Samsung NXT 2.0 Finalists Meet Their Mentors

Samsung NXT 2.0 Finalists Meet Their Mentors


Samsung NXT 2.0 Finalists Meet Their Mentors

The Samsung NXT 2.0 competition has reached its conclusion, with finalists Julian King, Nyla XO and Kyn Rose moving onto mentorship. Each contestant has been paired with an accomplished female mentor to seek advice and tips for success during their final performance.

In the days leading up to the showdown, the finalists met their celebrity mentors and filmed intimate mentorship documentaries that gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what will unfold at the grand finale. Scroll through some highlights from each session!

Julian King Meets Mariah Angeliq

Julian King '15 (Vocal Performance) is an impressive triple threat with powerful vocals, captivating dance moves and expert musicianship on piano and bass guitar. Drawing inspiration from church roots, King mixes R&B, pop sensuality and dance-oriented tunes to create a distinctive sound that appeals to many genres of listeners.

King has achieved much during his time at the University, joining Grammy U and the Recording Academy - Philadelphia chapter as well as working with industry mentors and networking with key figures in music business. As a result, King is on an exciting career path to becoming one of the world's leading entertainers.

King has performed in his hometown as well as five-star hotels in China and was featured on The Voice. Following a successful run on the show, he has continued to build upon it by continuing to tour across America.

After winning the first round of Samsung NXT 2.0 competition, Julian King was paired with Mariah Angeliq for a one-on-one mentorship session. They discussed King's journey thus far and even got to take some poolside selfies together!

Mariah Angeliq has been in the entertainment industry for many years and has achieved great success. She received multiple award nominations and had numerous hits, such as "EL MAKINON" with Karol G. She has an adoring fan base that was even featured on Coca-Cola's Kind of Magic global campaign.

She is rapidly gaining a following for her distinctive style and talent. Her songs are known for their catchy melodies, vibrant colors, and messages of hope and inclusivity.

She has collaborated with renowned producers such as Nelly El Arma, Bad Bunny and Tory Lanez. Currently signed to Universal Music Group, her debut single will be released soon.

Max Ehrich, star of the hit television show Young and the Restless, recently captured her enjoying a romantic day together in Miami on Wednesday. It looked like they were enjoying some sunshine as they were photographed together under clear blue skies - it was quite charming!

Max and his friend were seen enjoying themselves on a private beach. Max shared a picture of himself with his newfound pal on Instagram, appearing to have an enjoyable time.

In the final rounds of the competition, each of the three finalists was paired with an influential female mentor. Here they could ask their mentor questions about their careers and gain advice on how they could take their careers to new heights.

Julian King, Kyn Rose and Nyla XO each met with their celebrity mentors in Los Angeles before the finale. These one-on-one sessions helped prepare them for the big night; it's an inspiring opportunity for these finalists to connect with industry insiders while giving fans a glimpse of their upcoming stars' potentials.

Kyn Rose Meets BIBI

For weeks, finalist Julian King, Nyla XO and Kyn Rose have been competing against each other in various challenge and performance categories. Ahead of their big showdown, these contestants have been paired with buzzworthy female mentors for one-on-one mentoring sessions. The resulting videos are something out of dreams for anyone who has watched a reality TV show; you can get to meet some of them face-to-face at this week's Samsung NXT 2.0 Finalists Meet Their Mentors event in Los Angeles to witness some of them in person!

This competition's winner was the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4--and it's easy to see why: this smartphone's display boasts five cameras, capturing everything from HD video and stills to live streams and audio. Furthermore, it was the first mobile phone with an artificial intelligence chip used for facial recognition as well as other functions.

The best part? It's free and available on the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. With more than 1 gigabyte of storage capacity, this smart phone is perfect for when you need to upgrade to something more advanced.

The beauty of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is its wide range of colors - so you can pick one that piques your interest and sparks your imagination. Whether you need to find the ideal holiday gift for tech-savvy friends, or simply add some bling to your collection, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 provides all your requirements in one package.

Nyla XO Meets Flo Milli

The three finalists of Samsung NXT 2.0 have progressed into mentorship mode of the show. They've been paired with successful females for one-on-one discussions where they seek advice and tips on how to take home the crown.

After defeating their competitors during the singing challenges, Julian King, Kyn Rose and Nyla XO were paired with celebrity mentors Mariah Angeliq (King), Flo Milli (Rose). The opening challenge for the contestants was a cover of BTS' 2021 hit "Butter." Each group submitted their own rendition, giving it their unique touch while some gave it a genre makeover.

King infused his submission with R&B and gospel roots, as well as some hip hop and dance moves. Alumnus of Philadelphia University where he earned his BA in Vocal Performance, King also displayed his charismatic style through this performance.

King added a soulful twist to "Butter," using his keyboard and vocal stylings. Drawing inspiration from Flo Milli for an emotionally charged performance, King even used some of Flo's social media knowledge as he shared his career goals and favorite moments for 2022.

Nyla XO has always put emphasis on her soothing vocals and imaginative editing techniques, but she also prioritizes the human experience. She encourages people to connect with one another and find peace within their hearts through connection.

She's a Chicago-based singer/songwriter/producer who also utilizes her artistic abilities behind the camera. Her photography, editing and design abilities allow her songs to come to life onstage.

In this interview, Flo recounts her career experiences such as having her first show booked at sixteen and aspirations of becoming the next big thing in hip hop. Additionally, she reflects on growing up in Alabama and the struggles that women face growing up in the industry.

Flo is no stranger to setting digital trends, having been one of the first users on TikTok in 2019. She considers herself to be a self-professed Princess of Hip Hop with an endless passion for creating music. Never afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs, Flo plans on continuing her bold confidence and unique perspective into every conversation that comes her way.

When asked her future goals, Flo told Nyla she aspires to be an accomplished artist and an inspiring role model for women. Additionally, Flo encouraged her to keep working hard and stay positive.

The winning Samsung NXT 2.0 winner will grace the cover of a special digital issue of Billboard, receive their meeting with a record label, studio time to record their first single, funding for a music video and tickets to the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. You can follow along with this exciting competition on Billboard's official website as it unfolds.

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