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Morgan Wallen Shatters Industry Norms With Th... | Future Starr


Morgan Wallen Shatters Industry Norms With Three Hit Songs

Morgan Wallen Shatters Industry Norms With Three Hit Songs


Morgan Wallen Shatters Industry Norms with Three Hit Songs


Morgan Wallen recently set new streaming records in country music with his fan-favorite track, "7 Summers". Now his acclaimed album One Thing At A Time continues its march up the charts.

Two years after inflicting himself with a career-damaging PR nightmare and partial industry ban with his use of racial slurs on Dangerous, Wallen has seen much success rebounding from this mistake. Now with both an album release and stadium tour on the horizon, Wallen stands ready to break even more industry norms than before.

You Proof

Morgan Wallen has made quite a name for himself in country music, but not without controversy. The singer was suspended from his label for making racist comments and arrested while drunk at a bar in 2020 - yet is also one of the top streaming charts performers.

Wallen has seen tremendous success since releasing his critically-acclaimed album Dangerous in 2007, with multiple Billboard Hot 100 and Top Ten chart entries as well as streaming success; an accomplishment rarely achieved within country music and more recently only seen with streaming stars such as him.

Success for him stems from a combination of his voice, songwriting and commercial sound. He can create songs that appeal to radio as well as old-school country swagger, making his songs accessible to a broader audience.

Wallen's latest release, "You Proof," poses one major difficulty.

He sings of the heartache caused by losing someone you care for and how he's tried desperately to forget this person, yet has not succeeded. Pouring whiskey was intended to drown out their memory but failed miserably.

Instead, he decided to switch things up a bit by intaking 90 to 100 proof varieties of alcohol.

It may seem excessive, but this is actually not. The standard strength of alcohol such as vodka and whiskey is 80 proof; and according to the United States Department of Agriculture it's not unusual for people to consume up to one liter in one sitting.

Even with its heavy lyrical content, this song makes an enjoyable listen. Though a bit slow-burning at times, its guitar work and great chorus provide enjoyable listening experiences.

The song begins with a guitar riff played in the background while singing the first verse, before transitioning to more electronic production with 808s (an electronic drum pattern from Roland TR-808 drum machine) and clicks, giving depth and creating a distinctive retro sound.

One Thing At A Time

Two years ago, country music took a strong stance against Morgan Wallen after he used a racial slur during an interview. His albums were removed from streaming playlists, radio stations banned him, and his record label suspended his contract; but Wallen saw this incident as an opportunity for personal renewal.

He released an apology video, met with Black community leaders who had been offended by his slur, and pledged to try to be sober in future performances. His fans, some who had hoped that country music might take steps toward combating racism within its ranks, were supportive and quickly started streaming his songs again.

His latest album, One Thing at a Time, has also proven immensely successful - spending six consecutive weeks atop the albums chart and becoming his signature track on both country radio stations and Hot 100 charts.

This song serves as a reminder that sometimes, taking a step back from life's hectic pace and giving ourselves some space is necessary. Its message resonates with many listeners, while its memorable chorus becomes an instantaneous hit!

Ashley Gorley of Nashville songwriter is responsible for writing this song, who has co-written hits for Trace Adkins, Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett as well as Colton Burpo's recent single "You Proof."

Produced by Joey Moi, who has collaborated with numerous country stars like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Keith Urban; Eric Church and HARDY have made special guest appearances.

Gorley also served as producer for Wallen's previous hits such as "Don't Think Jesus" and "Wasted on You".

Wallen's work remains compelling, yet this record may not be his finest work. A collection of tracks which will certainly keep him busy for some time to come; however, this likely won't be an album which propels his career to greater success in the industry.

Wasted On You

Morgan Wallen stands as an artist with no equal on the country scene today, both controversially and popularly - both are being touted by Big Loud Records recording artist! Morgan Wallen has become increasingly more sought-after with each passing day; winning awards and expanding her fan base.

Since TMZ caught Wallen using the N-word in early 2021, he has faced considerable backlash from industry organizations and public statements from them vilifying him publicly. Through social media and streaming platforms like TikTok however, Wallen has found an audience outside traditional country music listening demographics who might otherwise not enjoy his songs.

"Wasted On You" addresses the heartbreaking reality of losing an intimate relationship that once held his attention. He laments having difficulty getting over her while remembering all the money and time he invested into their romance as well as all the bourbon consumed to ease his distress.

This song features an infectious melody with an unforgettable chorus that captures his point about how time, money and energy is being wasted on her.

Wallen's fourth single from Dangerous: The Double Album was the inaugural entry to debut at #1 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart - becoming his first song ever to do so from this tally. It marked Wallen's first time having multiple entries reach #1 from one tally simultaneously.

Though this song by Morgan Wallen may elicit strong feelings of heartache and be powerful lyrically, its production and writing do not hold up as well to some of his other tracks on his third album One Thing at a Time.

"Wasted On You" may contain its share of flaws, yet is still an enjoyable listen and has the potential to become a classic song in time. Additionally, Wallen proves his talent as a songwriter by connecting with his audience deeper than many critics or fans might expect.

Unfortunately, it seems he doesn't get enough credit for what he does on an ongoing basis. He excels at using his signature bad boy persona to craft songs that explore vulnerability and reflection - hopefully this marks a promising new direction for this Big Loud recording artist!

One More Time

"7 Summers," recently released by Wallen, made history when it debuted at #1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart for streaming, sales and airplay-based country songs in 62 years. Additionally, this single is off his newly released sophomore album - One Thing At A Time.

Rami Yacoub is best-known for producing Britney Spears songs. Rami's production of "Toxic," however, became an instant classic that became one of the top-selling singles worldwide; selling over 10 million copies. This song serves as an outstanding example of how an unforgettable chorus can set the scene for an entire song.

Wallen sings about the significance of having strong support systems when experiencing difficulties in life, noting how having someone there to talk to can help him cope better with challenges in his own life. He notes how it's nice having someone close by whom to share one's burdens.

He further illustrates the power of social media by noting how it can help build connections and share stories between people - a message not many artists are capable of transmitting through music.

One More Time is an example of this trend, breaking some industry norms with its catchy chorus that includes an excerpt from Eddie Johns' 1979 track 'More Spell on You."

Though this sample may not be completely original or groundbreaking, it works beautifully within the song's theme of finding comfort in others when life becomes challenging. With lyrics drawn from personal experience, this song makes for an easy listening experience with beautiful and relatable lyrics.

A catchy chorus can make or break a song, so it's crucial that it grabs listeners' attention. Successful choruses tend to be simple yet catchy with strong melodies that grab listeners' attention.

Writing an effective chorus requires both patience and practice. Although musicians may have difficulty in the beginning, perseverance can pay off: just keep trying until you find your groove! From adding extra lines or altering melodies to combat writer's block and create the best possible chorus composition.

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