Post Malone's Wife Announces Engagement

Post Malone's Wife Announces Engagement


post malone wife

Rap star Post Malone recently announced his engagement to his girlfriend. This news has generated much excitement among fans.

He is renowned for his incredible rapping and songwriting, but there's more to this talented artist than just music. He's also a proud father.

Ashlen Diaz

Ashlen Diaz is an integral figure in Post Malone's life. She works as a music promoter, helping him book nightclub shows and promote his debut single. Despite having social anxiety disorder that often causes her to avoid the spotlight, Ashlen has managed to become his number one fan and help him reach new heights in his career.

She has lived in Dallas, Texas and been in a relationship with Post Malone since 2015. Ashlen has been open about her relationship with the rapper and even posted pictures of him on her Instagram account.

Her relationship with Malone began as rocky, but they have been together for almost three years. Unfortunately, in November 2018, rumors spread that Ashlen and Post Malone had separated.

In 2016, Malone shared with The Breakfast Club how difficult it was for him to balance his career and devote time for Ashlen. He stated, "It's tough finding a balance between dedicating my life to music and dedicating time for Ashlen."

After their breakup, Ashlen was accused of sharing her relationship drama on Instagram - leading her to delete all posts about them. Despite their split, she still supports Post Malone and has even been seen attending his performances.

Although the exact cause of their split remains unknown, a California law firm has filed a lawsuit against Post Malone. Documents indicate that Ashlen hired them after their breakup to negotiate for her settlement.

The law firm claims they were working under a contingency fee agreement, meaning they would receive only a percentage of any money settled with Malone. This was because they weren't certain how long it would take to resolve the case or if they'd win or lose.

In June 2022, Post Malone announced his engagement to Jamie. He shared photos of the couple and referred to them as his "rockstar" and "dream girl." Additionally, reports surfaced that Jamie gave birth to a baby girl named Grace, now 7 months old.

Nicole Diaz

Post Malone is one of today's most acclaimed musical artists, yet his personal life often stays under the radar. However, recently his relationship with on-and-off girlfriend Ashlen Diaz came to a close.

The rapper reportedly started dating Ashlen in 2015 and has shown her support throughout her career. Additionally, she assists him with booking shows for him and they've even spent time together while on tour.

She has admitted to still being very shy and struggling with anxiety despite being in a relationship. Despite posting intimate photos of herself and her partner on Instagram, she prefers not to share too many details about their relationship with anyone else.

She is passionate about her boyfriend's music and adores him dearly. She helped him in the early stages of his career, showing her support whenever he won an award or performed on television.

According to reports, she was the person who helped Post Malone when his career was struggling and helped him secure success. Additionally, she booked some of his concerts and nightclub shows for him.

When she dated Post Malone, she showed great support for his music and would accompany him on tour. Additionally, she would post many pictures online promoting his performances and albums.

According to reports, the couple dated for three years and experienced many ups and downs during that time. While they took frequent breaks from each other, they managed to maintain their relationship throughout its entirety.

Ashlen Diaz was born in Dallas on December 19th 1995 and is an American citizen. She of Spanish descent and was raised with music as her favorite hobby.

She has extensive experience as a music promoter and was employed at Cashaveli TX from 2013 to 2016. Nowadays, she works as an independent concert promoter.

She loves the rap industry and her favorite artists include Eminem, 50 Cent and Tupac. When not watching movies or trying new cuisines, she enjoys reading novels. Currently engaged to her boyfriend, they are expecting their first child together!


Post Malone, 28, is one of the most beloved musicians of our generation and an award-winning rapper with numerous hit songs and accolades to his name. While he's tried to keep his relationships private in the past, speculations have swirled about him dating multiple women at once.

Rumors have swirled that MLMA may be his girlfriend. While she has yet to confirm her identity, fans have assumed it is the woman with whom he plans on having a child.

Though MLMA has always kept his personal life private, he is now publicly revealing that he is expecting a baby girl. This news has sparked speculation that MLMA might be the mother of his unborn child.

Though the singer has yet to speak about her, he has revealed that he has a partner who takes great care of him and his daughter. Although they have an intense bond, they prefer to keep their relationship as private as possible.

She is both an artist and fashion designer, owning Skoot Streetwear brand. With over 1.3 million followers across both TikTok and Instagram, she enjoys a devoted online following.

On her Instagram feed, MLMA often showcases her creativity with an array of looks. From floating iPhone mirror selfies to modern beauty looks, her content always has an intriguing vibe.

Her content showcases that she is an artist at heart, loving to do things that are out of the ordinary for herself. From painting her eyebrows in an eye-catching shade to customizing Nike Adapt BB 2.0 sneakers with scissors and nail polish, she truly knows how to DIY.

Due to her unique style, she garners a lot of attention on social media platforms. Unlike many other artists who focus on a more polished appearance, her music truly reflects her unique sense of style.

MLMA is renowned for her distinctive style and daring music. She's an incredible rapper and singer who has recently gained notoriety in the United States.


Chef Jamie Malone is a Minneapolis-based culinary artist and food enthusiast. She earned a 2013 semi-finalist nomination from the James Beard Foundation for her fresh and inventive cuisine, which she learned while studying at Le Cordon Bleu. Additionally, Chef Malone traveled extensively around Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Europe to gain an understanding of each region's distinct cuisine.

She is a self-taught painter whose watercolor artworks feature queer people and themes. Her works have gained widespread recognition within the LGBTQ+ community, being featured in publications like Artforum, Them, Xtra and NBC OUT.

Her latest show, an emotional collection of paintings and comics, was held at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in Houston last December as a tribute to her mother who taught her how to draw at an early age and helped her find her voice.

In addition to her artwork, Mrs. Diaz is the name of her ceramics line which she started during high school and sells at her studio in Downtown Minneapolis. Her designs draw inspiration from a range of artistic influences such as 1960s underground comics and Dutch painting (Rembrandt, van Gogh, Vermeer), Hans Bellmer's phantasmagoria and William S. Burroughs' fiction.

Her artwork has the unique power to inspire. She believes in the strength of humanity, conveying messages of love, hope and beauty through her artwork. Additionally, she makes sure her pieces tell a story through their depictions of herself.

Malone has earned numerous accolades in her cooking career, including being named a Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine in 2013. Additionally, she received many awards throughout the years such as Cooking Light's Trail Blazer Award and Minnesota Restaurant Association's Rising Star Awards.

With more than a decade of experience under her belt, she still considers James Beard Award Best Chef Tim McKee her most inspiring mentor. They first collaborated at La Belle Vie - a Zagat-rated restaurant - before moving onto Barrio and Sea Change under Chef McKee's guidance.

With her latest project, Keep It Grand, she's bringing the same creative flair to off-premises meal kits as she does to her restaurants' menus. These meals, sold through Tock's website and app Tock, include gourmet treats like Blueberry Dutch Babies with powdered sugar sachet, floral arrangements, sweet-smelling candles and at-home activities like making art or learning about wine palettes and cooking lessons.

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