Openings and Closings: Rakkan Ramen Rocks Tomball PrimoHoagies

Openings and Closings: Rakkan Ramen Rocks Tomball PrimoHoagies


Openings and Closings Rakkan Ramen Rocks Tomball PrimoHoagies Debuts in H

Rakkan Ramen is expanding to Houston, the first of many outposts from the Japanese chain known for its vegetable broths. The restaurant will open in a new M-K-T development on Shepherd Drive.

This location will offer a vegan menu, with all broths made with 100 percent plant-based ingredients. Dishes like pearl ramen with white soy sauce and "specialized Japanese rock salt," as well as gluten-free noodles, are available.

Rakkan Ramen Rocks Tomball

Rakkan, the Japanese ramen chain that opened its first location in Los Angeles two years ago, is making its way to Houston. Their first outpost will open next month inside M-K-T's M-K-T development at 600 North Shepherd Drive alongside Blue Sushi Sake Grill and Da Gama Canteen.

The chain is renowned for its flavorful "umami" broths made with ingredients like miso, soy sauce and tomato. Their pearl ramen is especially popular; served in a broth made with white soy sauce and specialized Japanese rock salt. If you're in search of something lighter on the palate, they offer an entirely vegan option as well.

In addition to ramen, this restaurant also serves up sushi bites and handrolls. Their vegan broth, made with kombu (edible algae), mushrooms, carrots, onion, ginger, garlic and other vegetables is packed with umami flavor.

Last summer, Houston restaurateur Christopher Lav opened the first Houston RAKKAN Ramen location and has plans for three more locations around town: Westchase, Katy and The Galleria. According to What Now Houston, he signed up for 10 locations with plans for them all to open by 2022.

PrimoHoagies Debuts in H

Rakkan Ramen, a Japanese chain known for its vegetable-based broths, will make its Houston debut next month at M-K-T shopping and residential development on Shepherd Drive. Established in Tokyo 2011 and beloved by vegetarians as well as meat eaters alike, the vegetarian broth at this restaurant is nothing short of legendary - topped off with corn and mushrooms.

According to its website, the chain has plans for additional Houston locations in Sugar Land Town Center, Katy and the Galleria area. They were recently named Eater's best ramen winner with an extensive menu featuring signature RAKKAN noodles as well as gluten-free options.

PrimoHoagies will be offering their signature loaded-high hoagies with Thumann's gourmet meats and cheeses in addition to the ramens. Their top seller, the PrimoHoagie Lite, features bacon and egg salad and comes in either hot or cold form. Furthermore, PrimoHoagies are looking to expand across America; recently signing two new franchisees in New Jersey.

Pokeworks Opens in Westchase

Poke bowls have been around for years, but they've recently made a comeback as an important player in Houston's dining scene. From New York City-based Pokeworks to local pop-ups like Ono Poke and Tran Le sporting his signature poke hats, the popularity of these protein-packed raw fish salads continues to spread across the city.

Pokeworks, a Hawaiian-inspired fast-casual restaurant, brings the excitement to everyone with their signature poke bowls and sushi burritos. Situated inside International Plaza in Singapore, Pokeworks features an eye-catching design with modern take on the Hawaiian theme.

Experience the finest poke bowl cuisine when you visit this menu. With proteins like ahi and albacore, there's sure to be something on offer that satisfies your craving. Make it a meal with sides of greens or go all out with a sushi burrito - you have to see for yourself!

One of our readers raved about the Pokeworks menu, calling it a "must-try for anyone who appreciates fish or has an appetite." If you're in the mood for some of Tampa's hottest new poke joint, now you can order directly from their website! Postmates provides delivery in Tampa area areas as well as pickup from multiple locations nearby.

Eater Houston's Top Picks

Houston is known as the "foodie city" of the South, boasting an array of eateries to suit any appetite. With new restaurants opening every month, this food haven continues to offer up some of the finest flavors, dishes and cuisines for both local diners and visitors alike.

This week we are featuring some exciting restaurant openings that promise to please. From an elegant Italian chophouse to a West African eatery that fuses traditional recipes from Africa with contemporary techniques, here are the latest openings worth keeping an eye out for.

At Montrose Collective, a new mixed-use development hub, high-end Italian chophouse Marmo opened in April. Their extensive menu of steaks, pasta and seafood dishes is already making an impact on H-Town's dining scene - standout dishes include their beautifully plated hamachi and delectable squid ink campelle; but there's plenty more delicious dishes that'll have you coming back for more.

Paulie's, another Montrose institution, continues to produce some of the region's best homemade pasta dishes. Try their U-shaped creste di gallo with sausage and chile flakes or their canestri - tiny ears served with mushrooms in creamy marsala sauce.

Finally, Aya Sushi, a Montrose favorite, opened its doors in September with Tokyo-trained chef Yoshi Katsuyama at the helm. Their imaginative presentations of nigiri, sashimi and ceviche will surely please any sushi connoisseur.

Are you searching for the perfect spot to host your Christmas party this year or just have a romantic dinner for two? These restaurants should not be missed. With menus that span across the globe, there's sure to be something here that appeals to everyone in your group.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there are plenty of great restaurants open. Here is our picks for the best restaurants open during these holidays - both for dinner and brunch options - to help you plan the perfect holiday meal!

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