Rapper @Future Pays A Staggering Amount Of Child Support Per Month But Not One Dime to...

Rapper @Future Pays A Staggering Amount Of Child Support Per Month But Not One Dime to...


Rapper Future Pays A Staggering Amount Of Child Support Per Month But Not

Rapper Future is renowned for his extravagant lifestyle and knack for doing questionable deals, but that doesn't excuse him from responsibility when it comes to child support payments. With six children from six different women, Future owes an enormous amount of money in child support payments.

He has five sons: Jakobi Wilburn with Jessica Smith, Londyn Wilburn with India J, Prince Wilburn with Brittni Mealy, Future Zahir Wilburn with Ciara, Hendrix Wilburn with professional dancer Joie Chavis and Reign Wilburn with model Eliza Seraphin.

Eliza Seraphin’s Child Support Case

One week after being asked to pay $53,000 per month in child support, Future has been accused of neither meeting his new baby girl nor paying any money. Eliza Seraphin - better known as Eliza Reign - claims she is in "dire financial need" and has asked the court to order him to assist in supporting their little one.

A paternity test revealed that Future is the father of Reign Wilburn, but she has yet to see or receive any money from him. She filed legal documents in Broward County alleging he abandoned her after she gave birth in April; however, she is determined to recover some of what was taken from her.

The model's lawyer has informed the rapper that she is seeking $53,000 per month in child support based on Forbes' list of the highest-paid hip hop acts. This amount was reportedly calculated using Future's annual earnings of $19.5 million.

Future, however, contends she is lying and using her baby as a means to gain access to his money by falsely claiming she has no income. He points to her Instagram account which displays multiple cars and paid promotions as evidence of her wealth.

According to the documents, she's also seeking back child support from Future for her daughter and wants a gag order placed on him to prevent him from contacting either of them. Since she hasn't seen the baby and he hasn't paid any child support yet, she requests both present and retroactive payments.

Future is demanding a substantial portion of Future's income and also suing him for libel and slander. She claims he made false accusations about her mental health and sexual behavior, labeling her a "check baby" because she used her pregnancy to extract money from wealthy parents. Furthermore, Future threatened to put her in jail if she didn't pay up.

Brittni Mealy’s Child Support Case

Rapper Future is an incredibly hard-working entertainer who never stops touring, releasing music, and attending award shows. Additionally, he has several mouths to feed: eight children with eight different baby mommas.

Radar Online recently reported that Future has been sued by one of his former girlfriends over child support payments. Brittni Mealy, the rapper's ex-girlfriend, is demanding all financial documents related to Future's earnings - tax returns, statements of earnings, information on sources of income and retirement accounts; copies of credit card statements, emails and texts related to her battle with Future as well as any money transfers or payments made via apps like PayPal or CashApp.

Mealy has accused the Free Bands rapper of neglecting their child's daycare costs and failing to maintain his dental insurance as required by their original settlement. Additionally, she claims Future barely spends any parenting time with their son, leading her to seek an additional $350,000 in life insurance to protect him in case he passes away before she does.

Mealy is asserting in court documents that Future's income has grown since they were originally ordered to pay child support in 2014. She wants him to contribute more and be required to keep their son, whom Mealy has named Prince, insured with a life insurance policy.

Future has had a history of getting involved with one of his baby mama's child support cases. In 2020, Eliza Seraphin, another one of Future's mothers, filed a lawsuit against him alleging that his fame and lack of attention towards their daughter were leading to serious emotional and behavioral problems for her.

Ultimately, the case was resolved, though not without some controversy along the way. In conclusion, Future agreed to pay his daughter's mother $3,200 per month until she turns 18 and has full custody of her daughter.

However, Future faces a difficult case due to his constant travels and lack of quality time with his daughter. Furthermore, Future needs to keep traveling for his career; unfortunately, the amount he currently receives in child support doesn't cover that cost.

Ciara’s Child Support Case

Future is an artist on par with Nick Cannon when it comes to having multiple children from different women, necessitating him to pay a substantial amount in child support each month. With all that going on, Future can certainly afford it all!

Recently, Future and Ciara made a court appearance to determine custody of their son Future Zahir Wilburn. Unfortunately for Future, according to TMZ, the judge sided with Future and denied Ciara full custody of her child.

As you may recall, Ciara recently filed a $15 million defamation lawsuit against Future for his alleged derogatory remarks about her on social media and in his music. The singer claims the words were intended as publicity stunt for his album at the time.

Since then, Ciara and Future have been co-parenting their son with a court-ordered arrangement and keeping out of the public eye. However, reports indicate Future has given her some difficulty trying to decide on their son's travel schedule.

Ciara reports her ex-partner has been neglecting to visit their son regularly, often leaving him with his grandmother or mother. This has caused Ciara to miss her own scheduled visits and creates a difficult situation for herself.

TMZ reports that the singer has attempted to enter mediation with Future without success. She hopes the judge will order them into mediation so they can create a new travel schedule for their son.

But it appears as though Future is determined to keep fighting for his son. According to TMZ, Future reportedly lashed out at Ciara on Twitter Tuesday, accusing her of keeping them apart and preventing him from seeing their child.

Some took Future's comments as a personal jab, while others felt the situation was more nuanced. It remains uncertain if Ciara's new relationship with Russell Wilson has anything to do with her ex-partner's resentment towards her.

The singer has also claimed her ex does not cover their son's dental insurance and denies her any financial assistance for his medical needs. Furthermore, she maintains that the rapper isn't present in their son's life; instead focusing on a money-based relationship.

Reign’s Child Support Case

Eliza Reign, the mother of Future's daughter, is asking a judge to increase her child support payment. According to media reports, she's asking for $53,000 per month based on reports that Future earns almost $20 million annually, according to court papers.

Reign's request that her baby daddy turn over financial information after a paternity test confirmed he was the father of her daughter, Reign Wilburn, was granted by a judge, although Future has yet to produce any documents, according to an inside source close to Reign.

Reign's lawyer has filed a motion to hold Future in contempt for failing to disclose his income and financial details. She also wants the judge to order him to take a DNA test so she can get some answers about whether he's really the father of her baby, according to Bossip.

Reign has reportedly been trying to convince The Shade Room that her lawsuit against him should be dropped, but she appears to be resisting. According to a source, Reign has accused him of neglecting their daughter and failing to meet with her, according to reports.

Uncertainty surrounds what's going on in the rapper's personal life that is causing him to neglect his daughter, but there are reports that he attempts to undermine her employment opportunities by filing subpoenas against companies she works with as their social media ambassador.

Reign recently took to her Instagram page to vent about being ignored by her "March Madness" rapper husband. She took issue with him for not wishing her a happy birthday or reaching out to reach out to her daughter, as well as for not reaching out on other occasions such as holidays or vacations.

Reign took to her Instagram story to accuse Future of being a "clown," lacking both time and resources to spend quality time with her daughter. She even went so far as to call him out on missing Sunday's first birthday celebration for Reign - which took place despite his presence.

Judge has now ruled that she can file a new motion to punish Future for his alleged disregard of DNA tests, yet how she intends to proceed. She still believes her one-time lover is not playing fair in this legal battle and wants him punished to the fullest extent possible if he continues to avoid child support payments.

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