Pokemon Home Releases Update 2.1.1

Pokemon Home Releases Update 2.1.1


On February 1st, the Pokemon Home app released an update that added Ranked Battles data from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to its Battle Data feature. Furthermore, it added support for Nintendo Account data from the latest generation.

The update also addressed several issues that impacted user experience. For instance, Mystery Gifts are now linked to Nintendo Accounts and only one can be distributed per profile.

Battle Data

Pokemon Home Releases 2.1.1 has recently added Ranked Battle data from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to its Battle Data feature, enabling you to check your rankings and statistics in both Ranked Battles and Online competitions in order to effectively monitor your progress and adjust strategies as necessary.

To take advantage of this feature, you will need a Nintendo Account linked to your Pokemon HOME account. To link an account, visit Settings and select the link icon.

Pokemon Home now offers this new feature on both mobile and Switch versions; however, only the Switch version allows two-way transfer from Pokemon Bank or GO Transporter to any Generation VIII game starting with Sword and Shield. This marks an improvement over previous functionality which was only available on Nintendo Switch; players can keep their Pokemon's moves and movesets intact from game to game as long as they are compatible with Sword and Shield.

Another significant change introduced with this update is the addition of Pokemon Natures to the Ranking screen in Battle Data feature. This provides insight into the strategies commonly employed by elite players in competitive metagame.

A Pokemon's Nature is recorded in its HOME tracker value, which is a 64-bit number used to detect clones and other hacked Pokemon. This information can also be used to identify Pokemon that come from Legends: Arceus if their research level there exceeds 10 and are associated with a save file that has the Pokemon leveled off at research level 10.

In addition to these features, this update includes other bug fixes and enhancements designed to enhance user experience. These improvements include labelling your Boxes, improved search result filters for GTS' "Search for Pokemon," and more. For further details on these changes made to the app, you can refer to its patch notes or FAQ.

Online Competitions

Pokemon Home's most recent update has added support for a selection of online competitions. These operate similarly to Random Matchups but provide more structure with four day duration, found under the "Battle Stadium" option in the main menu.

To participate in these competitions, you must link your Pokemon Home account to a Nintendo Account. This connection must be active for you to view any results earned for these contests.

In addition to Online Competitions, there are also some Pokemon-themed events you can join. These can be found under the Battle Stadium menu and usually require you to register with a certain number of Pokemon for participation.

Some of these competitions offer special prizes, such as mystery gifts that can be redeemed through the app. These can be bought using a premium plan or earned by completing challenges.

Gifts can range from items to Pokemon! Some are unlocked at the start of the game, while others may take some time to arrive.

If you're an avid Pokemon player, then signing up for the premium plan may be worth considering in order to unlock more trade options and store thousands of Pokemon. Doing so allows for storage of many more Pokemon and unlocks more trading features than what can be accessed with free plans alone.

One great feature in the game is the National Pokedex, which allows users to check any Pokemon deposited into HOME for details such as its type, height and other vital data. This information can be invaluable when hunting for a match for your pet!

Furthermore, players can view a Pokemon's potential moves and abilities on both mobile and Switch versions of the game. This is an invaluable feature for those wanting to finish their National Pokedex before transferring their Pokemon over to Switch.

Pokemon Home's mobile version recently received an upgrade, introducing a feature which displays players' Online Competition results. Furthermore, the application improved its Battle Data section by adding support for viewing Pokemon Natures during Ranked Battles from Season 4 forward.

Mystery Gifts

Pokemon Home is a new app that allows you to store all of your Pokemon in one convenient location. Additionally, it enables transferring older 3DS generation Pokemon (for an additional monthly fee), plus features an intriguing mystery gift system.

Pokemon Home recently received its second major update, bringing it up to version 2.1.1. Notably, now claiming one of the more elusive Mystery Gifts requires linking to your Nintendo Account.

This change is a welcome improvement and makes the app much safer against hackers. Plus, you'll have access to all the latest Pokemon Home updates right on your device, no matter where in the world you are located.

For instance, the latest update includes support for viewing a player's Ranked Battles information directly within the app - giving you an instant snapshot of your performance in competitions. This data includes which Pokemon are frequently used in Singles and Doubles battles, what moves they employ, what Abilities they possess and which Tera Types tend to dominate a given competition.

The most notable upgrade in this version of Pokemon Home is that it introduces a Mystery Gifts system similar to what was available on the Switch version. Along with regular logging, this version also has an impressive augmented reality system that lets you claim mystery gifts right from your phone's camera.

As more gifts become available, we will continue to update this article with more details! Stay tuned for updates!


Pokemon Home recently got an upgrade, adding Battle Data display for the upcoming mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This feature allows gamers to keep track of their Ranked Battles and Online competitions in order to enhance their performance and game strategy.

Additionally, the new update will enable connectivity between Pokemon Home and its creature transfers. This enables fans to transfer creatures between both titles while maintaining their original Pokemon home on Switch.

Unfortunately, the connection between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon Home won't be completed until Spring 2023. While this is an exciting step for the series, it may come as a shock to some fans who were expecting this feature sooner.

For the duration of the maintenance period, both Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of Pokemon Home will be unavailable. This time will be utilized by developers to work on fixing issues affecting the service.

On February 1st, 2023 from 01:00 UTC to 06:00 UTC, Pokemon Home will undergo maintenance and the new mobile version 2.1.1 become available.

Pokemon Home's 2.1.1 update brings two key components to the popular app: Battle Data and Mystery Gifts. In the former, users can view which Natures are most frequently used with their Pokemon in Top Pokemon Ranked Battle Data.

Players can now view the results of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet competitions they've joined, provided they have linked their Pokemon Home account to a Nintendo Account with data from those games. Furthermore, an update has been implemented that requires players to link their Nintendo Account in order to redeem their Mystery Gifts; previously this requirement was optional.

Finally, the updated update will support the recently released Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. By depositing monsters from those titles into Pokemon Home, players will be rewarded with Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott as Mystery Gifts.

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