Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite Season 2!

Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite Season 2!



Fortnite Season 2 launched with a host of changes, from moving to an entirely new island and updating Unreal Engine 5 to providing fans with an entirely new map.

As season 1 comes to a close on March 10th, it's time to start thinking about what Epic Games has in store for us next. We've done some digging around in order to discover what awaits us next.

What We Know So Far

Just a week into Fortnite Season 2, and while we haven't explored every feature yet, it is clear that the game has undergone major transformations. There's now an entirely new Resistance theme, updated mechanics, and tons of brand-new weapons!

One of the major changes for Season 2 is that building will be prohibited, forcing players to fight head-on rather than construct fortresses to defend against attacks. As a measure to restore equilibrium, an overshield has been introduced which will automatically replenish as you play.

In addition, this season introduces a parkour-inspired sprinting and climbing mechanic that works in bursts. Furthermore, there's also a vaulting feature that allows users to climb onto roofs without using any builds.

The season also introduces a host of new weapons and items, along with an all-new Battle Pass. There's plenty to take in at this early stage, though there are some hints that can help you prepare for what lies ahead in the upcoming months.

HYPEX has also confirmed that the zeppelins introduced in Chapter 1 will return this season - something we've been waiting for since then. Furthermore, new blimps and tanks will be joining the game!

Though some details remain uncertain, we're eager to find out what the upcoming Fortnite season has in store! Stay tuned for any further updates in the comments - thank you and see you in Season 2!


Each season of Fortnite, Epic Games typically releases a theme to help players prepare for the next one. Typically, this theme will include new weapons, items, story elements or gameplay changes coming to the game.

Chapter 3 Season 2 may not have a clear theme yet, but an exciting leak from popular leaker HYPEX provides some clues. They indicate the update will have an earthy vibe and be themed around spring.

The leak also suggests the new season will feature a map called "Throne Rome," complete with quests and challenges. It may also hint at an upcoming location that has a throne room, possibly hinting at the presence of an imminent boss.

As for the theme itself, it sounds intriguing and likely will feature a large-scale war on the map. This would mark Epic's first foray into war-themed content, though it could also make sense given that it takes place during Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Furthermore, the map appears to be under water, suggesting some kind of aquatic warfare or battles. Furthermore, we might see bar funding return, allowing players to purchase defense turrets for use on the map.

The Resistance theme promises to bring some exciting mechanics and changes to the game, with heavy artillery, vehicular combat, and all-out demolition being its focal points. Additionally, we'll see new Mythic weapons and items, bar funding, as well as many other exciting additions.


Fortnite offers an expansive arsenal, but not all weapons are as useful or powerful as one might think. Epic Games has been working toward creating a more balanced weapon pool over recent years and this goal remains unchanged in Season 2.

For a successful loadout, you need a variety of close-range, mid-range and long-range weapons. Furthermore, you will require some healing items as well as weapons that deal damage and can snag opponents.

Not to mention, there are still some overpowered and gimmicky weapons in Fortnite which may be dangerous or ineffective. That is why we've compiled this list of Fortnite guns ranked by rarity.

From classic weapons like the Flare Gun to fan favorites Shockwave Grenades and Thermal Assault Rifles, Fortnite SEASON 2 brings some exciting new weapons that are sure to make a statement on the battlefield.

One of the greatest aspects of the game's weapon pool is that it's constantly evolving. Each new season brings back some beloved weapons while also adding some brand-new ones not seen in previous seasons.

Every season brings with it a fresh set of guns and explosives for players to explore. However, some can be overpowered or gimmicky, so we strive to ensure each season's arsenal offers an equitable balance of effective yet accessible weapons.

Each season of Fortnite introduces its own collection of Exotic and Mythic weapons that players can only buy from NPCs. While these items aren't cheap - often costing several hundred gold bars - they give competitive players an edge they may not otherwise possess with their standard weapon selection.


The new season brings with it a host of exciting items and cosmetics to unlock! These range from gliders, pickaxes, skins - even an explosive bomb you can drop down onto the island!

Many of the new skins are inspired by secret agents. These include Maya, Brutus, Agent Peely, Meowscles, Skye and Tntina - plus you can unlock variants of each character by completing missions!

Though these skins won't drastically alter the in-game meta, they do offer some unique twists and additions. For instance, Agents each come equipped with their own pickaxe while Meowscles and Skye each feature exclusive weapons!

Fortnite Season 2 will soon release some brand-new weapons from the vault, such as the Machine Pistol, Heavy Shotgun, Flare Gun and Sticky Grenade.

Other weapons not in the vault that may come out during this season include LMG, Infantry Rifle and Heavy Sniper. It's likely these will be joined by weapons from last season that have been unvaulted, such as Red Dot Thermal AR and Single Barrel Break Action Shotgun.

With vaulted items and the return of Funding Stations, this season promises to be an exciting one. Let's hope Epic Games can make the game more balanced and enjoyable with these changes!

If you're looking to spruce up your character, the latest Battle Pass offers over 100 cosmetic items to unlock. These can be purchased with Battle Stars earned through experience points earned in battle royale or accolades earned through creative mode.


Fortnite's map is constantly shifting, offering players plenty of new points of interest (POIs) on this post-apocalyptic island. Some changes are minor, while others are significant enough to completely transform the look of the battle royale game's main battle arena.

As such, it can be challenging to keep up with everything happening on the island. There's a lot to see and some of it differs significantly from what players experienced in Chapter 1.

One major change that's visible on the map in Fortnite is a series of red and blue lines that span across the entire island. These markers indicate which faction controls each island, though their meaning may not be immediately obvious to players.

Particularly in areas controlled by the IO, you'll notice military checkpoints, weapons caches and impromptu forward operating bases. Unfortunately, popular locations like Synapse Station, The Daily Bugle and The Citadel have now come under IO control - places fans once enjoyed visiting such as Synapse Station, The Daily Bugle or The Citadel.

Other areas are still relatively unharmed. One notable attraction is The Flairship, a repurposed airship with an amazing sightline around the area.

Additionally, NPCs often drop keycards that players can open to access some of the game's best loot in various vaults. Players will find some amazing crates, chests and containers filled with goodies when these cards are opened.

Fortnite's map is always evolving, so it's essential to stay abreast of all new spots added as Season 2 commences. If you want to become an expert in this battle royale game, then being prepared with the correct tools is key!

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