#OuterBanks Review - #KiaraAdvani and #JJMaybank

#OuterBanks Review - #KiaraAdvani and #JJMaybank


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One of my favorite episodes of Outer Banks is when Kiara and JJ first kiss. It's one of those moments that feels so real, making me believe they have something truly special between them.

Maintaining a relationship is never easy, but JJ and Kiara are doing their best. I hope that if they can remain together for the long run, both of them will be content!

John B

John B is the leader of The Pogues, a group of friends who have discovered a shipwreck full of treasure. As an ambitious explorer, he's always on the lookout for new adventures.

He and his friends form an excellent team, willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the treasure aboard the sunken Royal Merchant. Unfortunately, their quests often involve hilarious complications.

Kiara, who has always questioned her family's assertion that they were buried in the sea, is intrigued when John B tells her their ancestors lived aboard The Merchant and arrived in the Bahamas with a cargo of gold. This intrigues Kiara; however she remains wary about starting an intimate relationship with a Pogue.

Season 2 follows Kiara and Pope as they struggle to clear their names, forging a close bond in the process. Along with their troubled friendship, Kiara and Pope begin to experience feelings for each other.

But things take an unexpected turn when Sarah's father, Ward, takes advantage of a situation and attempts to murder John B. It may appear as if their relationship has come to an end, but the creators of Outer Banks have other plans in mind for keeping Sarah and John B together.

In an interview with Us Weekly in July 2021, Madelyn Esten (Sarah) described this season as a "big journey" for her character. She added that the series has a "voice-over feel," which is an enjoyable touch for Sarah.

Kiara faces a unique set of challenges this season, not only trying to forge an intimate bond with her father but also relearning how to navigate her relationship with Rose and Ward, her mother and stepfather. Additionally, Kiara must confront her own demons and accept that she cannot go it alone.

Thankfully, Sarah has Topper by her side. He understands Sarah's struggles and has been a source of strength throughout the season. In fact, he even offers to help them escape police custody - an impressive character development for him.


Kiara Advani is the latest in a long line of talented and hotshot Bollywood actresses. As the star of 'Mission Majnu', she has earned herself quite the following on social media platforms. Notorious for her dazzlesome looks and captivating demeanor, Kiara also loves to engage with her fans online.

The actress has earned herself a few accolades, but it is her starring role in Netflix original 'Lust Stories' that has won her fans over. With an extensive filmography to her name, you can count on seeing her name being mentioned by friends for roles ranging from sultry comedies to dark thrillers.


The Pogues' tight-knit group of friends includes John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss). Their passion for gold drives all their adventures, so it only makes sense that they would strive to get there as quickly as possible.

Although it's impossible to know for certain if JJ and Pope are truly romantically involved, their interactions suggest they share an affinity. At least that's what fans believe based on how they engage with one another.

Though their relationship has always been fraught, it's no shock that there remains tension between Kiara and Pope. Their romance didn't progress too far in Season 1, however; eventually they parted ways in Season 2.

However, tension still exists between them and it will be interesting to see how they manage their differences. When John B is named a person of interest in Sheriff Peterkin's murder, Pope gets drunk and confesses his feelings for Kiara but she rejects him nonetheless.

He's jealous of how well John B and Kiara dance together in The Wreck, and becomes angry when she focuses too much on him. It's obvious that Pope wants Kiara to be contented and have feelings for him, yet these won't materialize.

Mike generally does not find Kiara Pogue's lifestyle to be as demanding as her mother Anna. He provides them with free food at his restaurant The Wreck and has even been known to bail John B out of jail on occasion.

Although this situation isn't ideal, it seems to be working out for both Kiara and Mike. They're able to spend quality time together, work out their issues, and still enjoy each other's company.

Though they may not be in a serious relationship, their friendship remains strong and we can't wait to see what happens with Outer Banks' upcoming season! It promises to be another thrilling episode that everyone will enjoy - which is exactly why Netflix decided to bring back this beloved show for another round!


Rudy Pankow stars as JJ Maybank on Outer Banks, a Netflix original series that follows five young adults living in a small North Carolina town. Although Rudy auditioned for JJ, it wasn't the role he had originally imagined for himself.

Growing up, Luke lived in an abusive home with his father and often used alcohol or drugs to cope with the stress. As a result, many bruises appeared on his body which served to mask any discomfort he felt. Additionally, having few friends meant he spent most of the time alone.

He was also a bully, often getting into fights with other students at school. Although he tried to get away with it, authorities caught up to him and sent him to jail for an extended period due to his actions.

While in jail, he made friends with Sarah, Kiara and Pope who helped him out. Additionally, he struck a deal with Kiara and Pope that if any of them were ever caught, he would take responsibility for their actions.

His best friend since middle school, John B (Chase Stokes), recognized that he had feelings for Kiara and asked him to update him on their short-lived romance. John kissed Kiara twice but the sparks quickly faded away as did their relationship with John B (Cassius Stokes).

As they became more aware of each other's flaws and their love for one another deepened, their bond deepened. Their affection even reached romantic proportions as JJ began to care deeply about Kiara's happiness and Pope's heartbreak.

He showed his loyalty to Pope by helping him with his revenge plan, even though he knew his dad would punish him. Kiara liked him too, though she expressed some worry about her son's behaviour when he got into trouble.

Recently, they were seen hanging out together again and their close bond seemed to indicate something more than friendship. Their chemistry on the show has been well documented, so fans are hoping they will follow in the footsteps of other Outer Banks couples and become something more than friends.


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