Rihanna Gives Fans a First Look at Her 7-Month-Old Son

Rihanna Gives Fans a First Look at Her 7-Month-Old Son


Rihanna shares adorable clip of her son watching her Lift Me Up music vid

Rihanna gave her fans a first look at their 7-month old son on May 12th. The singer and rapper A$AP Rocky welcomed their bundle of joy into the world back then in May.

After being away from social media for months after giving birth, she finally shared a video of her adorable baby boy on Saturday. The 45-second clip shows an endearing toddler laughing in the back of a car.

Baby Fenty’s First TikTok Video

Rihanna just gave fans their first glimpse of her and A$AP Rocky's 7-month old son via video posted to her new TikTok account. The "Lift Me Up" singer posted the cute 45 second video as part of her "Lift Me Up" promotion.

This video depicts her son riding in the back of a car while he smiles and yawns. He even reaches toward her phone to try to put it in his mouth!

It's an uncommon sight to see the star in public with her baby bump. In the months prior to his arrival, she was often seen wearing chic all-black looks and bump-revealing colorful ensembles.

Last month, she kept the news of her pregnancy from the public. Although her performance made her look like a rockstar, there was plenty of criticism for her lip-synching antics.

Rihanna has just revealed some exciting news: she and A$AP Rocky are expecting their second child!

Though they've been dating for some time, rumors of their relationship only started surfacing this past year. According to TMZ and Page Six, the "Diamonds" singer is expecting a child with A$AP, who also has an eight-month old son from his previous girlfriend Amber Rose.

They reportedly met in 2017 and were seen out and about together multiple times. Additionally, they spent Christmas together in Barbados, suggesting that they may finally be ready to start a family.

One week later, Rihanna shared a video of her son watching the music video for her hit single 'Lift Me Up' on her computer as he sits on her lap in what appears to be their home. He's just too adorable!

Rihanna clearly loves her son and wants to be the best mother possible for him. Rumors indicate she and A$AP may be looking to expand their family, so Rihanna will do everything in her power to ensure he has an amazing life.

Baby Fenty’s First Instagram Post

Rihanna has been sharing pictures of her son on social media since 2022, but this is the first time she's shared a video of him. The singer posted an endearing clip of her son watching her 'Lift Me Up' music video and couldn't help but gushed over how cute he is.

In addition to this video, Rihanna shared several photos of herself and her baby on Instagram. These included a family photo featuring Rihanna and A$AP Rocky together as well as shots from a British Vogue photo shoot in which they all appeared.

British Vogue's March 2023 cover features pop singer Katy Perry alongside her husband A$AP Rocky and their unnamed child. The newborn smiled in his daddy's arms as the photographer captured them against a backdrop of white and black.

Rihanna and Jay Z's pictures are a stunning introduction to their growing family, and we can only imagine how delighted they must be. It appears Rihanna already feels more secure about having a baby than when she announced it at the Super Bowl last month.

She has been teasing fans about the release of her upcoming album, and today her best friend Jennifer Rosales revealed that she had finished recording the tracks and is eager to share them with people. Although the title of the album remains unknown, reports indicate she may have rented an island in the UK for recording sessions.

When Rihanna's album finally releases, it will be her first in seven years and fans can't wait to hear what she has created. Aside from promoting the new album, she has also been busy promoting her Fenty beauty line which has seen incredible growth recently.

Fenty Beauty is becoming an increasingly popular brand among consumers who are becoming more aware of the environmental and cruelty issues associated with many cosmetics. Amber notes that Fenty's products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly, which helps make it stand out from competitors. As consumers become more savvy and informed about what they're buying, they only trust brands they feel confident in spending money on.

Baby Fenty’s First Twitter Post

Rihanna's adorable baby boy has won over the hearts of the world, and now she shares their first video on TikTok. After welcoming their bundle of joy in May, Rihanna and rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky have finally shared this endearing clip of them online.

In the 45-second clip set to Rihanna's 'Lift Me Up' music video, the baby can be seen smiling and giggling as he sits in his car seat. He reaches for his mommy's phone and starts babbles - prompting her to ask "you tryna get mommy's phone?" before laughing.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky appear to be enjoying their newfound attention, but it appears they're not quite ready to share him with the public yet. In November, they told The Washington Post they didn't want his name revealed publicly and wanted to "debut" him on their own terms.

Though she and her boyfriend have yet to share photos of their son with the public, they've taken plenty of endearing Instagram and TikTok clips featuring him in adorable outfits. In fact, the singer even has her own dedicated TikTok page for him where she regularly shares videos of his adorable moments with everyone.

Rihanna has never posted a video of her son on Twitter before, which could indicate that she feels more at ease in public. After all, it's his birthday today and Rihanna made her first public appearance at last month's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Rihanna flaunted her baby bump during a high-profile performance while wearing red looks from her Savage X Fenty line. The pop star donned a bodysuit inside Loewe's bustier and an Alaia floor-length puffer jacket which was left open to reveal her growing belly.

In recent months, singer Mimi Hassan, who hasn't been much in the public eye in years, has been busy being a mommy-to-be. In January she announced her pregnancy and has since shown off her iconic maternity looks at Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

Baby Fenty’s First Facebook Post

Rihanna is back on social media, this time sharing an endearing clip of her son who she welcomed with partner A$AP Rocky in May. In the clip, the singer can be seen cooing over her baby boy as he smiles and giggles in the car.

At this year's Super Bowl 2023, Rihanna made an unforgettable debut and shared the clip on her Facebook page as part of her Fenty Beauty campaign. She donned red lipstick from the brand for the game which gave a major boost to its cosmetic line; Launchmetrics estimated it generated $5.6 million in Media Impact Value (MIV) within the first 12 hours after playing.

Days earlier, Rihanna revealed her second pregnancy to Rocky with a cover story in British Vogue that featured their family of three with their new bundle of joy.

Rihanna can be heard conversing with her son as he attempts to take her phone. As Rihanna asks him, "U trying to get mommy's phone?" as he grasps for the camera, the little boy laughs and attempts to grab for it.

Rihanna's adorable moment serves to highlight her incredible parenting abilities. She hasn't missed a beat when it comes to protecting her son, whom she shares with A$AP Rocky. It's certainly an adorable sight!

She has even revealed the name she has chosen for her second child with Rocky. According to reports, the singer wants to pay homage to her Barbados heritage by giving the boy a name that honors his heritage.

Though the baby's name is yet to be announced, fans hope Rihanna will reveal it during her Fenty Beauty makeup show in November. Additionally, she will be debuting Fenty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick in MVP, a red shade matching her signature red coats.

Rihanna knows her Fenty Beauty brand has a lot to live up to, and she won't rest on her laurels. She has several exciting projects in the pipeline such as an all-new music album and raising a baby.

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