New PS5 System Update Adds Discord Voice Chat and VRR 1440p Support

New PS5 System Update Adds Discord Voice Chat and VRR 1440p Support


NEW PS5 System Update Discord Voice Chat VRR 1440p

Discord voice chat is now available to PS5 players worldwide thanks to a recent system software update. It also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) at 1440p resolution, enabling gamers to enjoy games at higher resolution without sacrificing performance.

In addition to these features, the update also enhances social aspects of the PS5 dashboard with a "Friends Who Play" tile that lets you know which friends are currently playing a game. You can also request or start Share Screen from someone's profile page.

Variable Refresh Rate Support for 1440p Resolution

Sony is launching a major system software update for PS5 consoles today, adding Discord voice chat integration, variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution games, and other user experience and social feature improvements. The update has already started rolling out in beta across the world with invited participants from the U.S., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany gaining access to it shortly.

To use Discord voice chat on the PS5, you'll need to link your PlayStation Network account with Discord. This will make it simpler for friends to see what you're up to and also allow them to start or request a screen share directly from your profile page.

This feature is compatible with both HDMI 2.1 displays and TVs at 1440p resolution, working in conjunction with Variable Refresh Rate, which alters the monitor's refresh rate to match what a game is giving out, eliminating lag or judder. This makes it ideal for gamers who prefer gaming monitors over TVs which often lack enough frame rate to deliver smooth performance.

Furthermore, Voice Command now allows you to save video clips of your gameplay with just a simple command: "Hey PlayStation, capture that!" It's an incredibly straightforward process and an excellent way for friends to join you for a party session with their favorite game - especially as new versions of Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 are coming soon!

Another notable change is the addition of a "Join Game" icon to Party Chats, making it simpler than ever to join game sessions with friends from your list. Furthermore, an updated "Friends Who Play" tile has been added to the game hub that displays friends who own the game and are online right now.

If you want to check out all the new features in the PS5 System Update, click "System Update" on your console's menu and download it. It is likely that this update will come out within months, so make sure your PS5 stays connected and powered on so you don't miss out!

Transfer Data Between PS5 Consoles

PlayStation gamers who have collected games from different generations may find themselves with a large amount of data stored on their console. It's not unusual for people to wish to transfer saved data between consoles in order to continue playing the same game.

There are various methods to accomplish this task, but the quickest and simplest option is connecting both consoles together via Wi-Fi network. With this method, you can simultaneously transfer game files and saves from one console to the other.

However, it can be tedious if you need to transfer a lot of data. To guarantee an efficient transfer process, take several steps.

First, you'll need to connect both your PS4 and PS5 consoles to the same network. You can do this either by connecting each console via LAN cables or by using Wi-Fi modems on both consoles simultaneously.

Next, log into both your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 accounts using the same username. Doing this will make locating your data much simpler when transferring it over.

Once both consoles are logged in, your old and new consoles should detect each other and prompt you to select what needs transferring from your old one. You can select individual game saves, sets of game files or other applications before clicking "Start Transfer."

Once you select the data to transfer, your consoles will be connected and the transfer can begin. A countdown timer will display an approximate duration of the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, your consoles will restart automatically. This step is essential in order to protect your data from corrupting.

Once you are ready to transfer your data, go into the Settings menu of your PS5. Select System Software and then Data Transfer as appropriate.

Join Discord Voice Chats on PS5

Voice chat is a highly requested feature among gamers, and Discord has now added it to PlayStation 5. It provides an excellent opportunity for gamers to connect with people playing on different platforms.

To take advantage of this feature, you'll need to link your PlayStation account with Discord's. Linking both accounts is a straightforward process that should take no more than five minutes.

Once your accounts are connected, you can begin joining Discord Voice Chats on PS5. To do this, launch the Discord app on either your mobile device or PC and select which voice channel you would like to join.

Once selected, a pop-up window will appear asking which console you would like to join the Discord Voice Chat on. When selecting PS5, a notification will appear on your screen confirming your successful joining of the channel.

Once connected to Discord, you can do all the usual functions. For instance, you can mute or lower the volume of other voice channels, view which Discord Voice Chat you're in, and hang up when finished.

Once you're ready to exit voice chat, simply select View Discord Voice Chat from the notification on your PS5 console screen. This will open up the Discord voice chat card and allow all the same features as the app on mobile or PC - including using DualSense(tm) controller's built-in microphone if available.

Before you can begin talking on your PS5, there are a few steps to complete. Once set up and running, it should be an effortless process. If you have any queries, be sure to check out our Discord Help Center article for further instructions!

Once in Discord, voice chat with friends in your community is easy. Even using a group chat like EarlyGame allows for fast discovery of teammates for multiplayer games and getting started is possible!

No matter if you're an experienced Discord user or just getting started, we hope this guide has been beneficial to you. Please let us know if any questions arise in the comments below!

Accessibility Improvements

PlayStation 5 users who are beta testers for the system software update can now experience Discord voice chat, Variable Refresh Rate support for 1440p resolution and other UX, accessibility and social feature improvements. Sony is beginning to roll out this update to invited participants from the United States, Canada Japan Great Britain Germany and France.

For gamers playing on an HDMI 2.1 compatible display at 1440p resolution, Variable Refresh Rate support for games that support VRR is a welcome feature that should make gaming on the console more enjoyable for those with high-resolution displays.

The update also introduces the ability to send screen share requests directly from a friend's profile, access a 'join game' icon in party chats and view a 'friends who play' tile within the game hub. This feature is particularly useful as it enables users to quickly find their friends and what they're currently playing while on-the-go.

Additionally, players can now utilize the voice command feature to capture a video clip of their gameplay. By default, this clip lasts 15 seconds; however, you have the option to save a longer clip by changing your settings accordingly.

As previously noted, this feature will only be accessible for those who have linked their PS5 and Discord accounts. If you haven't done so already, simply head over to the Discord website and follow the instructions there.

Once linked, you can join Discord voice chats with your friends on the PS5 console and communicate with them across most other gaming platforms. This should prove particularly advantageous for fighting game enthusiasts who enjoy communicating and coordinating with their teams.

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