Porsha Williams Planned RHOA Exit Before Meeting Her Hubs

Porsha Williams Planned RHOA Exit Before Meeting Her Hubs


Porsha Williams Planned RHOA Exit Before Meeting Her Hubs

Porsha Williams has experienced her fair share of ups and downs on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her marriage to retired NFL star Kordell Stewart ended when he filed for divorce via social media, while her relationship with Dennis McKinley crumbled when he cheated while she was pregnant.

Her romance with Simon Guobadia also caused some controversy. They were separated when they began dating, and fans quickly took issue when she publicly announced their relationship shortly after season 13 of RHOA aired.

1. She Didn’t Want to Be on RHOA

Recently, The Real Housewives of Atlanta have experienced several significant changes. Cynthia Bailey left last week and now Porsha Williams has announced she won't be returning. Fans are still baffled as to why such a fan favorite would leave, especially given her departure last week.

People reported that Porsha had already planned her exit months in advance. At that time, she was dating Simon Guobadia - ex-husband of Falynn Guobadia - when she made the decision to depart RHOA.

She explained her decision as being motivated by a desire to focus on her daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley. Additionally, she didn't want any responsibility for any missteps on the show.

Porsha may have left RHOA, but she continues to keep her fans up-to-date on life. She recently published her new book, Pursuit of Porsha, and has a Bravo spinoff called Porsha's Family Matters.

Williams shares in her book how much she's changed during her time on RHOA. She's become a leading voice for social justice in the Black Lives Matter movement, found love again, and even became a mother to her daughter.

Though she's no longer part of the franchise, she still keeps up with its ladies and enjoys watching them interact. Additionally, she has close connections to some of its cast members, including Kandi Burruss.

Meanwhile, she isn't ruling out returning to the show in the future if there is a need for another addition to its cast. While no official announcement has been made yet about a Season 15 of the show, speculation swirls about potential newbies.

Williams may or may not return to RHOA, but she's already taking steps to change how she handles pettiness. In a recent interview with Peacock magazine, Williams addressed her past pettiness with her castmates and even admitted that she wishes it had been handled differently.

She describes how her life has transformed and that she's happier now than ever before. She laughs frequently and appears content. Additionally, she devotes much time to her daughter and fiance Simon Guobadia.

2. She Wanted to Be Single

Porsha Williams announced her departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta after nearly a decade of stirring the pot on her show. Although she said it was for personal reasons, rumors swirling around that she was departing due to her engagement to Simon Guobadia caused some fans to question her decision.

Williams' book The Pursuit of Porsha: An Unfiltered Look into the Life and Career of a Real Housewife (released last year) discloses many personal details about herself. She discusses her childhood depression, suicidal thoughts, and pattern of self-destructive behavior with men; additionally she recounts Kordell Stewart's sexual assault of her and an ill-fated relationship with R. Kelly - who has since been convicted for sexual predatory activities - both painfully honest accounts.

One of the primary reasons she left RHOA was to focus on her family, including her daughter Pilar. Even before meeting her hubs, she planned their departure - something she is not ashamed to share with the media.

Since leaving the show, she's experienced many wonderful things - such as becoming a national bestseller and falling in love with Simon Guobadia. Now that she is a mother of two, she takes pleasure in taking advantage of her newfound freedom.

Although she does not plan to return for another full season of RHOA, she hasn't ruled out a future on the show. According to ET, Nischelle Turner told her on Sunday night's Watch What Happens Live that she is "absolutely" open to returning to the series which first launched her career.

Meanwhile, she continues to post charming Instagram photos of herself with her daughter and seems content in her newfound happiness. Additionally, Porsha is busy filming the Bravo spinoff Porsha's Family Matters.

After a long and challenging journey on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it's refreshing to see her leave on her own terms - especially after some difficult experiences with castmates like Kenya Moore. However, many are wondering what this means for the future of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

3. She Wanted to Be Happy

Porsha Williams knew it was time to move on from Real Housewives of Atlanta after experiencing a series of ups and downs. She wanted to focus on her family and career, with an outlined plan in place.

She appeared on RHOA from 2012 to 2021, chronicling her relationship with former football star Kordell Stewart and ex-fiance Dennis McKinley. Although they were supposed to be married, Stewart cheated on her and eventually caused her postpartum depression after giving birth to their daughter Pilar Jhena McKinley.

Her feud with Kenya Moore was also documented on the show. During their season 6 reunion, Moore called out Williams for her husband's indiscretions during taping.

That sparked an intense verbal battle between them. Williams even gave Moore the classic "dumb h**" read at one point, signaling that their relationship had been damaged from the start. It became evident early on that Williams and Moore's relationship had become very strained from the start.

It was only a matter of time before she took on her next major story line on her own. This can be an extremely risky move in today's Housewives landscape, especially given how many women have found success outside the franchise.

Porsha made a bold decision by opting for her own spinoff show to address her most controversial storyline and avoid dealing with the fallout of her recent mistakes. It could set an example for other Housewives to follow suit and create their own spinoff shows instead of taking the high road and dealing with issues on their main show.

Porsha is enjoying her newfound freedom. She's working on a book project, married to entrepreneur Simon Guobadia (and blended their families), and doing great as a mother to daughter Pilar.

Williams' career has taken off since she released her memoir The Pursuit of Porsha. She's become a national bestseller and regularly posts adorable videos of her daughter on Instagram.

Though her departure from RHOA may have been controversial, Porsha seems happier in her life now than she was when she was on RHOA. Rumors indicate she will likely appear on a new Bravo show featuring other Housewives, while spending quality time with her family.

4. She Wanted to Spend Time with Her Family

When Porsha Williams announced her departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers were both shocked and bewildered. After 10 years on the show, Williams' life had been an amazing journey - she married an ex-NFL star, had a child, and got embroiled in some of its most contentious drama. It has been quite an incredible ride for this former cast member!

At the end of her run on the show, she ultimately decided to depart due to several reasons. One was her growing relationship with daughter Pilar. Additionally, she was focusing on her career and making peace with her divorce from husband Kordell Stewart.

No matter the difficulties she faced on RHOA, she always managed to remain positive and grow from them. Additionally, her fame as an activist for Black Lives Matter made her one of the most likeable faces on the show.

Porsha Williams was a dedicated mother and wife who wanted to be there for her daughter. After experiencing several miscarriages during her pregnancy, Williams found peace as a mother and gained confidence. She says being a parent has made her more appreciative of life's blessings, inspiring her to do everything in her power to ensure that her child had everything necessary.

With her focus on family and her daughter, she decided to forge ahead with her career as an author and entrepreneur. She started a clothing line, started a podcast, and is now beginning to collaborate with nonprofits.

Porsha will have the chance to share more of her personal life on Porsha's Family Matters, giving viewers a glimpse into life without the spotlight of reality TV cameras. She can also introduce Simon Guobadia, husband to Falynn Guobadia of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, into the fold.

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