Red Sox Infielder Justin Turner Tweets Update After Scary Spring-Training Injury

Red Sox Infielder Justin Turner Tweets Update After Scary Spring-Training Injury


Red Soxs Justin Turner Tweets Update After Scary SpringTraining Injury

After suffering a terrifying spring-training injury, Boston Red Sox infielder Justin Turner is back home and feeling better. He posted an update about his injury on Twitter, revealing that he received 16 stitches after being hit in the face with a pitch during warmups.

Red Sox fans had been worried about the 38-year-old's health, so it's a huge relief that he avoided any major injuries. As an integral member of this season's lineup, it will be great to have him back on the field with ease.

Kourtney Turner Tweets Update on Justin Turner’s Injury

Hours after Boston Red Sox infielder Justin Turner left their Grapefruit League game against the Detroit Tigers after getting hit in the face by a pitch, his wife Kourtney tweeted an update on his injury. In an eerie moment that began in the bottom of the first inning, an errant fastball from Tigers pitcher Matt Manning struck Turner square in the face, leaving him bloodied and bleeding profusely on his face.

Though he was able to walk off the field on his own, this was one of the scariest sights to witness during a baseball game. Furthermore, it's an incredibly rare injury for anyone in professional sport.

After learning of the incident, many fans were worried for their favorite player's wellbeing. Thankfully, Kourtney Kardashian sent out an encouraging update via her husband.

Her tweet indicated that Turner had been released from the hospital and is now at home resting. She noted that he had 16 stitches in his groin area as well as extensive swelling, but no fractures from this injury.

She also shared that medical scans performed on his injury were negative. Finally, she expressed her gratitude to everyone for their kind words and shared the good news with everyone.

On Monday, Turner suffered some minor injuries that are expected to heal quickly and allow him to return to the field soon. Nevertheless, it may take some time before he feels fully fit again.

Kourtney also shared on Twitter that she and her husband were eager to reconnect with him at some point. Additionally, she expressed gratitude for all of the support shown by both the Red Sox organization and all their fans.

After nine seasons as a Dodgers infielder, Turner was acquired by the Red Sox this offseason for a two-year deal and appeared poised to take a more prominent role on their roster. He mostly played third base last season but could potentially switch up positions if healthy.

The Red Sox expressed their delight and thanks for Justin Turner's signing, as well as for the kind words shared after his injury. They added that he is "safe, alert and in good spirits given the circumstances," adding that they plan to monitor him for concussions after the game.

Turner Receives 16 Stitches

Justin Turner's tenure with the Boston Red Sox this offseason got off to a tough start, but the veteran third baseman appears to be on track. Following an unfortunate spring training injury, Boston's designated hitter received 16 stitches for treatment of the wound and is currently recuperating at home.

Kourtney Turner reports that Turner has not suffered any fractures or broken bones from the incident and all scans have come back negative. While this is encouraging news for him and his new team, there is still uncertainty as to when he will return this season.

This offseason, the Boston Red Sox signed Turner to a one-year deal that should give him some playing time at bat in 2019. He could potentially see time at first base or even at designated hitter.

Turner was reported as "safe, alert and in good spirits" following the incident. In fact, he was able to leave the game on his own initiative and was immediately taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

He was also able to speak to reporters about the incident and was incredibly supportive of his new team. He wished them all the best and was appreciative of all their hard work during his recovery process.

It is essential to remember Justin Turner has a big heart and always looks for ways to give back to the community. In 2016, he and Kourtney founded The Justin Turner Foundation with an aim of aiding homeless veterans and children facing life-altering illnesses or diseases.

In addition, he frequently visits hospitals and charities throughout Los Angeles to offer assistance to those in need. Furthermore, he takes part in charity events and radio-a-thons to raise money for these causes.

The Red Sox have yet to announce a return date for veteran Alex Turner, but it appears he should be back in the starting lineup at least some games this year. Hopefully his injuries will heal quickly and Turner can return to action soon.

Turner’s Medical Scans Come Back Clear

On Monday night, Boston Red Sox infielder Justin Turner shared his experience on social media with fans. After getting hit by a pitch during their spring training game against the Detroit Tigers on Monday, he took to twitter to thank those who sent him messages and prayers following the incident and revealed that he was feeling much better than expected.

Two-time All-Star was taken to a hospital in Fort Myers, Florida for medical attention after his injury. Reports indicate he required 16 stitches to repair the damage caused by the pitch.

He is reported to be back home and on the mend, though it remains uncertain if he'll play again this season.

Baseball teams are no stranger to injuries, but spring training in particular can be especially vulnerable. This is especially true in the MLB as teams try to narrow their rosters down to just a few players who will make their debut on Opening Day.

As Major Leaguers prepare to begin the season, several are facing serious injury concerns. From Kyle Wright's shoulder to Michael Soroka's hamstring, there are numerous serious concerns.

On Tuesday, Tampa Bay Rays reliever Adam Hall was placed on the disabled list with a strained bicep. While he should make his return this season, it's possible that he won't be able to contribute right away.

Hall's spot in the Tampa Bay rotation could be in jeopardy, so it's vital for the Rays to get him healthy as quickly as possible.

It's wise for him to take time in rehabilitation and ensure he is fully healthy before the start of the season. This approach is beneficial for any player, but especially so for an injured one who could miss the entire season due to incapacity.

Ironic that a medical career should be so intimately connected to someone's health, yet Denise Turner has always had an interest in healthcare and believes she can excel and truly make a success of it. Recently, Denise began taking classes for COTC's Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology program with plans of earning her Associate of Applied Science degree by May 2022.

Turner’s Impact on the Red Sox

Though we still don't know the full extent of Turner's injury, its effect on the Red Sox cannot be denied. No team wants this to happen, yet they must deal with it nonetheless - which is why they must do everything possible to ensure he remains healthy and ready to play.

His injury could limit how often he plays at first base and designated hitter this season, which is an important role for him. While not an exceptional defender at either position, he has proven to be an effective offensive player when given the chance.

The Red Sox have plenty of depth at third base, meaning Turner will likely see plenty of action this season. He's expected to start as the designated hitter but may also see time at first base.

One of the reasons the Red Sox were successful in securing Justin Turner from Los Angeles was his influence within their clubhouse. Kike Hernandez, who played with Turner for six seasons and has been part of this offseason's recruitment process, believes his friend would make an excellent addition to the team.

"He's going to bring a lot to our team," Hernandez said of Turner, not only in the batter's box but also with his off-field contributions.

Hernandez anticipates that with the addition of Turner and others expected to arrive during the course of this season, Boston can build a winning culture. That includes an emerging third baseman in Rafael Devers as well as veteran Max Muncy at first base.

The Red Sox are searching for players who can help make this clubhouse more of a winning atmosphere, but they don't need someone who will do a lot of heavy lifting. Instead, they need individuals willing to make small changes that are necessary in order to get their team back on track - which is where Turner comes into play.

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