Rangers Manager Michael Beale Calls For Improvement If They Are to Challenge Celtic in the Old Firm

Rangers Manager Michael Beale Calls For Improvement If They Are to Challenge Celtic in the Old Firm


Michael Beale challenges Rangers players to suck it up

After their first loss of his tenure as Ibrox manager, manager Jim Craig gathered his players together to urge them to "suck it up" and get back on track. Additionally, he called for improvement if they are going to challenge Celtic in the Old Firm.

The 42-year-old manager, who has already helmed Chelsea, Liverpool, Sao Paolo and Rangers, is showing that he's an expert at his craft on the field. Here are his key teachings that will assist his players in their pursuit to improve performance levels.

Beale’s Methods

After Rangers suffered a 2-1 defeat to Celtic in the Viaplay Cup final, Beale challenged his players not to 'give up'. He gathered them on Hampden turf and ordered them to put their collective hearts and minds into what lay ahead.

Beale was on a mission to build the best team in the land. He had an impressive shortlist of candidates from which to select and his selection process was widely praised by those involved. Utilizing data, Beale identified who would make an immediate impact and developed performance indicators to guarantee each person stays on track and in their correct position at all times. This focused approach to training allowed for less stressful working conditions for everyone - creating an increasingly focused, engaged, and committed group of workers.


Beale's players were left dejected after the 2-1 loss to Celtic, yet after Nick Walsh's final whistle they gathered together on Hampden turf and challenged each other to'suck it up' as they looked to improve their league position. It was an important message as Celtic remain nine points ahead and if Rangers want to challenge them they must improve.

The former Celtic and Liverpool defender commented, "We need to look at the positives from this. There are a lot of positive things happening within our squad, so let's keep that momentum building."

Devine has come into Beale's life at just the right time and his performance against County on Friday showed how he can add another dimension to Rangers. The 24-year-old, who has been playing regularly with their U21s in recent weeks, found himself with an opportunity on the left flank and made full use of it.

Devine, despite being right-footed, quickly adjusted to playing down the left by using his body to beat County's back three. He was able to get in behind several times and use his speed to find space.

He demonstrated an admiration of space in the centre of the field by timing his runs to match movements from wing-backs and forward runners - something which has become a key aspect of Beale's philosophy this season.

Devine has been the catalyst for some of Rangers' best attacking moments under Beale, providing some of their most potent moments. His goal scoring prowess has been a real threat and he's shown that he possesses the talent necessary to compete at Scotland's highest level.

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Michael Beale rallied his Rangers players on the Hampden turf and instructed them to'suck it up' after their 14-game unbeaten streak was ended by Celtic in the Viaplay Cup final. It marked his first loss against Celtic since taking charge in December, and Beale admitted his team got what it deserved.

He's already been criticised for his handling of his side's title chances, but Beale has stressed the significance of confidence as they aim to build a team capable of challenging for the Treble once again. That message was evident on Friday night as Ibrox dominated Hearts at Tynecastle in an impressive display that extended their unbeaten record to 13 games.

Adam Devine has particularly impressed their boss with his play on the left-hand side of the pitch, even though it wasn't his natural position given his lack of experience. Despite this, Adam Devine has managed to adjust well in a high-pressure environment at the club.

It took the defender some time to adjust to the system, but eventually he found his footing. He looked left and right often but also found space on the front foot, taking on opponents when given possession.

His ability to move around the centre of the pitch and cut back for a pass was impressive, as he played an integral role in setting up Ryan Kent for the opener. Furthermore, his deft touch allowed him to set up Malik Tillman for another goal.

He's a consistent runner with his feet, showing some good touches on the ball this season. After working out the system under Beale, he's showing his best form yet and looking more and more like himself.

Many players make their breakthrough into the first team through adversity. Borna Barisic is still on international duty with Croatia and Ridvan Yilmaz is recovering from a hamstring injury, so it will be interesting to see if Devine can make an impact over the coming weeks.


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Patricia Arquette is the picture of elegance in a mint green dress as she a

The Picture of Elegance in a Mint Green Dress

Boyhood star Patricia Arquette exudes elegance as she steps onto the SAG Awards red carpet wearing a mint green dress and accessorizing with big black earrings and an antique-looking mint green purse.

Recently, Arquette gave a speech in support of wage equality in Hollywood and beyond, declaring her commitment to working towards this cause.

Boyhood star hits the SAG Awards red carpet in a sea-foam green frock with lace detailing

The SAG Awards are an annual celebration that brings together actors and actresses to recognize the best in film and television. It also serves as a chance for celebrities to dress to impress and flaunt their glitzy styles.

