One to Watch: Korean Multi-Instrumentalist Jung Jaeil

One to Watch: Korean Multi-Instrumentalist Jung Jaeil


One to watch Jung Jaeil

One to Watch:

Korean multi-instrumentalist Jung Jaeil is an expert at fusing melody with edge. His compositions have been featured in major motion pictures and TV series, and his work has gained global recognition recently with two Oscar-winning films under his belt.

Jung also composed the score for Squid Game, which has become one of Netflix's biggest hits ever. He seamlessly blended classical melodies into both films' soundtracks, and now Decca Records is releasing a new album by the musician.


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Squid Game

Jung Jaeil is a South Korean composer and multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with some of K-pop's biggest names. His compositions for Squid Game and Parasite have garnered widespread international acclaim.

Squid Game's soundtrack is especially noteworthy, incorporating quotes from the Bible book of Psalms into its songs. This makes for an engaging and emotional piece of music, with lyrics exploring life and death.

Musically, it's not overly harsh or fast-paced; this helps keep things from feeling too repetitive or disjointed.

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Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk set out to create spaces and visuals unlike anything in his homeland, offering viewers a unique perspective through the characters' lives. What ensued was an international sensation that captured millions of viewers across the globe.

Netflix's show has rapidly built a devoted following, boasting more than 142 million subscribers in its first month of streaming. It is one of the most successful shows on the platform, ranking number one in 94 countries.


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One to watch:

Jung Jaeil is an accomplished musician, composer and director who's quickly gained notoriety in the music industry. He's collaborated with some of Korea's biggest names as well as international artists like IU (IU).

Although he didn't attend a traditional music conservatory, that didn't stop him from developing his musical talent. By combining an innate knack for melody with the determination to explore sounds beyond themselves, he was able to craft some of Korea's biggest number one hits.

He's an accomplished musician with a diverse background, drawing from both classical and popular influences to create his work. Additionally, he incorporates famous musical quotations from classic composers such as Bach, Brahms, Schubert and Arvo Part into his soundtracks for an elegant touch that blends classical music with contemporary sensibilities.

His latest album, Listen, is a piano-driven work featuring cinematic strings. It's an enchantingly tender and beautiful album full of emotion.

His music has an experimental dance performance feel, intentionally stagger over itself to paint vivid pictures in your mind. It's captivating and addictive - the kind of music that will have you wanting to listen again and again.

He recently signed with Decca Records and will release his new album, Psalms, in July. Originally released in Korea, this collection commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju Democratic Uprising by incorporating verses from the Bible book of Psalms into each song.

It's an a capella work of stunning effect, resembling both medieval chants and Arvo Part. He did a delightful subtitled interview for Universal Music about the album and other unexpected aspects of his life which you can read below.

Jung Jaeil's career as a musician and composer extends beyond music; he collaborates with Hyundai Motor Group on their sound systems for vehicles such as the Kia K7 ('Sound of Nature 2').

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