Niall Horan Shares Video For 'Heaven'

Niall Horan Shares Video For 'Heaven'


Niall Horan shares video for Heaven  as he debuts at No4

Niall Horan is back with a brand-new single, 'Heaven', which has already made an impact on the chart. This serves as the first taste of his third solo album 'The Show' which will be released on June 9.

Dylan Knight's video for 'Heaven,' directed by him, perfectly captures the emotion of the song onscreen. It shows the singer traversing an array of strange doors alongside drummer Emilia Schmier.

'Heaven' is the first taste of 'The Show'

Niall Horan is taking fans on an emotional journey with his new single, 'Heaven'. The first track from his album 'The Show', this romantic tale finds Niall daydreaming about his beloved as listeners join in the blissful silence.

Horan's beautiful song shows how much he cherishes his relationship with Amelia Woolley, whom he has been dating for three years. From the start of Horan's song, it becomes evident that this is all about Amelia and how she has shaped his life.

He lavishes her with every compliment, analogy and metaphor a romantic can use to express their affection for her. He goes on to say that she has made him feel "like a brand-new human," which is truly touching. Additionally, the singer adds that she is "so elegant" and that she "floats across the room."

This song's lyrics are so captivating that it's impossible not to fall in love with them as he sings that she has "made me obsessive" over him. At one point in the chorus, he even tells her he has become "made of something new" and doesn't know what to do without her.

However, he doesn't want to complicate their relationship by making it legal, which could involve marriage. Instead, he wants to live in the moment and enjoy what they have now. His partner seems to understand this sentiment perfectly well - they don't want to be trapped by a marriage.

Horan's career looks set for a major breakthrough this year, as she joins Kelly Clarkson on the upcoming season of 'The Voice' and performs at Boston Calling. It's an exciting start to 2023 for the former member of One Direction and we can't wait to see what else he has in store for his fans this year!

The video was directed by Dylan Knight

Niall Horan has released the cinematic music video for 'Heaven', the lead single from his forthcoming album 'The Show'. Recorded in Southern California, this is Horan's first new solo material in three years and was co-written with John Ryan, Joel Little and Tobias Jesso Jr. The accompanying visual effectively brings Horan's energy and charisma to life through an impressive performance vignette alongside musician Emilia Schmier who joins him on drums.

The track and accompanying music video are a welcome addition to the One Direction alum's already impressive list of accomplishments, which includes being the world's highest-selling solo artist, winning a BRIT award, and becoming an ambassador for Coca-Cola company. He's also joined 'The Voice' as a coach for Season 23 as well as making his festival debut at Boston Calling on May 26.

Dylan Knight directed the video for 'Heaven,' featuring some creative color and lighting effects to bring out the song's most vivid elements. The singer performs in front of various doors - at first it appears to be a small room covered in red curtains; then they squeeze him through an overcrowded crowd before emerging onto what appears to be a sunny hillside. Both songs and vid are worth watching, though it might be hard not to sing along to this particular tune! Luckily, you won't have any trouble tracking down a copy!

'Heaven' is the first single from 'The Show'

After taking a three-year hiatus from touring and recording, Niall Horan is back with his first solo single in over two decades. The singer wrote the soulful track with John Ryan and Joel Little - who also produced it - while on vacation in Southern California's Mojave Desert.

Heaven" takes a more folky pop approach with its soaring melodies and expansive production. Its smooth harmonies evoke an old-fashioned love song, while its lyrics are filled with upbeat optimism that makes the song appeal to listeners of all ages.

The songwriter begins the track by admiring his new partner, whom he describes as "amazing" and who "showed me a love so angelic that Heaven would blush if I were there." Although he desires to be with her permanently, he wants to take things slow - he's simply infatuated.

As the chorus plays, he sings: "I don't care what they think / I'll live my life free from their judgment." With these words, the singer encourages his listeners to follow their hearts instead of their heads and never hesitate to take chances on new loves.

Horan's song takes inspiration from his own personal experience, offering an honest assessment of society's demands. It's a reminder that everyone should keep in mind as they pursue their aspirations - if the world doesn't provide what you need, then finding your own path is up to you.

Horan is embarking on a major new chapter with the release of his first single in nearly three years, "Comeback Kid." He's currently gearing up to join NBC's The Voice as one of its new coaches and will make his festival debut at Boston Calling on May 26.

Horan's latest single is an ideal way to introduce him to his fans and demonstrate that he's eager to showcase more of his talent as he gears up for the release of his upcoming album The Show on June 9th; preorders for this album can already be made.

'Heaven' is Horan's first solo single in three years

Niall Horan has delighted fans with his first solo single in three years - 'Heaven', the lead single from his third album 'The Show' due out June 9. The former One Direction member shared the video for 'Heaven,' taken from his forthcoming third studio album which will be released on June 9.

John Ryan and Joel Little (who also produced) collaborated on 'Heaven' during an idyllic trip to Southern California where it was recorded. According to Horan, who will make his NBC 'The Voice' coaching debut during Season 23, "This song was written with the same intention of making it personal and beautiful."

On the set of his album 'Heaven,' Horan openly discussed his relationship with former girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld. Though they separated in December 2018, they remained close as friends.

Horan has made time for friends and family in the midst of his solo career. Recently, he traveled to Ireland with labelmate Lewis Capaldi for a three-day road trip to Mullingar, his hometown. Additionally, he participated in a documentary entitled Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi which chronicles their journeys around Ireland as well as visits to each other's hometowns.

Horan's career has been somewhat inactive since One Direction's 'hiatus' began in 2016, yet he hasn't shied away from social media. He regularly live-streams from his Instagram account, answering fan queries and performing a selection of songs acoustically for viewers to enjoy.

Niall Horan hasn't released any new music since his full-length album 'Heartbreak Weather' in 2020, but he plans to release more in 2023, including a third solo album called 'The Show' and an international tour! If you're a fan of Niall Horan, tune into Hits Radio on your DAB radio or Smart Speaker or online for all the latest news from this Irish heartthrob.

Horan first learned how to play guitar at age four and attended an Eagles concert the same year. This experience cemented his songwriting talents, leading him to become a successful singer-songwriter with 80 million records sold and multiple world tours as part of One Direction.

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