Rutgers Football Recruiting Update

Rutgers Football Recruiting Update


Rutgers football recruiting update Awaiting a decision and finding talent

Rutgers University is quietly building an elite recruiting class, featuring top-100 quarterback Gavin Wimsatt as their fourth 4-star recruit this cycle.

Rutgers still needs to answer some questions about this team in order to move forward.

Awaiting a decision

Rutgers already has some key pieces from last season, but the Scarlet Knights need to upgrade more talent in order to compete for a Big Ten championship. While their offensive line has plenty of depth, Rutgers needs an experienced quarterback who can lead them into victory.

To accomplish this goal, the coaching staff needs a transfer portal quarterback who could potentially start in 2023. While there are some candidates out there who may fit this bill, the coaching staff is still searching for the ideal candidate.

When Rutgers coaches find a quarterback, they must work to develop him so they can become an established Big Ten starter. That is no easy feat, but Schiano has had success in finding quarterbacks who can be developed over multiple seasons.

In addition to finding a quality quarterback, Rutgers coaches need to identify more athletes and receivers who can contribute right away. This will be an ongoing need, but something they are actively searching for in this recruiting class.

Rutgers' coaching staff has had considerable success on the recruiting trail in recent years, which is evident in this class. Indeed, their 2022 class ranks 33rd nationally and eighth in Big Ten Conference with four four-star prospects.

In addition to signing top prospects, Rutgers has also successfully recruited players from New Jersey and other in-state regions. While those areas were where Schiano and his coaching staff have had great success in the past, Rutgers is also targeting Florida - which helped turn around their program during Schiano's initial tenure there.

Another crucial task the Scarlet Knights must complete is adding talent through the transfer portal. This can be a difficult undertaking, but necessary if they want to keep growing their program.

So far this offseason, Rutgers University has added two players through the transfer portal: a cornerback and safety. Both were officially announced as part of the 2023 recruiting class on national signing day and are expected to play important roles for the program next year. Both these players came from other schools but had established relationships with Schiano and his coaches long before they officially committed.

Finding talent

Rutgers University had a promising early signing period, yet their talent pool wasn't quite what the Scarlet Knights desired. A 21-member recruiting class was announced Wednesday night, but that marks just the beginning of what is sure to be an extensive offseason of adding players through the transfer portal.

There are a few key positions that need to be addressed, such as quarterback and receiver. Unfortunately, there are currently no scholarship quarterbacks available; finding one capable of playing would be an important step forward.

Another position that needs filling is linebacker, where four experienced players have left the program. Tyreem Powell made three starts as a redshirt freshman and had 20 tackles last season but must step up his game this year in order to maintain his spot as starter. Senior Deion Jennings was named the team's most improved defensive player this spring but his future remains uncertain.

The class also features two in-state receivers, Isaiah Ryan and Evan Harris, who are experienced and can contribute right away for the team. Harris is a four-star recruit who enrolled in January; Ryan has received offers from multiple Power 5 programs.

Overall, Rutgers' Class of 2022 is not a bad pick. It boasts five four-star commits and eight in-state players.

Rutgers University has been struggling to retain its best talent within New Jersey for several years, so having a lot of New Jersey-based players in this class makes sense. But there are also some out-of-state recruits who could contribute significantly to the Scarlet Knights' 2023 season.

Schiano has earned a reputable reputation for cultivating relationships with recruits, both on and off the field. He frequently visits in-state high schools to host events that bring coaches to campus.

Additionally, he and his staff have built relationships with many of the top athletes in the state and can draw them to Rutgers by offering them the chance to play against the Big Ten.

Rutgers University's success on the recruiting trail comes down to its ability to cultivate strong relationships with players. Not only must they admire and respect the coaching staff, but they must also be willing to take risks and push themselves.

Getting ready for spring ball

Rutgers University is in the midst of its recruiting cycle and is drawing some top-rated recruits from New Jersey. These students have been on campus this week for facility tours, photo shoots and meetings with coaching staff members.

The spring is a time for new players to come together and learn the playbook, but it's also when teams start getting physically ready to compete. There are various ways of doing this, but typically teams get physical by engaging in drills.

Coaches can easily assess their resources with this tool, determining who has what they need and making an informed decision on who to bring in for the fall season.

One of the greatest aspects of spring is watching teams compete against outside opponents. It provides teams with an opportunity to test their mettle against non-conference competition, making for a thrilling start to any season.

Another significant aspect is the opportunity these games provide fans with to observe how their favorite team is progressing, especially for teams without regular home schedules.

In the springtime, some schools offer additional practices to the public. This is an invaluable opportunity for new coaches to see their system in action and gives fans something exciting to look forward to while they wait for their team's first game of the year.

This is also an ideal chance for the new offense to showcase its capabilities. Coach can see what his players can do when it comes to running the ball and gaining yardage.

If he decides to add an offensive coordinator, that could be an integral part of the recruiting process. Having someone in place would enable them to contact potential targets and promote their new scheme effectively.

The coaching staff is eagerly awaiting the upcoming season and there is much to look forward to. However, there are still a few key questions that need to be answered before play begins.

Getting ready for spring practice

Rutgers University is gearing up for spring practice with a number of players working to secure spots on the roster. Some are trying to demonstrate they're healthy and ready, while others want to add depth and experience to their ranks.

The Scarlet Knights boast an impressive roster, having already secured pledges from multiple 4-star recruits for the 2022 cycle. This class could easily become one of the best in recent memory and provides a strong foundation for future years.

The Scarlet Knights possess plenty of quality talent to build upon, but there are some key gaps they need to fill. Their quarterback is currently absent and they require more speed, length and athleticism in their offensive line.

Schiano has responded to this need by hiring an offensive coordinator and two new assistant coaches. Corey Hetherman, previously an assistant coach at James Madison, will serve as linebackers coach while Damiere Shaw - who served as director of player development last season - has now been promoted to wide receivers coach.

Aside from adding new coaches, the program has also continued to experiment with its staff. Assistant coaches Augie Hoffmann and Andrew Aurich took on new responsibilities - Hoffmann as running backs coach, while Aurich became offensive line coach. These changes are positive indicators that Schiano believes in his vision for his team's progress moving forward.

Defensive coordinator Mike Lascari brings with him experience from the NFL, having served as defensive coordinator at Minnesota for the past two seasons. His main challenge will be figuring out how best to utilize Avery Young, Christian Izien and Desmond Igbinosun on the field.

Lascari could potentially turn the cornerback position into one of his team's strongest assets next season. Senior safety Avery Young has played over 2,944 defensive snaps over four seasons and has experience playing both corners and safeties. With such a wealth of knowledge, Lascari will have plenty to draw upon heading into next year.

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