Peep The Trailer For Teyana Taylor's Sundance-Produced Film

Peep The Trailer For Teyana Taylor's Sundance-Produced Film


Peep The Trailer For Teyana Taylors SundancePraised Film

On Friday, Teyana Taylor released the trailer for her upcoming film A Thousand and One. The Harlem-set drama earned the US Dramatic Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Teyana Taylor stars as Inez (Teyana Taylor), an unapologetic and free-spirited mother who abducts her son Terry from foster care. Together they fight to reclaim their sense of home and identity in rapidly transforming New York City.

Trailer Released

Last month, A Thousand and One made a major impression at the Sundance Film Festival, wowing critics and winning the Dramatic Jury Prize. It is now set for release in March - and now we have our hands on an official trailer!

Starring Teyana Taylor as Inez De La Paz, Inez De La Paz is a free-spirited mother who abducts her 6-year-old son Terry (Aaron Kingsley Adetola) from foster care. As Inez strives to build a new life for both herself and her son in fast-changing New York City, they both hope for happiness.

What starts out as a young mother trying to rescue her son from foster care quickly transforms into an emotional journey of self-discovery. Inez learns to trust in herself and her relationship with Lucky (Will Catlett), who helps raise her son while she struggles financially to make ends meet.

Rockwell directs this gritty yet beautiful Harlem-set drama. It captures the dramatic changes happening in New York City during this era of rapid gentrification and discriminatory policing. In the end, it's a poignant tale about love and family that touches viewers' hearts.

Josiah Cross, Aven Courtney and Aaron Kingsley Adetola star in the film as well. Their acting is so stunning that it almost makes up for any flaws in the script; they bring an authentic lived-in authenticity to their characters which shines through. From Taylor's character hugging her son or Cross holding up his partner and their son; these actors ensure that audiences can relate to both of their characters' emotions as they strive to connect.

Starring Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is making waves at the Sundance Film Festival with her debut starring role in A Thousand and One. The motherhood drama will be released March 31 and features Taylor as Inez, a hard-driving mom who abducts her 6-year-old son Terry from foster care.

Director A.V. Rockwell's debut feature A Thousand and One follows the coming-of-age story of a young Black mother on her journey to reunite with her son in 1994 Harlem, as it chronicles the evolving landscape of New York City over those years.

Eddie Vaisman and Julia Lebedev from Sight Unseen produced the film along with Lena Waithe, Rishi Rajani from Hillman Grad Productions, and Brad Weston from Makeready. Oren Moverman and Rachel Jacobs from Sight Unseen served as executive producers.

Teyana Taylor's breakthrough performance in Madea's Big Happy Family cemented her place as a multi-hyphenate entertainer. Her most recent acting role was the heist thriller White Men Can't Jump, and she currently has several projects in development.

Her latest role as Iman Shumpert in A Thousand and One is sure to garner major accolades as she becomes the latest Hollywood superstar to take on a movie role. Recently, she was photographed alongside husband Iman Shumpert and their two daughters, seven-year-old Iman 'Junie' Tayla and two-year-old Rue Rose at the premiere of A Thousand and One.

Written & Directed by A.V. Rockwell

Check Out Teyana Taylor's Sundance-Raised Film

In her captivating and beautifully shot debut feature film, Rockwell depicts an intimate period piece set in 1994 Harlem that makes acute observations about gentrification and discriminatory policing policies that affected the city at that time. She balances all this with an intense emotional center built around a mother-son dynamic.

Inez (Teyana Taylor), a free-spirited woman originally from Rikers Island in 1993, first encounters her son Terry (Aaron Kingsley Adetola) while serving time on Rikers Island. At first sceptical and distrustful of her intentions, Terry eventually comes around and trusts her - providing Rockwell's film with one of the most authentic depictions of that historic neighborhood I have seen in some time.

As Inez and Terry begin to rebuild their apartment and start anew, Lucky (Will Catlett) joins them. Though he quickly accuses Inez of wrongdoing when tensions arise, he truly strives to provide her with a nurturing environment.