This year, there were some stunning red carpet looks from Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Emma Stone and Margot Robbie; but one star that stood out above all others was Patricia Arquette. The Boyhood actress graced the red carpet in a sea-foam green frock featuring lace detailing - she truly epitomized elegance!

She completed her stunning ensemble with big black earrings, a mint green vintage-inspired purse, and silver eyeshadow. Additionally, she parted her blonde hair to one side and left it loose around her shoulders for added dimension.

On Sunday night, Patricia Arquette looked stunning in a mint green dress as she arrived on the SAG Awards red carpet. The Severance star donned an exquisite gown featuring delicate lace accents around her decolletage, shoulders and sleeves.

The stunning actress was joined on the carpet by her handsome partner, Eric White. Clad in a classic black tuxedo, they strolled down together holding hands.

As for the rest of the stars on the SAG Awards red carpet, they all looked their best. Jenna Ortega donned a patent black strapless gown while British beauty Cara Delevingne donned an elegant long-sleeved black gown featuring an oversized skirt.

Other guests on the SAG Awards red carpet included Kathryn Newton and Sheryl Lee Ralph, who all looked stunning despite the rain!

Jamie Lee Curtis earned the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, besting Kay Huey Quan, Stephanie Hsu and Hong Chow.

At the awards ceremony, several comebacks were honored, such as Kay Huey for his roles in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Goonies which helped launch his comeback. Other nods went out to Stephanie Hu (who played Curtis' daughter in the movie) and Kay Huey's costar Hong Chau.

She accessorizes with big black earrings and a mint green vintage-inspired purse

On Sunday, Patricia Arquette looked stunning in a mint green dress as she made her way up the SAG Awards red carpet. The actress - who stars as Severance - donned an elegant formfitting gown featuring delicate lace detailing around the neck, decolletage and sleeves. To complete her ensemble she added big black earrings and carried around a vintage-inspired mint green purse for added flair.

The actress, a trailblazer in her own right, earned an honorable mention as one of six nominees for best supporting actress in a drama category. She was present to present it to longtime collaborator Eric White alongside their respective assistants: Paul Ka designed their dress and celebrity stylist LouAnna Rawls handled hair and makeup.

She parted her blonde hair to the side

Patricia Arquette exuded elegance as she made a grand entrance on the SAG Awards red carpet on Sunday night. The actress, 54, donned an elegant mint green dress featuring lace detailing on its bodice and sleeves. To complete her ensemble, Arquette added big black earrings and a retro-inspired purse in matching mint green to complete the look.

Her long locks were parted to one side, and she styled them into elegant curls. Additionally, she added a layer of silver eyeshadow for an understated yet chic touch.

The actress has starred in a number of films, such as Boyhood for which she earned an Oscar, and Wildflower for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Additionally, she has worked on television shows like Boardwalk Empire and Medium for which she won an Emmy award.

She was nominated for the SAG Awards, Screen Actors Guild Award and Critics Choice Awards. Additionally, her performances have been recognized by the New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association and Independent Spirit Awards.

Arquette has excelled in a range of roles, from hilarious to terrifying. She's collaborated with directors such as Sean Penn, John Madden, Tony Scott, Tim Burton, David O. Russell and David Lynch among others.

Her latest movie, Escape at Dannemora, received critical acclaim and was nominated for both SAG Awards and Golden Globes. Other works include The Hi-Lo Country, Stigmata, and Little Nicky.

Arquette has a passion for fashion and beauty that transcends her acting career. She has modeled for several renowned brands and is a self-taught makeup artist.

She loves to experiment with different shades of eyeshadow to complete her style. For this particular look, she added a layer of black mascara, eyeliner and pink satin lipstick for an accent of color.

She has acknowledged the pressures Hollywood puts on actors to look a certain way, but she strives to combat that stress by staying youthful.

She topped her look with silver eyeshadow

Patricia Arquette exuded elegance in a mint green dress as she made her way up the red carpet at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards. To complete her ensemble, Patricia accessorized with big black earrings and an antique-looking purse in mint green hue; additionally, she added subtle shimmer with silver eyeshadow.

The show has been praised for its honest depiction of modern teenagers and its intricate explorations of sexual assault, addiction, and drug use. But many viewers have been particularly charmed by the stunning beauty and charismatic personalities featured on-screen.

To help you keep up with your fashion needs, we've curated the best looks from HBO's hit series season one. Led by lead makeup artist Doniella Davy and featuring 29 of the show's most eye-catching and visually pleasing looks from its first ten episodes.

From silver gilded baubles to the most expensive designer duds, here are the fashion and makeup moments you must see at this weekend's Emmy awards show. The show has made an impressive debut on television and will surely be remembered for more than just its nuanced portrayal of teen sexual assault. The Emmys provide us with a chance to celebrate the beauty and glam of our favorite stars.

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