Rapper NF - HOPE Music Video

Rapper NF - HOPE Music Video


NF  HOPE music video

NF is a multi-Platinum rapper with 7.86M+ monthly Spotify followers (ranking him above Lizzo, Machine Gun Kelly and Jack Harlow). Additionally, he's had two #1 debuts on Billboard Top 200 lists - Perception [2017] and The Search [2019].

In this song, he confronts his personal struggles and asks for hope. It's a powerful message designed to provide comfort in times of hardship.


Multi-platinum rapper NF (formerly Nate Feuerstein) has unleashed his inner emotional warrior with his new single, HOPE. The dramatic track features plucky piano chords and staccato strings that build to an intense climactic climax.

Despite its dark mood, NF touches on topics like fatherhood, faith, healing and overcoming internal battles - sharing a message to stay true to yourself and keep fighting. The song serves as the lead single and title track from his upcoming fifth studio album Hope which drops April 7th.

In the video, we see NF on a wood raft in the middle of the ocean, grappling with his demons before eventually making it to shore and an abandoned home. He later appears lost atop a mountain top gazing back at his past experiences.

Although the lyrics to this song speak about many things, it's the music that truly matters in the end. This is NF's first single since 2021's Clouds mixtape and features collaborations with Julia Michaels and Cordae. It could easily be one of the best rap songs of 2019! Be sure to check out its tracklist and artwork below! We'll keep you informed! Until then, have an amazing day - thank you for reading! Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for all our latest news!


Rapper NF shows his vulnerability on "HOPE," the lead single and title track off his fifth studio album, due to be released April 7th.

This track has a cinematic soundtrack of strings, keys and tempo changes that bring back classic hip-hop songs. Additionally, there is an echoing echo of voices in the background.

Throughout the song, NF raps about fighting against the darkness in his life while choosing to focus on hope instead. His unfiltered sincerity is evident in the music video directed by Patrick Tohill; it begins with him riding a wooden raft before being pushed down into an abandoned home. It appears that he's struggling with many different issues as his past self appears to be trying to kill him off.

NF's message of faith and hope is one that many can relate to. He is an outspoken supporter of Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder which can cause tumors on any nerve in the body. In 2011, he and Melody Leibow founded NF Hope Concerts with the purpose of raising money for research; since then they have raised more than $1.5 Million for awareness and advocacy campaigns related to Neurofibromatosis. Currently NF enjoys 7.86M+ monthly Spotify followers as well as ranking among 2022's Top 100 US Streaming Artists for 2022.

Release Date

Nate Feuerstein, better known as NF, has announced the release of his new album titled HOPE on April 7th. He took to social media this week to tease fans with glimpses of the music ahead and today followed through on that promise with the unveiling of its title track.

Originating from Michigan, NF has earned a reputation as an artist who delivers lyrics with raw emotion and raw grit that come from years of taking hits and getting back up again. His impressive list of accomplishments includes 39 RIAA certifications, 14 Platinum plaques and 5 multi-Platinum awards.

His critically-acclaimed music has won him an adoring fan base that spans the globe, with over 30 billion streams, multiple top-five albums and sold out arenas. Additionally, he made two #1 debuts on Billboard 200 with Perception [2017] and The Search [2019].

Since 2015, NF has become one of the world's most beloved artists with an ever-expanding fanbase. He has earned multiple gold and platinum certifications, sold out arenas and regularly appears on Spotify's "Top 500 Most Listened-To Artists."

On the opening track from his fifth studio album, HOPE, rapper NF is at his most vulnerable and uncensored. It's an inspiring single that shows off NF's uncompromising sincerity.

Directed by Patrick Tohill, the video for NF - HOPE offers an inspiring glimpse into the rapper's struggle to conquer his inner demons. It begins on a wooden raft as NF fights to keep his head above water as he attempts to make it back onto land.

Finally, when the rapper arrives at the shoreline, he is given the chance to reflect and look back. The video concludes with a simple message that NF hopes will inspire others to believe in themselves even when no one else does.

HOPE is the lead single from NF's fifth studio album, due out April 7th. This project includes 13 tracks with collaborations from Julia Michaels and Cordae.


Multi-Platinum rapper NF (Nate Feuerstein) returns with another track from his upcoming fifth studio album titled HOPE. This single serves as the lead single from the project and features collaborations with Julia Michaels and Cordae.

The song boasts some impressive production, featuring plucky piano chords, staccato stringed instruments and an energetic background vocal chorus. Plus it comes complete with its own music video directed by Patrick Tohill that guarantees to go viral.

The video depicts NF on a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, fighting his demons. He eventually makes it onto shore and is taken to an abandoned home before reaching a mountaintop.

At the end, he conquers his fears and recognizes that his life has meaning and value in more ways than one. It's an uplifting video to watch.

Last month, NF shocked fans with an impressive teaser video and the release of his new single, "Hope." While there have been no major announcements since then, we are delighted that he is back on track.

With a new album on the way, fans can expect more great music from this talented artist. NF is renowned for his clever rhymes and cinematic production - earning him an impressive list of accolades including 18 billion streams, multiple gold and platinum certifications, sold-out arenas, as well as an enormous social media following.

Multi-platinum rapper Nas is back with his fifth studio album HOPE, due for release on April 7. The 19-track collection boasts 13 songs with guest appearances from Julia Michaels and Cordae. Fans of Nas or not will want to check this out; whether you're into music or not, this album is guaranteed to make your day better! And the best part? You can preorder it now!

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