Rauw Alejandro Brings His Sci-Fi Driven Saturno World Tour to New York City

Rauw Alejandro Brings His Sci-Fi Driven Saturno World Tour to New York City


Rauw Alejandro Brings His SciFi Driven Saturno World Tour to New York City

On Friday evening, Puerto Rican superstar Rauw Alejandro brought one of the most diverse albums in reggaeton-pop - filled with 80s and 90s freestyle, house music, and Miami bass - to Barclays Center in Brooklyn. With such an eclectic repertoire, his performance proved electrifying for fans everywhere.

With his 2023 'Saturno' World Tour, he'll join masked dance troupe Jabbawockeez to offer fans "an interstellar experience unlike any other." Check out the video below and grab your tickets now!

Aliens From Saturn Are Out Of Control!

With the release of his new single, Lejos del Cielo (Saturn's Light), Spanish singer Rauw Alejandro is taking his sci-fi inspired Saturno World Tour to New York City. This tour will include Jabbawockeez - Alejandro's dance group - as a celebration of Alejandro's third studio album, Saturno.

Science fiction has long depicted Saturn as home to advanced aliens that are technologically superior to humans. Not only the planet itself, but Saturn's icy moons have also been featured prominently in many stories.

Titan, the moon, has been featured in various stories. Some depict it as a harsh environment while others portray it as an idyllic haven where humans can live and prosper.

Recent study, however, revealed otherwise. Researchers analyzed carbon dioxide detected by the James Webb Space Telescope.

These discoveries are significant because they mark the first detection of carbon dioxide on an exoplanet outside our Solar System. This gas, which is not common elsewhere, could indicate that a planet may have a stable atmosphere that could support life.

Another remarkable discovery is a crater on Titan's surface covered in water ice. This may indicate that the moon might contain an expansive ocean beneath its icy crust, as liquid water has been known to slosh around due to Saturn's intense tidal forces.

Titan's ocean is thought to be similar to that on Earth, making it a likely candidate for habitability. Furthermore, the chemical composition of its ocean matches up perfectly with Europa - another Jupiter moon with an identical ocean.

This week, the European Huygens probe, which landed on Titan, revealed a different side of Saturn. It captured stunning photos of drainage channels and black-and-white shorelines on Titan - its first human-made object to land outside our solar system! Scientists hope this feat will yield valuable insights about planet formation and reignited interest in exploring life beyond Earth.

The King Of Modern Reggaeton

Puerto Rican pop star Rauw Alejandro is taking his Sci-Fi Driven Saturno World Tour to New York City. Since the release of his debut mixtape, Punto de Equilibrio in late 2016, this singer/songwriter has gained a devoted fan base due to his daring dance moves and smooth singing voice.

He's a Latin GRAMMY-winning artist credited for bringing reggaeton back into the mainstream, and one of Latin music's most respected figures. He's collaborated with some of its top names such as Ozuna and Lunay, leading to an impressive fan base in the process.

The Puerto Rican artist is renowned for his signature sound, which blends reggaeton with trap, electro, drum'n'bass, neo-disco and even mainstream pop. His most recent album Vice Versa pushes the boundaries of reggaeton even further by pairing elements of funk, drum'n'bass and electro together.

Though its roots lie in Puerto Rico, this music style has gained global recognition, with many of its biggest stars hailing from other parts of Latin America and the United States. The unique blend of dembow rhythms from dancehall (originally produced by Bobby Digital for Shabba Ranks' "Dem Bow") with American hip-hop has had an immense impact on global pop.

Bad Bunny, whose X 100PRE album helped launch reggaeton into the mainstream, is another major force driving growth within the genre in America. He's an accomplished lyricist and talented rapper whose songs deal with topics such as domestic abuse and self-love.

In 2021, Bad Bunny released the music video for their single "Caro," a heartwarming, empowering ballad featuring Ricky Martin and a message of support for domestic violence survivors. The song quickly went viral across 13 countries and earned them an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.

His latest studio album, Saturno, marks his first original music since Vice Versa and features an array of collaborators such as Baby Rasta, Chris Palace, Subelo NEO, Arcangel and Lyanno. Additionally he's co-writing several hits for artists like Selena Gomez and Maluma.

The Jabbawockeez

The Jabbawockeez are an internationally renowned American hip-hop dance crew that achieved fame on America's Best Dance Crew. Established in 2003, Jabbawockeez seeks to revolutionize the dance scene through their blend of freestyle moves and artistic expression.

Since their formation, JBWKZ Records' dancers have toured with New Kids on the Block and Jesse McCartney, performed at Billboard Music Awards and been featured in multiple commercials for Pepsi and Ford. Furthermore, they released their own record label: JBWKZ Records.

For their debut single, they collaborated with San Jose-based production group The Bangerz. Since then, the dancers have been developing music tailored for dancers on their own label.

They are known for their iconic mask and glove motif. This allows them to focus on their synchronized moves instead of individual identities, allowing audiences to view them as a unit rather than just one person.

The Jabbawockeez were first featured on America's Got Talent in 2006 and went on to win the inaugural season of Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew the following year, 2008. Since then they've toured with pop music stars New Kids on the Block and Jesse McCartney, opened for the NBA All-Star Game, and featured in a Gatorade commercial that debuted during Super Bowl XLII.

The Jabbawockeez are renowned for their iconic white masks and gloves, but their history offers more insight into who these performers truly are. Their success has earned them a devoted fan base both inside and outside of Las Vegas.

As they continue to progress as a band, the Jabbawockeez may be featured on more musical tours and television shows. Their upcoming Saturno World Tour also provides them with an opportunity to reach a wider audience outside Las Vegas.

The Jabbawockeez are renowned for their syncopated, high-energy dance performances that always leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Their shows are tailored to entertain audiences of all ages with state-of-the-art lighting and special effects sure to take your breath away.

Tickets On Sale Now

Rauw Alejandro is a pioneering figure among Latin music artists and widely considered to be the unofficial prince of modern reggaeton. As a Latin GRAMMY(r) award-winning singer, he has been credited with creating one of popular music's most successful genres.

His Sci-Fi Driven Saturno World Tour is making its way to New York City for the first time, bringing his unique blend of pop music and reggaeton to the Big Apple. Tickets for this exciting event are on sale now!

For this show, he'll be joined by special guest Jabbawockeez. Don't miss your chance to catch this rising star live on stage; make sure you purchase your tickets now!

Following his successful debut album, Vice Versa, Rauw has found a voice that perfectly balances charismatic pop with introspective songwriting. Additionally, he's an impressive collaborator, taking genres he enjoys and crafting them into something entirely new.

His music stands out due to its introspective edge, and he often collaborates with other artists to add something special. From working with Argentinae trap queen Cazzu to joining forces with funk carioca band from Rio de Janeiro, there's always an eclectic blend of styles that brings out the best in his vocals and lyrics.

Though some of the tracks on SATURNO may seem unnecessary, they're actually more ambitious than you might expect. For instance, "Lokera," for instance, is an energetic combination of Rauw's rapping with DJ Playero's beats--who produced several tracks on the album.

Ultimately, the track is a fiery hit with plenty of unexpected twists and turns to keep things exciting. Another standout on the album is "Luz Apaga," a collaboration with Ozuna.

This track perfectly blends Ozuna's uptempo hits with Luny Tunes' melodic finesse and Brray's more gritty afro-latin rhythms. Despite having Lunay, Lyanno and other guest stars on board, Rauw steals the show in the verses, injecting tension and adrenaline to an otherwise bland song that could easily have gone without his unique touch.

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