Rauw Alejandro & Angel Dior - Tamo En Nota Official Video

Rauw Alejandro & Angel Dior - Tamo En Nota Official Video


Rauw Alejandro x Angel Dior  TAMO EN NOTA Official Video

Rauw Alejandro & Angel Dior - Tamo En Nota Official Video

On Monday, Dominican Republic urban stars Rauw Alejandro and Angel Dior unveiled their new song and accompanying dream sequence-like music video. Directed by Rodrigo Films, the clip weaves together seemingly random clips of them in three distinct settings: in the waters off Dominican Republic; Ancient Greece setting; and street party atmosphere.

Video Director: Rodrigo Films

Rodrigo Films is a Dominican video and film director with an expertise in visual storytelling. He has directed projects such as Heleno, The Last Stand, Focus and most recently The 33 (2015) which follows the true-life tale of 33 miners trapped underground for over two months in a Chilean mine.

He has extensive experience working on documentary films, such as 2017's Looking for the Revolution and four series for Al Jazeera People & Power. Additionally, his work has been showcased on PBS, Netflix and DOC NYC.

Rodrigo Reyes is renowned for his distinctive approach to visual storytelling. His films often address complex interweaving themes of migration, history and violence. His work has received support from The Mexican Film Institute, Sundance/Tribeca Institutes, ITVS/California Humanities/Latino Public Broadcasting Network and more.

His latest film, Sanson and Me, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022. Here, Reyes utilizes a poetic yet visceral lyrical style to craft intimate portraits of reality that are both grounded in history and shaped by current events.

Rodrigo Films was chosen for his unique vision and ability to convey the message behind Rauw Alejandro x Angel Dior's "TAMO EN NOTA Official Video," as he successfully captured its energy through stunning water-filled images reminiscent of Hong Kong cinema.

The video begins with an energetic clip featuring Rauw and Angel in a vibrant set, filled with various scenes. They eventually make their way to a Dominican Republic neighborhood where narrow streets and gritty terrain add tension to the gripping clip.

This visually captivating clip will captivate the viewer's attention as it illustrates how the world's intricacies affect us on a daily basis. A must-see for all fans of the song!

Rodrigo Films has proven that they are among the most talented and versatile professionals in their industry. Not only is he an exceptional video and film director, but also an inspiring humanitarian who strives to make a difference in his community. His accomplishments serve as testaments to how hard work and determination can help individuals realize their aspirations in life.

Music: Rauw Alejandro & Angel Dior

Angel Dior and Rauw Alejandro unveiled their newest collaboration Tamo En Nota at the shores of Dominican Republic.

Tamo in Nota>> is an electronic music project featuring Dior's energetic beat and distinctive flow along with Alejandro's great melodic talent.

Rodrigo Films' video depicts footage of two artists performing live in three distinct environments: Dominicana waters, Antigua Grecia's mainland, and a vibrant street party.

Colores impresionantes and the soothing sounds of water follow artists as they traverse Dominican neighborhoods with narrow streets and vast arenas, weaving their captivating songs.

Consequently, the music video is vibrantly colored and reminiscent of Hong Kong-style cinema. It's an artistic triumph that brings together two urban stars in a captivating clip.

This song has been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube and is currently at the top of Dominican Republic charts. "Tamo en Nota" can be purchased digitally via iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms.

Urban stars Angel Dior and Rauw Alejandro joined forces on Monday to release the song, along with its accompanying video.

The video is a dream sequence-style music video that weaves random clips of the two artists in three distinct scenarios: water from Dominican Republic, Ancient Greece setting, and street party. Directed by Rodrigo Films, the video can be purchased on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other digital platforms.

Lyrics: Rauw Alejandro & Angel Dior

On their new collaboration "Tamo En Nota," Rauw Alejandro and Angel Dior show us how to party in the Dominican Republic. Directed by Rodrigo Films, this video weaves together seemingly random clips of them in three distinct settings: along the waters of Dominican Republic, Ancient Greece setting, and at a street party.

The music video opens with Dior, who was named one of Rolling Stone's Latin Acts to Watch in 2023, wearing a puffy black suit atop a Louis Vuitton-themed red canoe. He's surrounded by similar canoes before Alejandro arrives wearing all white in a speedboat as he performs tricks in the water.

This song follows other successes for both artists, such as "Lyngilonlaya" with Tivi Gunz earlier this year and the dembow hit "A I O." The track will be released on February 14 via Rodrigo Films.

The video, shot at La 42 Capotillo in Santo Domingo, is visually stunning with water-filled scenes reminiscent of Hong Kong-style cinema. As the music builds, these vivid visuals lead to a Dominican neighborhood where narrow streets and gritty terrain add tension to an already captivating song. The duo captivates audiences with their beautiful duet, making TAMO EN NOTA their first release of 2023. You can purchase TAMO EN NOTA on iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music or download the audio or MP3 version for free on Genius. Furthermore, you can learn more about the song and artists by exploring its lyrics, translations and song facts below. Plus don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on releases, tour dates, and more!

Release Date: February 14, 2023

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