Nardo Wick - Hot Boy Feat. Lil Baby Official Video

Nardo Wick - Hot Boy Feat. Lil Baby Official Video


Nardo Wick  Hot Boy Feat Lil Baby Official Video

Nardo Wick returns with another impressive single, "Hot Boy." This time around, the Florida rapper teams up with Lil Baby for this Go Grizzly-produced anthem. This release definitely deserves your attention - stream and download below and thank you for watching!


Nardo Wick, 19 years old from Jacksonville, Florida has taken the music world by storm. Already one of this year's hottest breakout talents, he's already made quite an impression.

He's making waves not only on his own, but collaborating with many renowned artists. To date, he's collaborated with 21 Savage, Lil Baby and G Herbo.

Nardo stands out among other up and coming rappers by breaking through to major labels quickly; after only 6 songs released and getting endorsements from two of Chicago's biggest stars, he has achieved success within a short amount of time. While most underground artists take years before receiving major label support, Nardo has managed to achieve this status within a relatively short amount of time.

His rise has been meteoric and his success isn't without its challenges. He's been dubbed a "cash money king", showing that he is highly-sophisticated when it comes to handling money.

When creating his music, he often experiments with different melodies and rhythms to create an eclectic sound. His songs are packed full of energy and emotion - ideal for dancing or listening while unwinding.

Despite his youth, he has already mastered the art of mixing music - as evidenced by his song "Who Want Smoke", an excellent example.

Nardo Wick is an accomplished producer as well as a gifted artist with his own distinctive sound and style. He blends elements of hip hop, electronica and dance to craft an innovative sound that stands out in the industry.

He has had the unique opportunity to collaborate with some of music's biggest names, which has given him recognition he deserves. Furthermore, his skills as a singer and lyricist are truly remarkable.

He has enormous potential in the hip-hop industry and is ready to take on the world. He's a good listener who can relate to people's struggles. Additionally, his dedication and hard work have already paid off; showing no sign of slowing down.


Since 2021, American rapper Nardo Wick has been producing top-notch material. This track is no exception and features some seriously high octane production and captivating lyrics - an indication of true artistry in the music industry. You can view it for yourself by clicking the link below; we suggest taking your time and giving it a full listen from start to finish - you won't regret it! You can also check out the full album here.


Nardo Wick has earned himself an impressive array of XXL awards and collaborated with notable artists such as Future, G Herbo and Lil Baby - yet he remains relatively unknown to most rap fans due to his dark, gritty brand of street cred mixed with high fashion flair. Now he's back at it again with "Hot Boy", his new track which you can download below! To stay up to date on all his progress be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - we'd love to hear what you think! Until next time!

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Fans of the gangster rap/trap scene may have heard about Jacksonville, Florida artist Nardo Wick. He's renowned for his dark beats and menacing rapping style which has gained him a large following among music listeners.

He first achieved fame for his hit single "Who Want Smoke?" featuring fellow rappers 21 Savage, G Herbo and Lil Durk. The track went platinum quickly and featured Cole Bennett and Lyrical Lemonade in its accompanying video.

Since then, Wick has released a string of hit songs that are becoming increasingly popular within the hip-hop community. His most recent single is entitled "Hot Boy," featuring Lil Baby - another rising star in rap music.

Go Grizzly produced the song, who has previously collaborated with Nardo Wick and Lil Baby on various projects. Here they show their disdain for those who disagree with them over a Cash Money-inspired track that keeps the street hype high.

Lil Baby and Wick previously collaborated on the hit single "Pop Out," which was featured on his chart-topping project It's Only Me. Now they're back with their new single and are eager to leave an impact on fans.

Along with their release, Lyrical Lemonade has also shared a music video for the song directed by Cole Bennett and produced by Lyrical Lemonade. In it, they pull off an amazing heist with money and women in tow - sure to dazzle listeners!

Wick is only a few years into his career, yet he already has earned the support and endorsements of some of the biggest names in hip-hop. His sound is one of the best on the market and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Now, he's releasing his newest single and it's sure to go viral. His production on the track is top notch, while his rapping style remains as menacing as ever. You can check out the video for his newest song below - you won't regret it!

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