Niall Horan - Heaven Lyric Video

Niall Horan - Heaven Lyric Video


Niall Horan  Heaven Lyric Video

After a three-year hiatus, Niall Horan has announced his return to music. His first single from his upcoming album The Show, "Heaven," will be released on February 17th.

Horan's latest album blends the passion and heartfelt emotion of his past work with an inspiring new element: soul-searching reflection. Based on a lush form of alt-pop, the album draws much of its mesmerizing power from Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne and other members of Laurel Canyon's music scene from '60s/70s days.


After three years away from music, One Direction member Niall Horan is back with some romantic new tunes. His latest single "Heaven" was written during a trip to Joshua Tree with John Ryan and Joel Little who also produced it alongside Tobias Jesso Jr.

"Heaven," by Horan, is a dreamy folkier-pop song that conjures up memories of the 1960s and '70s. With touches of Crosby, Stills & Nash and Jackson Browne, Horan creates an uplifting piece that feels both lighthearted and deeply felt.

The song's lyrics are personal to Horan and an expression of his desire to live life authentically without worrying about social expectations. Drawing inspiration from Crosby, Stills and Nash, Horan's voice shimmers with harmonies that are both delicate yet captivating.

"Strange light revolves around you / You float across the room," Horan sings in the opening verse of his song. It's evident that Horan adores his lover from the get-go as he sings: "I want to hold you tight / I need you to feel me / And never let go."

In the second verse of the song, he describes his relationship with her as one that "embraces you," yet simultaneously acknowledges it can "scare you a little." He isn't afraid to express his affection and admiration in front of friends or family; yet at the same time he needs to remain cautious around those around him.

Though the lyrics may not be particularly engaging, the production of this song makes it a pleasure to listen. With its gorgeous mix of synths and drum patterns, it sounds like an amalgamation between '70s pop music and Crosby, Stills & Nash's acoustic-based harmonies.

With its soft harmonies and dreamy folk-pop arrangement, the track is sure to please fans of Horan's solo work. He is known for penning love songs over alt-pop production but on "Heaven," he took things down a notch with help from John Ryan and Joel Little as well as Tobias Jesso Jr. for production duties.


Niall Horan is reveling in the lover boy era and it shows. On "Heaven," his first single in three years, he's gone from romantic infatuation to full-on obsession; it sounds as if it were taken straight from the heart of an intensely committed relationship.

"Heaven," featuring delicate harmonies, opens on an admiration for Horan's partner that's both captivating and ethereal. Produced by Joel Little with co-writers John Ryan and Tobias Jesso Jr. (Adele, Sia), the track's captivating arrangement showcases Horan's poetic freedom through vibrant synth and drum patterns.

Horan's lyrics for "Heaven Can't Hold A Candle To You" are some of his most honest ever; he's clearly in love with her and can't help but express it through affectionate phrases such as "Strange light revolves around you" and "You float across the room." The line, "Heaven can't hold a candle to you" serves as an affirmation that she truly is special to him.

Horan's song conveys the idea that no matter how much you like someone, there's never a guarantee if they will be there when needed most - an understanding he embraces fully.

The singer is known for crafting love songs over alt-pop production, but he finds inspiration in the folkier, sparser sound of this track when he takes time off. Writing it alongside collaborators such as John Ryan and Joel Little, the singer relished in his affinity for folk-pop with infectious joy.

"Heaven" is personal to Horan and serves as a preview of what fans can expect from his upcoming album The Show, due June 9. As with last year's solo debut Flicker, Horan takes on a more reflective tone than previous works, providing an honest account of life since leaving One Direction. The forthcoming release will be available digitally, on CD and 7" vinyl formats.


Niall Horan is back with his first new single in three years - "Heaven." From his upcoming album The Show, which will be released on June 9th, this track serves as the lead single.

Horan's folkier-pop tune was co-written with John Ryan, Joel Little and Tobias Jesso Jr. It glistens with synths and drum patterns that echo a '70s vibe, while Horan's lyrics offer encouragement.

Horan sings throughout the song about his devotion to his partner. She's the one who completes him, fills up his soul, and allows him to dream. She truly makes him feel complete.

He's infatuated with her so deeply that he doesn't care about following society's rules - which is what he says makes their relationship so unique. He's written this song to be the ideal anthem for a relationship, and its catchy lyrics will have you singing along in no time!

The song itself expresses Horan's deep-felt desire to spend more time with his partner, whom he affectionately refers to as a "light." The lyric reads: "Strange light revolves around you / You float across the room / Your touch is made of something / Heaven can't hold a candle to / You're made of something new."

Fans quickly come to realize this is about Horan's girlfriend Amelia Woolley. After dating for three years, the two have kept their relationship private.

Horan's music has always had an alt-pop influence with a folkier touch. He's known for crafting love songs, but his first solo track in three years is more relaxed and inspiring - sure to be a hit with listeners.

He recently appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to debut his new single, and it's an absolute gem. As he reflected upon his career journey and shared some personal moments with host and longtime friend Corden, Katy Perry made it possible by sending him through The X Factor 2010 and placing him into One Direction.


Niall Horan, former One Direction singer, is back with new music. His first single off his forthcoming album The Show is called 'Heaven' and it's set to take us on an emotional journey.

The song perfectly captures the feeling of being in love, and I can't wait to experience it live in concert!

In case you're unfamiliar with the singer, he is an Irish native who joined One Direction in 2010. Since then, he's released two solo albums and toured around the world. Additionally, he enjoys playing golf and runs a golf management company.

He's currently dating fashion buyer Amelia Woolley, whom he has been with for several years but keeps their relationship out of the public eye.

Horan's track "Daydreaming," featuring Joel Little and John Ryan, creates an atmosphere that feels like being in a dream. The lyrics are filled with delicate harmonies over airy production for an atmospheric effect.

Listening to this song brought back so many of my favorite One Direction songs. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for his fans!

Regarding the lyrics, I'm pretty sure they refer to his current girlfriend Amelia. Although they haven't made many public appearances together over time, their relationship remains strong.

I can only assume that Niall was inspired to write such a beautiful love song by his relationship. I'm so glad he's found someone so meaningful in his life!

He recently released his brand-new single, 'Heaven' - the ideal song for Valentine's Day! Let's hope it becomes an enormous hit for him!

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