Ringo Starr - How Much Is Ringo Starr Worth?

Ringo Starr - How Much Is Ringo Starr Worth?


how much is ringo starr worth

Ringo Starr, best known for his collaboration with The Beatles, has achieved great success and become a household name - being considered to be one of the ten richest rock stars worldwide today.

Despite his wealth, he still tours and releases albums. His touring career alone has brought in over $3 million annually since leaving The Beatles' band over 30 years ago.


Ringo Starr is one of the richest rock stars in history and currently worth $350 million. His success with The Beatles and as a solo artist have contributed to his fortune; he's also featured in multiple films and commercials.

Ringo Starr, one of the greatest bands in history, was an integral part of their success. He toured with them for years and released 20 studio albums while also working as a producer, composer and film director.

He joined The Beatles and wrote several hit songs that went on to become classic hits, including "Yellow Submarine," "Peace and Love" and "Get Back."

Once the band disbanded, Ringo launched a successful solo career. His hit singles included "Photograph," which reached No. 1 in America. Additionally, he was part of the All Starr Band with musicians such as Joe Walsh and Nils Lofgren.

Since leaving The Beatles, Starr has continued to perform in shows around the globe. Forbes reports that Starr has earned millions of dollars through his touring activities and also owns an impressive collection of luxury cars which add to his wealth.

In addition to his earnings from music, he has also been able to generate substantial income through endorsements. He serves as brand ambassador for Skechers, Sun Country Wine Cooler and Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza among other companies.

Ringo Starr has earned much of his success through music, but he comes from humble origins. Born on July 7, 1940 in Dingle, Liverpool to Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave as the only child of their household, he spent much of his childhood living at a sanatorium after contracting appendicitis at six.

Though he struggled financially, he eventually achieved success. In 1962, he joined The Beatles and quickly rose to global fame the following year.

Starr first released his solo album Sentimental Journey in 1975 and shortly after founded Ring O' Records, his own record label.

Net Worth

Ringo Starr is a renowned drummer and singer best known as the lead drummer for The Beatles. He has earned widespread acclaim for his contributions to their music, often being referred to as the "world's greatest drummer".

The English musician has amassed an estimated net worth of $350 million, making him the tenth richest rock star globally. This fortune has been achieved through years of hard work and a successful musical career.

After The Beatles split in 1970, Ringo continued his solo career and released albums and appeared in films throughout his life. Additionally, he has toured extensively with his All Starr Band over many years.

In 1971, Ringo acquired John Lennon's home at Tittenhurst Park at Sunninghill in Berkshire, England, and relocated there with his family. He owns several other luxury residences such as one in Cranleigh, England; and Monte Carlo.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Ringo Starr to be worth an estimated $350 million as of 2018. This makes him the tenth richest rock star worldwide.

His income comes from songwriting, promotion of his songs and performing at concerts and festivals. With these alone he can generate up to $4-5 million annually from performances.

However, he is best known for his contributions to The Beatles' music. The songs that he co-wrote with them have become iconic to his name and continue to generate the most money.

The Beatles enjoyed immense success during their time in the music industry, with their songs still beloved around the globe. Furthermore, Ringo has continued to make a name for himself as an artist in his own right, releasing 18 albums and touring with his All Starr Band.

He has achieved fame as both an actor and model, appearing in multiple movies and television shows. Additionally, he has penned several books and earned himself numerous awards for his contributions to music industry.

Real Estate

Ringo Starr, one of the richest musicians in history, has amassed an immense fortune through his music career. Additionally, he's a successful actor and has several endorsement deals with prestigious international companies.

He is the brand ambassador for Skechers, a premier footwear company. He has featured in several commercials for Sun Country Wine Cooler, Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza, Oldsmobile and Charles Schwab Investing.

Starr is a successful musician, but he also has a philanthropic side. His foundation supports individuals living with disabilities.

After his band The Beatles split up in the 1960s, Starr continued to create and produce music solo. He has released multiple albums including Let It Be and has toured with various bands.

Starr has sold more than 10 million records and released 11 live albums and six compilations. He also stars in several films and writes numerous books.

The star is believed to be the wealthiest drummer in the world, earning around $20 million annually from his music and other sources of income. Additionally, he owns several properties such as a mansion in Manchester and an English home.

Starr first joined The Beatles from his childhood home in Liverpool. Now it is being auctioned to raise money for a housing trust.

At present, this property is valued at PS24 million and features eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 18,300 square feet of living area. Surrounded by lakes, an indoor pool, and a spa, it provides plenty of relaxation opportunities.

Starr also owns a luxurious home in Surrey, England which she purchased for $13.5 million in 2014.

After his breakup with The Beatles, Starr chose to remain in England. He and his wife Barbara Bach purchased a house in Snowmass, Colorado, as well as one in Surrey, England.

After retiring from music, Starr still owns several homes, including a residence in Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills and another in Sunninghill, Berkshire.


Ringo Starr, the former drummer for The Beatles, has become one of the wealthiest celebrities in history with a net worth of $370 million. His main source of income comes from his music career.

He has amassed millions of dollars, yet still contributes a considerable amount to charity. Additionally, he supports the local community of Cranleigh by raising money for their hospital.

The former Beatles drummer was born in 1940 at Madryn Street home in Liverpool and later relocated to Admiral Grove where he spent his formative years until 21 years old. A huge fan of The Beatles, he paid homage to his childhood home with "Liverpool 8", his solo composition.

After the breakup of The Beatles, Starr embarked on an extensive solo career that culminated in 20 studio albums. He also starred in numerous films and television shows, wrote three books, and earned himself an Academy Award for his efforts.

He has been an outstanding supporter of the community in Cranleigh, raising money for charity on numerous occasions. Additionally, he helped light bonfires during the village's annual bonfire night celebration and also gave support to the Cranleigh Lions Club.

His wife, former Bond Girl Barbara Bach, has also donated to numerous charities. They reside in a stunning estate in the English countryside and own a ranch in Colorado.

Ringo has always been a kind and generous man, dedicating much of his life to charitable causes. He has made numerous donations to organizations such as the British Red Cross and National Museum of London.

His most meaningful donation has been to a local charity in Liverpool, showing his affection for the city and its people.

The proceeds from this sale will benefit a trust that manages affordable housing projects in the area. It was also an ode to Margaret Grose, who was previously resident at Starr's home and renowned for her hospitality towards fans of the band.

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