NBA Prop Bets

NBA Prop Bets


NBA Prop Bets Oklahoma City Thunder  New Orleans Pelicans  March 11 2023

NBA Prop Bets

If you're searching for an innovative way to wager on NBA games, player prop bets may be the perfect solution. These wagers focus on specific aspects of a match and offer you the chance to get in on the action without breaking your budget.

NBA props offer many choices, such as points scored, rebounds, assists and more. Finding the right one can be confusing so do your due diligence to research each option before placing your bet.


Prop bets on NBA games offer an opportunity to make extra money betting on your favorite team. Although this type of betting has been around for some time, its popularity is growing and now offers many different options to choose from. In addition to betting on the total, you can also place bets on player stats such as points, rebounds and assists.

Over/Under betting is a common type of wager that lets you predict whether a game will go over or under its specified number of points. You can also place bets on how many threes a player will hit in a game, as well as on how many steals they'll accumulate.

Prop bets can be an excellent way to win more money, but you should remember there are risks involved. One of the most crucial points to bear in mind is that there are often many random elements at play when placing these wagers.

Another important note is that some random statistics can have extremely high odds of being true. For instance, bets on over/under 0.5 steals or 1 steal per game are both highly risky since one cannot accurately predict how many steals a player will make in any given game.

Therefore, it's best to stick with more secure stats when placing NBA prop bets. For instance, betting on a team to cover the spread in an at-home game is much less risky than wagering on them to lose by more than a specified amount.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the NBA's top teams, but they face a formidable opponent in the New Orleans Pelicans. Although OKC boasts an impressive defensive unit, their offense hasn't been as consistent as expected. As home underdogs on Monday night, the Pelicans should have an edge by virtue of Brandon Ingram continuing his impressive play from beyond the arc; against an OKC defense that allows eighteen threes per game on average.


Moneyline betting is an easy way to place wagers on a game without worrying about the spread. It may seem straightforward enough, but it requires some research in order to fully grasp its nuances.

On Monday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder will return home after a three-game road trip when they take on the New Orleans Pelicans. After winning their last two games and falling to Cleveland on Friday night, this matchup promises to be high-scoring so bet on over.

In this NBA matchup, the Thunder are favored by 2.5 points with -110 odds on the moneyline. They have covered the spread in 13 of their last 17 games while the Pelicans are on a six-game road losing streak.

This game offers plenty of action, as well as an array of prop bets available. Most of these wagers focus on specific stats or players.

Some of the most popular prop bets in the NBA involve how many points a player will score or whether they'll hit a certain number of 3-pointers. Other popular wagers involve how many assists and rebounds they'll accumulate.

You can bet on whether a team will cover the spread or win outright. Most sportsbooks provide these bets, and you can use OddsChecker to search for the best odds and compare them against other online bookmakers.

On Monday night, the Thunder are heavy favorites to beat the Pelicans. After winning four straight home games, they'll look to return to winning form on the road. Meanwhile, the Pelicans find themselves in a difficult spot after their loss to the Cavaliers and will likely try to bounce back from that setback.

The Thunder are a solid pick to beat the Pelicans in this NBA matchup, especially after they have won their last five games. On average, they are scoring 115.5 points per game this season and outscoring their opponents by an average of 10.8 points per contest.


Basketball is one of the world's most thrilling sports, featuring thrilling moments such as no-look passes, acrobatic dunks and incredible long-distance threes. Few leagues provide such action-packed excitement like the NBA does. No wonder why this game has become such a global obsession!

Betting on NBA games can be fun, but there's also the potential risk of losing money. To reduce this danger, try placing NBA parlay bets online - this way, you can wager on multiple games from the comfort of your own home without ever leaving your couch!

NBA betting odds can change quickly, so it's essential to stay abreast of the most up-to-date with the most current NBA betting odds from top sportsbooks. These fluctuations are caused by factors like injuries, team load management and player rest - so being aware of them before making any picks could mean the difference between success and failure for you as a bettor.

Betting on NBA games offers many ways to increase your odds of success, the most popular being NBA spreads and totals. These numbers are calculated by the sportsbook and can be a great way to boost your winning chances.

The spread is a popular NBA wager because it provides an even playing field. Furthermore, it allows bettors to stake on both sides of the spread - useful when two teams are shooting well from long range or when an experienced defensive unit faces off against an underdog.

NBA betting carries a considerable risk, so it is essential to do your due diligence and research the games you plan to wager on. To do this, look at the team's record, their current matchup against another team and their schedule.

NBA bettors typically opt for underdogs when possible. This strategy works especially well when selecting home underdogs who typically have an advantage due to having more home court advantage.

In addition to the typical NBA spread, there are other wagers such as over/unders and moneyline bets. While these can offer greater potential payouts, they may also be harder to win so it's best to limit yourself to a few different bets.


Futures betting is an innovative way to bet on future events, offering wagers across many sports. You can place bets on the winner of a league, team's regular season or even the World Series; additionally you may wager on specific awards like NBA MVP or NFL Player of the Year.

The NBA is one of the most beloved sports in America, offering plenty of futures markets for teams and players. Tournaments can last weeks, giving gamblers plenty of time to place their bets. The NBA playoffs feature seven-game best-of-seven series; players can wager on whether a certain team will make it through to the championship or not.

In 2023, the Thunder boast a 7-1 record against New Orleans and are favorites by 2.5 points for their game on Monday night. On the heels of their 138-129 win against Portland on Friday, the Thunder have three players averaging double figures in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (44 points), Paul George (33 points) and Russell Westbrook (34 points).

Oklahoma City has won 27 of their first 55 games this season, but is just one game under.500. They hope to climb into the top half of the Western Conference and make it to the playoffs.

They have been a top-five team for offensive efficiency for much of the season, scoring 115.3 points per game while shooting 48.0 percent from the field and 35.7 percent from three. Furthermore, they are making 78.0 percent of their free throws while having an impressive +2.2 rebounding margin.

Meanwhile, the Pelicans have been struggling to find their rhythm without Zion Williamson, but have rebounded from a four-game losing streak with victories over the Lakers and Kings. Although not favorites against Thunder, their experienced starting lineup should be enough for them to secure an edge in a close contest.

The Thunder are 4-0 in their last four games following an offensive outburst of 100 points or more and 5-0 when allowing 100 points or more. Furthermore, they've gone 3-0 in their last four road games and 5-1 when being favored by more than two points.

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