NEO Studios and TwentyOne14 Media ink Factual Partnership

NEO Studios and TwentyOne14 Media ink Factual Partnership


NEO Studios  TwentyOne14 Media ink factual partnership

NEO Studios has inked a partnership with TwentyOne14 Media, owned by Quincy Jones III, to produce unscripted projects. The first will be an educational documentary on Hip-Hop that will star Jones, according to Variety. Previously, Neo Studios developed shows for Prime Video and Discovery+ as well.

TwentyOne14 Media caters to the rapidly-evolving multi-cultural consumer market with film and television content that authentically represents their culture.

All Hip-Hop

Music has always been an expressive medium that people use to express themselves and boost their self-confidence. Hip hop culture has been no different, providing many with the platform to have their voices heard and share their beliefs and feelings with others.

Hip hop was born out of the Bronx's tough and dangerous environment in the '70s, as people sought ways to express their anger through various mediums. At that time, people were dealing with violence, poverty, drugs, and struggle. Through hip hop music they found an outlet for their frustration.

Hip hop has evolved into a powerful culture with four elements: deejaying or turntabling; rapping; graffiti painting; and B-boying, the street dance form of hip hop. This style is characterized by acrobatic movements, upright positions, and footwork.

Dancing to hip hop songs can provide both aerobic and anaerobic benefits for your body. Not only does it give you a great workout, but it also improves coordination and muscle memory.

Furthermore, dancing to hip hop music can have a beneficial effect on one's emotions as well. Not only does it relieve stress and reduce anxiety and depression, but it can also focus on the positive aspects of life. Furthermore, some may even find therapy through dancing the songs.

All Hip-Hop is produced by Quincy Newell's TwentyOne14 Media and global production company Neo Studios, marking their first collaboration.

TwentyOne14 Media is a production and distribution company that specializes in creating content for African American and multi-cultural consumers. Their team has over 30 years of experience marketing to this community, with current projects including content aggregation & distribution management, digital content distribution, scripted/unscripted production - including Shades of Black: an award-winning streaming FAST channel featuring 500 hours of premium studio and independent films; scripted/reality series; as well as powerful documentaries that authentically represent global Black culture.

All Star Comedy Jam

One of the earliest and most successful comedy shows on the national scene, All Star Comedy Jam is back for another round. Hosted by Shaquille O'Neal, it features an all-star lineup of comedy's biggest names.

On February 10 at Microsoft Theater in Downtown LA, an event featuring Bill Bellamy, Michael Blackson, Earthquake and Mo'Nique will take place. Plus there will be surprise guests as well as Shaq himself!

Neo Studios and TwentyOne14 Media have announced a collaboration on a television show to be developed with director Quincy Jones III. Previously, Neo and the content firm collaborated on Life After for Prime Video and Legacy: In the Shadow of Greatness for Discovery+.

All Star Comedy Jam is currently the most successful urban comedy brand in America, having achieved great success through five highly rated 1-hour television specials, along with numerous filmed specials and DVDs.

Codeblack Enterprises and Shaquille O'Neal have been producing All Star Comedy Jam-branded entertainment - both filmed specials and live events - since 2009. The shows have generated tremendous buzz within the industry and garnered audience reviews reminiscent of Kings of Comedy and Def Comedy Jam from the late '90s.

All Star Comedy Jam's success can be attributed not just to its quality filmed specials and live shows, but also Shaq's eccentric personality which has cemented him as a household name. In fact, Shaq earned himself both the title of comedic personality of the century and an indelible place in Guinness Book of World Records for being Earth's most famous comedian.

Shaq's All Star Comedy Jam has become a phenomenon in the urban entertainment market, thanks to NEO Studios and TwentyOne14 media's partnership. Through this connection, Neo can draw upon an abundance of experience to craft creative and captivating unscripted projects - whether that means producing stand-up specials that showcase the best in this genre or an epic movie production - with ease.

Shades of Black

NEO Studios, in collaboration with Quincy Newell-founded TwentyOne14 Media Ink, have formed the next generation of unscripted entertainment. Through their partnership, NEO Studios gains exclusive access to Talent, Athletes, Leagues and Rights along with an intimate understanding of modern storytelling from TikTok through Television production to Theatrical productions.

Shades of Black is a free streaming television (FAST) channel that celebrates African American culture with high-calibre stars and captivating stories. With 500 hours of premium studio and independent films, scripted/reality series, powerful documentaries and specials that authentically represent global Black culture across the U.S., Shades of Black can be watched on Roku, Freevee Pluto TV Vizio Xumo Samsung+ platforms across America.

NEO's global studio boasts an experienced team of talented creators with the unique ability to craft products that captivate people's attention. Notable clients include Shout! Factory, Jesse Collins Entertainment, Catose Productions, Cinedigm, Pat & Mike Productions and animation studio Team Legend Studios - all part of NEO's portfolio.

Fuse Media's award-winning content is further enhanced with a suite of other innovative features designed to keep viewers engaged. Not only does it deliver top quality programming, but its user interface ranks among the best of any FAST channel yet. In an increasingly competitive free entertainment market, Fuse Media is showing it has what it takes to be a leader. OUTtv platform empowers and amplifies young multicultural voices while encouraging them to express themselves fully on and off screen; its flagship program, OUTtv Proud, marks its debut in North America.

Quincy Jones III

QDIII was raised in Stockholm, Sweden where his mother's involvement in the local music scene exposed him to hip hop culture. At 13 years old he got his first drum machine and began producing demos for local artists; by 16 he launched his own production company and released his first gold record.

After that, he relocated to New York City and spent a year and a half working with iconic American emcees like T La Rock and Special K of Treacherous 3. Additionally, he recorded several tracks for other American rappers like 2Pac and Ice Cube.

He then ventured into filmmaking, crafting music for films such as Menace II Society, Gang Related and Panther. Additionally, he composed theme songs for television shows like In the House, Out All Night and Grown Ups. In 1993 he won an ASCAP Composers Award for his work on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Today, he serves as CEO and creative officer for his production company QD3 Entertainment. Additionally, he founded WeMash, an internet service that allows people to send text messages to each other.

Jones was born on December 23, 1968 in Wimbledon, London to Swedish model Ulla Andersson and American music producer Quincy Jones. His older sister Martina 'Tina' Jones is a singer/dancer.

Quincy Jones III is renowned for his music and film career, but he also takes an active role as a sex activist and supporter of sexual rights. He boasts a Twitter account with thousands of followers who regularly express their opinions on the topic on various social media platforms.

As a producer, he has worked on numerous projects such as movies, TV series and music recordings. He has earned numerous awards for his music in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Fresh Prince of South Central; additionally he won the Gracie Award for Filmmaking and was named one of Vogue's 30 Young Hollywood Directors in America.

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