Inez's tough exterior may initially be distracting, but she softens as her son grows into an accomplished young man. As such, Inez emerges as the film's most captivating protagonist. Rockwell's empathetic gaze and that of Josiah Cross, Aven Courtney and Aaron Kingsley Adetola in supporting roles keep us rooting for her in her pursuit to build a better life.

Produced by Eddie Vaisman

Teyana Taylor looked stunning at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival as she celebrated the premiere of her new drama film A Thousand and One with husband Iman Shumpert and their two adorable daughters. Sporting her sleek locks gathered into stunning curls, Teyana turned heads as she arrived with her family for the event.

Director AV Rockwell directed the film which follows Inez De La Paz (Taylor), a deeply committed mother who takes her son Terry out of foster care. Her decision, she states, is motivated by her desire to give him a better life.

The drama, which has won critical acclaim and been awarded the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic at the festival, centers around a singular voice and powerful directorial vision that captures both the joy and raw reality of being Black in America today.

Produced by Sight Unseen's Eddie Vaisman and Julia Lebedev, Hillman Grad Productions' Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani, as well as Makeready's Brad Weston, A Thousand and One will be released on March 31, 2023 from Focus Features. Oren Moverman and Rachel Jacobs serve as executive producers for the company.

Today's announcement of films and the From the Collection section brings 101 feature-length projects from 23 countries to the festival, including 101 world premieres and 32 first-time directors. Additionally, 17 projects were supported through focused labs or direct grants, fellowships or residencies during development.

Starring Will Catlett

There's no denying A Thousand and One is an impressive film, featuring some of Hollywood's top actors. It serves as a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Teyana Taylor has made no exception to this rule with her remarkable performance in A Thousand and One, which will forever be remembered as one of her career-defining moments.

On Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival, Jennifer Hudson looked stunning as she joined husband Iman Shumpert and their two adorable daughters Junie (7), Rue (2). Donni looked absolutely gorgeous in a luxurious puffer jacket and Givenchy T-shirt.

After seeing the new trailer for A Thousand and One, I was gripped by its heartbreaking journey. Directed and written by A.V. Rockwell, A Thousand and One follows Inez (Teyana Taylor) as she abducts her six-year-old son Terry from foster care. Holding onto their secret as well as each other, Inez and Terry embark on a quest to reclaim their sense of home, identity and stability in rapidly changing New York City.

Inez finds a father figure for her son in childhood friend and ex-con Lucky (Will Catlett). Like Inez, he strives to be an admirable parent and person despite appearing tough or losing his way.

Teyana Taylor, Will Catlett, Aaron Kingsley Adetola and Josiah Cross deliver star-making performances that deserve their own Oscar nods. Already receiving excellent reviews from film critics, A Thousand and One is sure to be a hit with audiences as well.

Release Date: March 31

Teyana Taylor has earned critical acclaim after the trailer for her Sundance-prized film A Thousand and One was released. Inez De La Paz (Teyana Taylor) stars as Inez De La Paz as she takes extreme measures to get her son out of foster care.

The trailer of Rockwell's film takes on the tough topics of race and family with an insightful eye. There are moments of somberness as the film explores black New Yorkers' struggles during gentrification and urban renewal, yet his work also manages to be positive and touching.

Gary Gunn's soothing score adds to an already moving emotional journey that will make you want to cry. For fans of Ava Duvernay's directorial debut Girlhood, this film revisits similar themes about race, family and identity in a contemporary context.

A Thousand and One is set in Harlem, and the film is beautifully photographed with a realistic style. The camera work and cinematography have an elegant texture which lends the city an impressive appearance.

As the trailer progresses, it becomes evident that Inez is striving to reunite with her son Terry (Aaron Kingsley Adetola), who is in foster care. This task seems overwhelming but Teyana Taylor portrays Inez with such fierce determination that you can't help but root for her.

Her performance is a career-defining one, and the chemistry she shares with Rockwell and Catlett is palpable. They are so convincing in their roles that you can feel their affection for one another as well as their commitment to the film.

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