#Quavo - Greatness Official Video

#Quavo - Greatness Official Video


Quavo  Greatness Official Video

Quavo pays tribute to late Migos member Takeoff with a poignant new song, "Greatness". The Atlanta rapper released "Greatness" just four months after the passing of his nephew.

The "Without You" singer performed the song during the 2023 Grammys in memoriam segment, but unfortunately due to an altercation between Offset and Quavo backstage, their performance had to be cut short.


In the wake of Migos bandmate Takeoff's passing in November last year, Quavo has paid tribute to his late nephew through a series of poignant and emotional songs. The 31-year-old rapper first released "Without You" in January - an elegant black-and-white track paying homage to Atlanta rapper who passed away in Houston two months prior.

Quavo performed the song during this year's 2023 GRAMMY Awards, holding up a jeweled chain in tribute to his nephew. The performance was heartfelt and emotional, just like his tribute to Takeoff during In Memoriam segment of the show.

On Wednesday night, Quavo released his second tribute to Takeoff with "Greatness," a new song directed by Chris Dvon that honors the Atlanta rapper's time with Takeoff. In the clip, Quavo can be seen riding in a luxury car and wearing jewelry as he recalls his time spent with Takeoff.

Throughout the video, Quavo can be seen gazing upon various plaques around his home as he recalls Takeoff and how he has influenced him. At one point in particular, Quavo looks upon a photo of Takeoff and remarks that it is "the most beautiful person I've ever seen".

Quavo delivers some sharp words towards fellow Migos member Offset in his song "Quavo." This indicates they have not made up since Takeoff's passing, with Marshall acknowledging their tension: "So don't ask about the group/He gone, we gone, young n****/it can't come back."

Another poignant scene in the video sees Quavo reflecting on taking photos of Takeoff with his camera. He holds up a photo of them together as an affectionate reminder that they were close and their bond so strong.

On the song, Quavo reflects on his relationship with Takeoff and even delves into scripture to find answers. He shares intimate moments with the rapper such as walking red carpets, playing basketball and rehearsing for the Grammys - making it an emotional record that fans can listen to and honor Migos' legacy.


Quavo recently released the music video for his latest song, and it's an uplifting one. It pays a touching tribute to his late nephew Takeoff who tragically passed away last November.

In the video, Takeoff not only displays his luxury lifestyle but also pays homage to Takeoff's legacy by sharing footage from their time together as Migos. He even hoists up their collective chain that was given as a present when they celebrated 2021's Culture III album together.

It's a heartbreaking video, but Quavo has managed to pay tribute to his late nephew and the entire Migos family with this song. He dedicated it to Takeoff - Takeoff was shot and killed last year outside a Houston bowling alley.

On January 24, Quavo paid tribute to his nephew's memory by performing the poignant ballad "Without You" at the Grammy Awards, and has continued this tradition with this new track. On Wednesday night, Quavo released "Greatness," a song and video dedicated to both of them as Migos members.

On his new track, Quavo speaks about how he and his nephew have formed an unbreakable bond and shared their lives. He says he would give up everything just to see him one more time.

This song marks Takeoff's second release since his passing, and he even performed it during the In Memoriam segment of the 2023 GRAMMY Awards. Atlanta rapper is joined by gospel ensemble Maverick City Music on this track.

Quavo opens up in this 3-minute DJ Durel-produced video about how Takeoff's passing has affected him. He shows off his luxurious lifestyle, smoking and showing off both of their Migos chains while confessing that he would give up anything just to see his nephew one more time.

It's a sad song to hear, leaving fans to wonder what comes next for the Migos. Fans had hoped that Quavo and Offset would continue their collaboration, but it appears this may not be the case.

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On Wednesday night (February 22), Quavo released his new song and video "No Excuses," in which he delves into the aftermath of his nephew Takeoff's passing, concluding that Migos is over.

At this year's Grammy Awards earlier this month, Quavo paid homage to his late nephew by performing an emotional ballad, "Without You," with gospel group Maverick City Music. Along with holding up Takeoff's bejeweled chain pendant during the performance, Quavo remained onstage throughout and held up a photo of Takeoff on the giant screen behind him.

Quavo uses his song to reflect on how the Migos have affected him as they've made headlines and changed his life. Additionally, he expresses how hard it's been for him to move forward without his nephew by his side.

The 31-year-old continues to pay tribute to his late nephew, Takeoff, who was tragically shot and killed last November. Last year, Unc & Phew released an emotional tribute track in memory of Takeoff before his tragic passing at a Houston bowling alley.

On February 22nd, Quavo released his second Takeoff tribute song "Greatness," a reflection on his feelings after Takeoff's passing. The DJ Durel-produced track opens with Quavo wishing that he could have seen his nephew one more time.

He raps about his family, declaring them the "only ones I love" and admitting they were the reason he started in rap. Moreover, he emphasizes how he's trying to move on while making sure his nephew's memory lives on in music industry.

His words are supported by cinematic visuals that depict him in a luxurious mansion, smoking and flashing his jewelry. Additionally, he shares about how he would give away all of his wealth to bring back his nephew.

Days after TMZ reported that Offset and Quavo got into a physical fight backstage during the Grammys, Offset denied this story, insisting he was only barred from performing due to his ongoing legal battle with their label.


After sharing his touching tribute to Takeoff on "WITHOUT YOU," Quavo has returned with a new song dedicated to the late Migos member. Together with DJ Durel, Quavo created Chris Dvon-directed video for "Greatness," which can be watched now on YouTube.

The music video includes a range of personal moments, such as clips of Quavo strolling down red carpets and playing basketball with friends. He also looks through his collection of jewelry and U.S. currency before hoisting up a chain he wore during the In Memoriam segment of his 2023 Grammys performance.

Quavo's latest track is a tribute to his late nephew Takeoff, who tragically passed away outside a bowling alley last November. This month, Quavo led a eulogy at the Grammy Awards in remembrance of both of them as fellow Migos members.

Since then, he's released two songs in honor of his uncle: "Without You" at the 2023 Grammy Awards and this week with "Greatness".

Quavo sings that he would give up everything for one more chance at seeing Takeoff, even acknowledging his tension with Migos bandmate Offset.

On this song, Quavo raps over an anthemic, horn-filled beat with only one verse. He begins by wishing that he could go back in time to alter Takeoff's tragic passing, before reflecting on their happy memories together.

Quavo weaves through the record about his late nephew and how he helped mold other members of the group's lives. He even addresses Offset's legal troubles with Migos' label, noting that they "came in" together and created "motherfuckin' flow," an infectious melody.

The music video also captures some tender moments between Quavo and his family, such as when he hoists up the chain that was worn at the GRAMMYs in honor of his uncle Takeoff. Furthermore, clips from the red carpet showcase Quavo strolling, rehearsing for the GRAMMYs, and playing basketball with Cordae.

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