Rutgers Football Commit AJ Surace

Rutgers Football Commit AJ Surace


Quarterback trainer Tony Racioppi says Rutgers football commit AJ Surace

As one of the nation's premier quarterback coaches, Racioppi is based at TEST Football Academy in Martinsville, N.J. He has mentored numerous high school quarterbacks who went on to become Power Five passers.

He believes Surace is the ideal quarterback for Rutgers' offense, possessing top-10 arm talent and being an ideal Big Ten pocket passer who can drive the ball downfield.

Coach Racioppi Knows a Big Ten QB

If you were to ask some Iowa Hawkeyes fans what their team's biggest need this offseason, the consensus would be quarterback. As they embark on their 2022 season with hopes of improving upon last year's 10-3 record and returning to the Big Ten championship game, Hawkeyes fans likely believe that quarterback is what their biggest need.

One player who will be heavily relied upon is sophomore Spencer Petras, who threw for 10,347 yards and 48 touchdowns last season. Though he has made some progress this spring, his numbers still fall far short of what is needed.

Therefore, Petras should enlist the assistance of a coach who understands his game and can help him reach his full potential this season. That's where quarterback trainer Tony Racioppi comes in.

The coach, hailing from New Jersey, boasts an impressive array of knowledge when it comes to quarterbacks. After spending several years as a college coach, he's been honing his craft in preparation for the NFL combine for several years now.

Petras struggled during his junior year, but working with Racioppi during the offseason has made a huge difference. His grades have significantly improved and he's on track to make the most of his final college season.

Wisconsin's quarterback competition will be one of the most intense in the Big Ten. Already, Wisconsin has added Tanner Mordecai (72 touchdown passes in two seasons) and Nick Evers (4-star recruit from Oklahoma), plus there's a good chance 5-star recruit JJ McCarthy will enter the transfer portal and compete for the job.

Iowa could make a strong comeback this fall and close the gap on Ohio State and Michigan in the conference West race. Their offense could take another step forward with an experienced quarterback who understands all the essential facets of his position, as well as being a leader for his teammates.

Surace is a Dual-Threat Quarterback

One day after Rutgers basketball painted New York City red, football coaches across the country were showing their scarlet colors in their recruiting classes. Rutgers added three verbals to its 2024 class, including 3-star quarterback AJ Surace - who is considered to be the top recruit in New Jersey.

Dual-threat quarterbacks are renowned for their ability to stretch plays and create havoc with their arms, giving them an edge over pocket passers who must worry about getting their hands on the ball at all times. Former University of Georgia star Fran Tarkenton is one such example; other great athletes such as John Elway, Steve Young, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick and Cam Newton have all utilized their legs to gain yards and extend plays.

Teams have responded by adopting option offenses that force defenders to either commit to either the running back around the end of the field or the quarterback in the middle - giving dual-threat quarterbacks freedom to select which match up is most advantageous as plays progress.

A dual-threat quarterback can create opportunities for other receivers on the field by making tacklers miss or allowing them to run past them in the open field. Therefore, having strong arms and an effective pocket presence are essential qualities needed to succeed in such an offense.

Recent years, this trend has grown so popular that many coaches now emphasize training their quarterbacks to be adept at both throwing and running the ball. Many of these guys have achieved success in the NFL and become household names -- Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray and Josh Allen are just a few examples.

It has created the need for more NFL organizations to be visionary and realize that not every quarterback coming out of college is a lock. They need to be coachable, eager to learn, and willing to grow along with their team and coaching staff as they progress through the system.

Surace is a Multi-Sport Student-Athlete

Surace is part of one of college football's greatest traditions and has played an instrumental role in developing Princeton into an Ivy League power. A four-time finalist for the Eddie Robinson Jr. National Head Coach of the Year award, Surace has led Princeton to four Ivy League championships.

AJ is a three-sport student-athlete and has extensive track and field experience. While at ESM, he was an excellent discus thrower and shot putter.

It's common for athletes to play multiple sports in college. Doing so can improve your prospects of being recruited and keep you healthy, but it is essential to know what you are doing; injuries from too many practices and games could hinder recruitment or impact schoolwork performance.

Being a multi-sport athlete can also give you valuable transferable skills that can be applied to other sports, such as hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, explosive power, communication and athletic agility.

Another advantage of being a multi-sport student-athlete is that you can avoid the burnout that often occurs in youth sports when players focus too much on one sport. Furthermore, this makes you more likely to continue participating in your chosen sport once in college.

Being a multi-sport student-athlete offers its own rewards, but it should never be taken for granted. Whether you are an experienced varsity athlete or just starting out, it is critical to take the necessary steps to guarantee your college career is a success.

As a multi-sport student-athlete, it's important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. While you should strive to be physically and mentally strong, remember that some sports require more dedication than others.

As a multi-sport athlete, you must be prepared to commit to one team for the duration of the season. It can be tempting to switch teams if your current one doesn't meet your needs or other priorities arise during that time.

Surace is Ready to Carve His Own Path

Last weekend, 3-star quarterback A.J. Surace officially pledged his commitment to Rutgers University and is now eager to carve his own path at the university.

Although he had offers from Tennessee, Michigan State, Northwestern, Indiana, Pitt and Boston College, the Lawrenceville, New Jersey native ultimately chose Rutgers during the early stages of the recruiting cycle. This decision proves beneficial to the Scarlet Knights as it helps them move past their infamous 2018 recruiting cycle.

In addition to his impressive recruiting success, AJ also has the potential of coaching future recruits. A natural leader, he eagerly anticipates learning new things at the university. His strong connection with head coach Greg Schiano and offensive coordinator Joe Ciarrocca helped convince him to commit so quickly.

He is a graduate of the Manning Passing Academy and an offensive assistant for the Jacksonville Jaguars. His high school experience proves valuable as he's worked with top high school quarterbacks such as Pittsburgh Steelers commit Kenny Pickett and Iowa commit Trace McSorley.

Surace is an exceptional dual-threat quarterback, adept at both passing and running the ball. He possesses great leadership qualities as well as a high IQ when making football decisions and an in-depth knowledge of Rutgers' offensive system.

After spending several years as a member of the Scarlet Knights at high school level, he has an intimate understanding of their program. He's an effective recruiter who knows what it takes to succeed at college level. Furthermore, he possesses excellent communication skills and an eagerness to learn new things; not to mention, his advocacy for his teammates and their families is second-to-none.

Therefore, he is the ideal person to mentor the Scarlet Knights' top two quarterback prospects. Having him on campus this year will be beneficial in their development and his commitment to the program will make them better players in the long run.

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