NBA Rumors: Former Celtics HC Ime Udoka Vetted by Multiple Teams After Haw's Suspension

NBA Rumors: Former Celtics HC Ime Udoka Vetted by Multiple Teams After Haw's Suspension


NBA Rumors Former Celtics HC Ime Udoka Vetted by Multiple Teams After Haw

NBA Rumors: Former Celtics HC Ime Udoka Vetted by Multiple Teams After Haw's Suspension

Ime Udoka led Boston to an incredible 51-31 record and a trip to the NBA Finals during his one season as head coach. Unfortunately, he was suspended by the Celtics last September for having an inappropriate relationship with a staffer; however, multiple teams expressed interest in him following that suspension.

The Nets were one of them. Reports indicate they have thoroughly investigated the circumstances surrounding Udoka's suspension and believe he can help strengthen their 29th-ranked defense and provide leadership in an uncertain locker room environment.

Brooklyn Nets

Rumors about Ime Udoka's dubious behavior have been swirling around the NBA. He was suspended by the Boston Celtics earlier this year for multiple violations, including having an inappropriate relationship with a female staff member.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and general manager Sean Marks have been actively searching for a replacement for Udoka since his suspension by the Celtics. Udoka would likely replace Steve Nash as head coach, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

In September, Boston Athletics suspended Udoka after an independent law firm conducted a monthslong investigation that uncovered multiple violations of team policies. Multiple publications cited anonymous sources in reporting the suspension, which was originally expected to last one season.

Udoka was undeterred, still searching for other opportunities and potential head coaching gigs. Could he be the next captain of an under-reconstructed team?

According to league sources, getting him a new NBA coaching job would take an immense amount of time and energy. Not only that, but dealing with the public backlash he's already faced makes it even more challenging; owners would want assurance that he isn't a risky hire.

Other factors come into play as well. Udoka's reputation is in jeopardy following his six-game loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

He is a former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach who won an NBA championship with the team in 2014. Unfortunately, his tenure with the Celtics organization was filled with controversy.

After his disappointing departure from Boston, it's not surprising that the Nets would be interested in Udoka's services. His previous relationship with their ownership - specifically president and minority owner James Ainge - and longtime friend of Nets general manager Sean Marks further add to this understanding.

However, he remains a controversial figure in the NBA and his past will likely cause ripples throughout the league. Owners could increase their due diligence processes and add extra stipulations to contracts; this could even prompt the NBA to review its regulations regarding coach's assistants.

Atlanta Hawks

Rumors have been swirling that the Atlanta Hawks may be considering hiring Ime Udoka as their new head coach after Dwight Haw's suspension. At 45 years old, Ime has been on the market since his tenure with Boston Celtics ended in October; fans wonder which NBA team is most likely interested in him.

Though many questions still linger regarding Udoka's situation, several teams have already begun vetting him. The 76ers and Knicks are two such teams; however, neither have officially made any moves yet.

The Hawks could be the next team to consider Udoka as they don't face a toxic coaching environment like many other teams do. Though they may be wary of hiring him due to potential backlash, Udoka could help them build some momentum for their season.

After all, he led the Celtics to the NBA Finals during his first head coaching job in 2021-22. But any return to the league is sure to elicit public outcry and internal workplace concerns.

Even so, the reports about Udoka being evaluated by multiple teams are quite intriguing. They suggest that many organizations have already expressed an interest in the former head coach and may be considering him for potential hire.

He enjoyed a successful career as an assistant coach for the 76ers, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn Nets before being recruited by Boston last summer. Although he was named to one Eastern Conference coaching vacancy, assistant Joe Mazzulla ultimately received promotion instead.

After allegations surfaced that he had an inappropriate relationship with a member of the staff, an investigation was launched and eventually led to suspension for all 32 games of the 2022-23 NBA season.

Shams Charania first reported the story about Udoka's violations of team policies, noting that initially the team believed it to be consensual until a woman made an anonymous complaint about unwanted comments from him. That led to a Thursday meeting between ownership and Brad Stevens at which time Udoka was officially suspended for the year.

Philadelphia 76ers

Rumors swirl that an NBA coach has been suspended by his team, prompting many to speculate whether another franchise may be interested in hiring them. Ime Udoka, former Celtics head coach, is being reportedly evaluated by multiple teams after being suspended by Boston, fueling this speculation among fans and experts alike.

Though the 76ers and other teams have expressed interest in hiring Udoka, there are numerous factors that could prevent him from being hired - including any negative reaction associated with his past actions.

Udoka led the Celtics to 51-31 record and an NBA Finals appearance during his first season as head coach, earning him a fan following and potential employers drawn to his experience and tough style of coaching. It's easy to see why teams seeking young, experienced head coaches would be drawn to Udoka's resume.

It's essential to remember that Udoka was suspended due to her relationship with an employee without a consent clause. This is an issue teams must keep in mind when it comes to managing their workplaces.

Particularly in an organization like the Celtics, where a coach is the highest ranking member of staff, there can be serious repercussions if this relationship goes awry.

Last week, it came as a shock when the Boston Celtics revealed Udoka had been suspended for his involvement in an intimate relationship with an employee. Shams Charania of The Athletic broke the story quickly and team owner and general manager Brad Stevens swiftly defended their culture and standards for respect and freedom from harassment on that same day.

While the investigation into this incident continues, many questions remain unanswered about what occurred and how the organization handled it. Furthermore, it appears that Udoka's relationship with this woman was much more complicated than initially reported - making it even more challenging to determine how this situation will be addressed moving forward.

New York Knicks

Rumors swirl that the New York Knicks may be considering vetting Ime Udoka for their head coaching position. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, they are still in the process with Udoka who was fired by Boston Celtics after they suspended him one year due to an alleged inappropriate relationship with a member of their staff.

ESPN's Tim Bontemps reports that the Celtics have suspended Udoka due to an investigation into their relationship, conducted by an independent law firm. They informed Udoka of this investigation two weeks prior.

Udoka had clearly violated league guidelines in his relationship with a member of the staff, yet this incident was treated as an isolated occurrence by the Celtics.

Although the NBA does not have an explicit policy regarding consent when coaches are dating someone on their staff, it does encourage teams to implement such regulations for those deemed high-ranking members of an organization who may wield significant power.

Coaches' personal conduct can easily be turned into a political issue, particularly in an NBA organization where the coach serves as boss of the players. This could create problems that cannot be quickly solved and lead to public outcry that would eventually result in their dismissal.

That is why Woj took such a swift lead on the Udoka news by including "consensual" into their report. This move was done to quell speculation and provide some protection so that Udoka doesn't appear to have committed any wrongdoing.

It is also likely that Udoka's agent had some involvement in the vetting process, which would not be a bad thing. Last season, Joe Mazzulla replaced Udoka on the Celtics; however, Mazzulla himself was accused of domestic battery in college but served a two-year suspension for that charge.

Prior to Steve Nash's firing, the Nets had been considering Udoka for their head coaching job. However, they waited due to several factors, including timing of hiring, an extensive investigation and public outcry over his hiring. In the end, Brooklyn chose Jacque Vaughn instead.

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