Richard Gere Hospitalized in Mexico With Pneumonia

Richard Gere Hospitalized in Mexico With Pneumonia


Gere, 73, was hospitalized in Mexico with pneumonia while celebrating his family's 40th birthday. It appears that the illness struck while he was celebrating Alejandra Silva's milestone with them in Nuevo Vallarta.

Gere and Silva, parents to two sons Alexander and Albert, recently gave an intimate glimpse into their family life on Instagram. The publicist and political activist shared a photo of her boys enjoying time at the beach.


Richard Gere, 73, has been taken to the hospital with pneumonia while on vacation in Mexico. According to TMZ, the Pretty Woman star was celebrating his wife Alejandra Silva's 40th birthday near Nuevo Vallarta when he became ill and needed hospitalization.

The 73-year-old had been suffering from a cough before the trip, which worsened during his stay in Mexico. To help speed up recovery, he checked himself into a hospital and received antibiotics to aid with his recovery process.

It's unknown when Gere was hospitalized, but TMZ reports that he is now feeling much better and could make a full recovery within the coming days.

In addition to his iconic role in Pretty Woman, Gere has also starred in films like An Officer and a Gentleman and The Gigolo. He's co-starred with numerous notable actors like Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson and Michael Douglas.

According to TMZ's sources, Gere had a bad cough before the holiday but it worsened while in Mexico and he checked into a hospital. There, Gere was diagnosed with pneumonia and kept overnight at the facility before being released early the next morning.

As for Gere's family, TMZ reports that Alejandra Silva has been posting on Instagram about their stay in Mexico and how the entire family had been sick before they flew there. On Saturday she shared a photo of them all enjoying some fun on the beach with masks on.

According to TMZ, Gere had been suffering from a "bad cough" prior to his trip but it got worse during it. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia; following an overnight stay at the hospital, he was released with antibiotics so he could rest up at home.

TheWrap has reached out to Gere's representatives for further updates on his health. He and his wife have been happily married since 2018 after surprising fans with a secret ceremony at their wedding in 2018. Together they have two children - Alexander born in 2019 and an additional son due in April 2020.


This week, TMZ reported that Gere was admitted to a Mexican hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia. Following treatment for his illness, sources tell TMZ he has since been discharged and is feeling much better, according to sources.

According to TMZ, actor Kevin Costner has been on vacation in Mexico with his two sons Alexander (4-year-old) and Homer (2-year-old). It's believed that 73-year-old had been suffering from a cough before leaving, but his health took an adverse turn during their vacation which necessitated medical assistance.

According to TMZ, the Pretty Woman star checked himself into a hospital near their vacation home in Nuevo Vallarta after being diagnosed with pneumonia. He spent one night there and received antibiotics to help speed up recovery from the illness.

On Thursday, Alejandra Silva - a Spanish publicist - shared an update from their trip on Instagram, thanking fans for their well wishes. She also shared a photo of herself alongside Gere in mask to conceal his cough.

Though the news has been reported as bad, it's worth remembering that Gere is an incredible fighter and should soon be back to normal. He and his family have been taking vacations together for five years, welcoming a son in 2018.

Richard Gere has long been an advocate for human rights and philanthropy. He has donated generously to various charities, even receiving a humanitarian award from the United Nations.

He has been married to several renowned individuals, such as model Cindy Crawford and Bond girl Carey Lowell. Recently, he began dating Alejandra Silva and they tied the knot in 2018.

Following their wedding, the couple was eager to announce the birth of their first child - a boy named Homer who celebrated his 23rd birthday last month. Additionally, they are expecting another baby.

The couple has a longstanding romance, and both were in the midst of divorce when they began dating in 2015. After getting hitched in 2015, they shared pictures of the Dalai Lama blessing their baby bump as part of an inspiring vow to start a family together.


Richard Gere, star of Pretty Woman, was hospitalized in Mexico this week with pneumonia. He had been on vacation with his family near Nuevo Vallarta to celebrate wife Alejandra Silva's 40th birthday, but before leaving he developed a bad cough which worsened throughout their trip.

According to TMZ, Gere checked himself into a hospital near their vacation home and was diagnosed with pneumonia after spending one night there. He was given antibiotics for the infection and has since been discharged from the facility.

According to TMZ, Gere's health has improved and he hopes to return to his old self soon. The publication shared a picture of Gere from the hospital which showed him looking good as he continues his recovery process!

TMZ reports that Gere is on vacation with his wife and children in Mexico, celebrating Alejandra's birthday. According to the outlet, they're extremely contented with their lives together and prioritize spending quality family time together. Furthermore, the couple enjoys traveling together and exploring new cultures.

The couple began dating in 2014 and got engaged two years later in 2018. They have two sons: Alexander born in 2019 and Albert born April 2020; both reside in their home countries of Los Angeles and Spain with their two children.

They're content in their beautiful home and enjoy spending time with family. However, they also enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures. Additionally, they find time for reading, exercising and meditation a must.

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Actor Richard Gere is currently enjoying a vacation with his family in Mexico, but it appears that things may have taken an unexpected turn for the worse when he developed pneumonia. Reports indicate that before leaving on his trip, the An Officer and a Gentleman star had developed an unwell cough; unfortunately, this got worse once in Mexico.

He checked himself into a hospital, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and given antibiotics to help him get well, according to TMZ. He stayed the night at the facility, but was discharged the following morning feeling much improved.

Alejandra Silva, Richard's wife, has been sharing updates about their Mexico trip on Instagram throughout the week. On Saturday she shared a photo of them enjoying a beach day with their children. As she wrote in the caption of the photo: "It was amazing being out there even if the weather wasn't ideal."

Gere and Alejandra tied the knot in 2018 and are parents to two young children: Alexander, four years old; and an unnamed two year old son whose name has yet to be revealed. Last year they shocked everyone when they announced they were expecting their second child!

Since their marriage, they've kept fans up to date on their growing family through social media. Prioritizing family time and traveling, the couple loves exploring different cultures while sharing spiritual beliefs in karma - as one source told Us Weekly earlier this month.

The couple haven't been shy to share their joy with their fans, including pictures of their little ones celebrating milestones and a picture of the Dalai Lama offering blessing to Alejandra's pregnancy. It's an adorable relationship and we hope Richard Gere makes a full recovery soon!

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