Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Drew Sidora Pleads With the Court to Seal Her Divorce Case

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Drew Sidora Pleads With the Court to Seal Her Divorce Case



Drew Sidora of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is asking the court to seal her divorce case due to privacy reasons. She wants the proceedings kept private in order to shield her children and avoid public embarrassment.

Sidora Pittman and her husband Ralph Pittman filed for divorce earlier this month. During their union, Sidora claims Pittman repeatedly cheated on her and also physically and psychologically abuse her.

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Drew Sidora of The Real Housewives of Atlanta filed for divorce on Monday, February 27th but she already requested that her case be sealed due to "private privacy concerns." In other words: she wants the court to keep her turbulent divorce battle private from public view.

The actress is reportedly worried the media will publish details of her split, which has been widely publicized in recent weeks. To this end, she's requested the court to "hide" any negative remarks or accusations made about her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Sidora filed for divorce due to Pittman's "progressively worse" behavior toward her in recent months. She attributes Pittman's repeated uncondoned adultery and financial abuse as the primary reasons for filing for divorce.

Her court documents indicate she is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two children, Machai and Aniya. Furthermore, she desires exclusive use of the couple's home in Georgia.

It's no secret that Sidora and Pittman's relationship has been on the rocks for some time. Their union was extensively scrutinized during season 14 of RHOA, particularly when Pittman admitted to having an affair with a woman he hired to assist with his business operations.

Even after their affair ended, things didn't get any better. According to Sidora, she and her husband began fighting over their son's phone bill in February and she claimed he physically assaulted her during that time.

Sidora Pittman's divorce papers state that during their union, Pittman "has been highly irrational and obstreperous". She claims he's displayed sexts of his affair partners, shouted at her, and picked fights over insignificant things.

She further alleges he was financially abusive, taking large sums of money from her account without permission. Furthermore, he took out a loan for their home and refused to pay off its mortgage.

He reportedly wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars from a personal injury settlement.

Drew and Ralph remain deeply in love despite all this, sharing a strong bond with their son. Earlier this year, the couple relocated to Chicago for safety reasons.

Though their separation came as a shock to fans, the couple was expected to reconcile before the show's next season aired. Now their marital issues are set to become even more apparent in the new trailer for season 15 of LoveBScott, which debuted on Thursday.

The trailer opens with a collage of headlines from blogs about their divorce, followed by Sidora weeping in an emotional confessional. She clearly feels frustrated about their separation and says she "reserves the right" to add additional grounds if necessary.

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If you're considering filing for divorce, it is essential to know what can be expected. Starting your case can take time and money, so carefully weigh all options.

Many divorcing couples find it easier and more cost-effective to settle their disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. This involves a neutral third party (a mediator) meeting with the couple in order to help them settle their differences and draft a divorce settlement agreement.

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Some states provide a simplified or expedited uncontested divorce procedure for couples who meet certain criteria. This may include those who haven't been married for an extended period, don't own much property, don't have children, and don't owe significant joint debts.

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Next, you must notify your spouse that you have filed for divorce. The most common way to do this is by handing them the paperwork in person; however, other methods such as mailing or delivering via publication may also be accepted by the court.

If the defendant spouse fails to respond, you can file a complaint for default. Depending on your state's law, this could lead to court ordering a divorce without your spouse being present during the proceedings.

You have the option to request that the court keep your divorce case private if you feel it would be detrimental to either yourself or the other party's interests. However, courts typically only grant this request when it's appropriate.

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