diego Symphony.

The station airs the Midday Edition with Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, a daily talk show that keeps San Diegans up-to-date on news and events. In addition to local reports and sports updates, Midday Edition also provides discussion of the week's top stories with local journalists.

KPBS News This Week, presented by the station's newsroom, showcases the best reporting from member supported public media in San Diego. Produced by a team of beat reporters, this show airs every Friday night on KPBS-TV.


KUSI is San Diego's only true independent local news station, providing accurate up-to-the minute reporting with more than seven and a half hours of programming daily. Furthermore, its independence allows it to cover important breaking stories whenever they arise.

KUSI's slogan is "More Local News," and that's exactly what they provide. With specialized segments like The Turko Files, PPR All Sports Report and Special Reports, viewers get news that matters to their community.

The station also broadcasts public service announcements and sponsors local events to foster community involvement. Furthermore, it has an active volunteer program through which its staff and viewers can support local nonprofits.

In addition to local content, the station also features syndicated programs such as Live with Regis and Kelly, The Jerry Springer Show, Judge Judy and Extra. Furthermore, it has a full schedule of sports programs like Padres or Chargers games, plus various children's shows.

KUSI not only covers local news in Alaska, but it also dedicates to covering world events. Depending on when viewers tune in, 22% to 25% of their news will come from within the US and 21% from other countries around the world.

Local coverage has set the station apart, making it one of the most watched and respected sources for San Diegans to stay informed on current events. Furthermore, the station provides live news breaks every hour between its broadcasts to keep viewers up-to-date on breaking stories.

KUSI has experienced success, yet has also faced setbacks in recent years. In June 2019, former evening anchor Sandra Maas filed a lawsuit against McKinnon Broadcasting Company claiming retaliation and violations of California's Equal Pay Act and whistleblower protection laws.


KFMB, formerly known as CBS 8 and News 8, is the local television station for San Diego. It has primary affiliation with CBS but also maintains secondary connections to ABC and NBC networks.

KFMB broadcasts a variety of local, national, and regional news programs in addition to its local coverage. Its primary newscasts are broadcast weekday mornings at 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.; evening shows air between 6:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

The station has a longstanding tradition of producing highly-rated local newscasts. Notable personalities have included former weather girl Raquel Tejada (now famous actress), talk-show host Regis Philbin, television host Sarah Purcell, CNN/former CBS anchor Paula Zahn, original Access Hollywood host Larry Mendte and NBC correspondents Don Teague and Dawn Fratangelo.

CBS station KOLDA broadcast a number of landmark events in San Diego during its years as the city's official broadcaster, including the 1952 presidential election, 1960's earthquake, and 1964 World's Fair.

It has also broadcast some of San Diego's major sporting events, such as San Diego Padres baseball games and San Diego Chargers football matches. CBS affiliate KPBS serves as the team's default television home in San Diego; thus making the station their de facto headquarters.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, KFMB and KGTV battled for viewership in San Diego; after briefly becoming #1 station, KGTV overtook it. But later in that decade KFMB began to recover and returned to its previous #1 ranking largely thanks to a successful news team led by Jim Holtzman that included anchors Michael Tuck and Allison Ross as well as weather anchor Clark Anthony and sports anchor Ted Leitner.

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