Newly-Weds KL Rahul & Athiya Shetty Take The Relationship Quiz

Newly-Weds KL Rahul & Athiya Shetty Take The Relationship Quiz


NewlyWeds KL Rahul  Athiya Shetty Take The Relationship Quiz


KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty recently took the relationship quiz in a Vogue India promotional video. They had some hilarious banter which you are sure to love!

On January 23, Suniel Shetty's Khandala house hosted an intimate wedding ceremony for him and his fiancee. They were only joined by close family and friends, with plans for a lavish reception later in Mumbai.

Relationship Quiz

KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty recently took the social media world by storm with their adorable PDA. But before you assume these two are simply in love, let us take a look at their relationship history together.

KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony held at Suniel Shetty's Khandala home earlier this year. Only close family members and friends were invited, yet they kept their celebrations under wraps until it was time for them to share their first picture as husband and wife.

Athiya Shetty, 31, is an accomplished actress and singer. She has starred in a number of films and television shows. Additionally, Athiya has her own fashion line called Athiya Shetty Jewels.

She enjoys a lucrative career and lives a comfortable life, but she always strives to improve both. To this end, she regularly attends conferences to stay healthy and enhance her career prospects.

She and KL Rahul have been in a relationship for three years, and their connection remains strong. They've been seen together at parties, movie screenings and social events alike.

While Athiya juggles her personal and professional lives, KL Rahul must manage his cricketing commitments. Currently, he's in Germany for treatment for a groin injury; fortunately, it appears that this will allow him to spend some quality time with his new bride soon after.

Rumours indicate KL Rahul and Athiya are planning to tie the knot in January 2019 at Athiya's father Suniel Shetty's bungalow in Khandala.

The wedding will be conducted in a traditional South Indian fashion. The bride will don a peach-colored outfit while the groom dons a beige one.

Both families are thrilled for their daughter's forthcoming nuptials. Rumours swirl that the couple may already be planning to rent an ocean-facing apartment in Mumbai prior to their nuptials.

How Well Do You Know Athiya?

Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty and Indian cricketer KL Rahul are set to tie the knot in January at Suniel Shetty's farmhouse in Khandala. Although they have yet to disclose much about their relationship, they have shared plenty of adorable photos on social media platforms, suggesting they are planning a lavish reception for family and friends.

Athiya, 30, is the daughter of Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty and producer Mana Shetty. Born on November 5, 1992 in Mumbai, her parents have a close bond that she shares with them.

At a young age, Athiya developed an interest in acting and would often visit her father's sets to watch him work. It was during this period that she developed her love of filmmaking and began taking her passion seriously.

Her debut film was Hero (2015), directed by Salman Khan and featuring Athiya and co-star Sooraj Pancholi. Although it wasn't a box office hit, viewers were captivated by their on-screen chemistry and were eager to witness it firsthand.

Athiya has a passion for acting and sports alike. She follows cricket closely, always cheering her husband during matches.

She enjoys staying active and spending quality time with her family. Additionally, she enjoys watching movies, particularly Bollywood flicks.

Athiya is superstitious, and she likes to keep an eye on her fortune by waiting for a black cat to cross her path. She believes this will bring good fortune in the future when she marries!

How Well Do You Know KL Rahul?

On January 23, Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul, vice-captain of India's cricket team, tied the knot. A month earlier they had graced Vogue India's February digital issue as cover models.

KL Rahul, a tall and graceful right-handed batsman who can keep wickets in times of pressure, is one of India's top openers. He boasts an impressive first-class record - including a century in the 2013-14 Ranji Trophy final - as well as making his Test debut during Boxing Day Test at Melbourne.

Though he's an impressive player, his batting has not quite lived up to expectations in international matches. His struggles during the tour of Bangladesh where he only managed 95 runs across three ODI matches have caused some concern about whether or not he should remain part of India's squad.

His form in ODIs and T20Is against Australia has come under scrutiny. While Chetan Kumar granted him a two-month extension to return, it appears that his future with the bat may be uncertain.

Dinesh Karthik, captain of both RCB and India, has taken issue with his recent inability to pull the ball well. He has miscued it on several occasions - particularly in overseas conditions against faster bowlers.

Karthik suggests this could be a psychological issue, but something that needs to be addressed. He states that it's an issue of "tending" to the ball and trying to make an effort to play it.

Although he remains an important member of the Indian team, it's time for him to find his groove and demonstrate some consistency in his batting. Only then, can he regain his place as India's top-order batsman once again.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

A healthy sense of self is essential for success in life. How you see yourself and what you believe in shapes your relationships as well as how others perceive you.

It can also assist in recognizing which people in your life are toxic and which ones truly beneficial. By understanding yourself better, you become more determined and equipped with the ability to set boundaries in terms of relationships with others.

Many people spend time striving to become the best version of themselves, but there is no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach. That is why it's essential to take a step back from your regular activities and do some introspection on yourself.

Discovering yourself requires asking a lot of questions. These inquiries give you an opportunity to identify which aspects of yourself you find most intriguing and worthwhile.

Focusing on your interests can teach you a great deal about yourself. It will enable you to recognize the areas of life which are most meaningful and assist in choosing which career or lifestyle will provide you with the most satisfaction.

Once you've come to understand yourself better, it is essential that others know about your secret. Although this can be challenging and may make you feel awkward, sharing is an integral part of self-discovery.

Send this quiz to some close friends or family members as an icebreaker to get to know each other better. They might be amazed by what you discover, and you can have some fun comparing your results!

It's wise to share your results with those close to you, as they may be able to offer helpful advice or point out things that don't work for you. This is especially beneficial if you're trying to move past a difficult relationship and begin a new life together.

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