Reddit is Becoming More Like @TikTok_US and @Instagram in Its Latest Update

Reddit is Becoming More Like @TikTok_US and @Instagram in Its Latest Update


Reddit is becoming more like TikTokUS and Instagram in its latest update


Reddit, the social news aggregation platform, has recently adopted features similar to @TikTok_US and @Instagram in its iOS app. These include a video feed similar to TikTok's infinite scroll feature as well as the ability to swipe up between video results.

Additionally, it has now enabled users to search within comments on both its website and mobile applications. This small but effective change should make it simpler for content discovery on the platform.

Video Feed

Reddit, a social media platform known for its news and web content, is becoming more like @TikTok_US and @Instagram with its latest update. The popular networking site is testing an innovative feature similar to TikTok that separates text and video posts into two feeds. This split-view format will enable users to explore both types of media depending on their interests.

The company is currently testing the feature with several subreddits and will be rolling it out gradually. They say the change aims to enhance user experience and encourage more people to interact with the platform.

Pali Bhat, Reddit's Chief Product Officer, noted that this move would "videoify" the app and enable users to explore and share video content more conveniently. He pointed to other applications like Amazon, SoundCloud, Spotify and Snapchat which have implemented similar vertical video feeds.

Another notable improvement to the app's search feature is that it prioritizes posts over other content types. Furthermore, a safe search toggle has been added which enables users to control whether NSFW results appear for each search individually.

Finally, the app's new search button allows users to easily search within comments. This feature was previously exclusive to desktop and iOS versions of the app, but is now being brought over to Android as well.

Reddit's mobile app has undergone a major redesign, featuring improvements to the video player, chat capabilities and shopfront appearance.

The new feature is available on iOS and Android, and you can access it by opening the app. After installation, you'll notice a video feed icon next to the search bar. You can swipe through videos just like on TikTok, and once watched, you have the option to upvote or downvote as desired.

However, this video feed is only visible to users who have logged in and are active within the app. It could be a small but significant change that helps keep Reddit's community engaged; it will be interesting to see how they respond to it.

Personalized Feeds

The Reddit app for iOS and Android is becoming more like Instagram's Reels feature, which utilizes video content uploaded by users - even capitalizing on TikTok's popularity. Unlike Reels, however, Reddit's video feed is tailored to a user's interests based on subreddits they follow. It displays a stream of videos matching their interest with the option to upvote, downvote, comment, gift an award or share it.

The personalized feed is designed to make content discovery more efficient, with the company acknowledging that they've been listening to user feedback on how Reddit can be improved. They've implemented Online Status Indicators which display when a comment is voted up or down, read or typed, and other indicators that give the platform a more real-time feel than before.

Reddit has made some improvements to its Discover Tab, including refining its subreddit search algorithm and autocomplete feature. As a result, more relevant subreddits will now appear in search results.

Finding communities tailored towards your interests on Reddit's main homepage becomes much simpler, and the company promises that its algorithm can be adjusted according to individual preferences and needs.

Start using your personalized feed by tapping the button to the right of the search bar and you will be presented with a list of communities relevant to you. It will show the top posts from each group, allowing you to filter which ones you want to view by selecting any topic below the search bar.

You can opt to display more or fewer posts like this, and the app will use your feedback to adjust its algorithm accordingly. The more frequently you use the app and follow more communities on Reddit, the better it becomes at matching interests with relevant content.

Search in Comments

Reddit is a community-driven platform where users can share all kinds of content, from confessions to photos and music. While the platform has recently taken on more of the vibe of @TikTok_US or @Instagram with its latest update, it still has plenty to offer users.

For instance, if you're searching for new music, you can quickly locate relevant threads by searching a band name and filtering by comments. This feature is currently available on desktop, iOS and Android platforms and will enable users to get the information they need faster.

In addition to the new search in comments feature, Reddit is also making changes to their algorithms. They have improved subreddit search so that it provides a larger number of and more relevant subreddits for most searches. Furthermore, the company added text-searching within images as well as enhanced autocomplete options.

Reddit has recently added a search bar to the top of each post, enabling users to easily search through comments within that particular post, similar to how Reddit added its first search tab last year.

When viewing a post, the app will display a comment search bar. Clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner will open this bar and allow you to type your search phrase, which will then be highlighted across all instances of that phrase within the comment thread.

Additionally, users can now search through a user's posts directly from their profile page on desktop and mobile apps. This helps uncover more details about who behind the username and alerts you when they reshare their own posts.

Though this is an encouraging improvement, it's still not guaranteed that you will always find what you are searching for. To guarantee NSFW-free results in search results, turn on a Safe Search toggle which allows you to control whether NSFW content appears. This toggle will only appear if you are logged in or have confirmed that you are over 18.


Reddit is a website where users can submit posts and comments. These could range from questions and requests for help, to informative news articles, images, or videos. Furthermore, there are subreddits which cover various topics.

These communities are managed by moderators (sometimes referred to as "mods") who can alter the look of a subreddit and decide what types of content is allowed there. Furthermore, mods have the power to remove or ban members for violating forum rules.

Subreddits offer an engaging platform to share and discuss content with a larger audience. They're typically organized by topic, from general categories like "News" to more specialized ones like r/cordcutters for people looking to cut their cable television subscription.

While much of the discussion on Reddit is serious, there are also a few humorous or bizarre subreddits you might enjoy. One such subreddit is r/birdswitharms, which features pictures of birds wearing human arms.

Reddit stands out among other social media platforms due to its strong community vibe. That means many comments made on the site are genuine and often quite honest. Furthermore, Reddit has a strict netiquette policy which outlines what behavior is and isn't acceptable on its platform.

Reddit often becomes a platform for political discussion, where users can voice their opinion on matters that matter to them. Recently, many users have taken action against Texas Governor Greg Abbott's controversial social media law by protesting it publicly.

With Reddit's recent update, it has taken on more of a Twitter and Facebook-like feel. This includes a Discover tab that helps users discover new subreddits by category or user activity patterns.

Reddit has devised a novel strategy to promote its content and encourage users to stay longer on the platform. While this can be beneficial for Reddit, remember that prolonged usage does not guarantee more revenue.

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