MIUI 14 Top Features For Xiaomi Redmi Devices

MIUI 14 Top Features For Xiaomi Redmi Devices


MIUI 14 Top features full list of eligible Xiaomi Redmi devices

MIUI 14 Top Features For Xiaomi Redmi Devices

MIUI 14 has finally started rolling out to some lucky devices after a brief launch. This latest iteration of the company's software boasts tons of exciting new features, user experience (UX) refinements and security/privacy enhancements.

One of the standout features is its "ultra pure system", which uses less memory and pre-installed applications than previous versions. Furthermore, it compresses rarely used apps to free up space for other programs.

1. Faster boot up

MIUI 14 provides a suite of optimizations designed to boost the performance of eligible devices. One such feature, Smart ROM Optimisation, will reduce memory and storage usage for rarely-used apps by up to 3GB over three months.

Another optimization is a faster boot up feature. The system utilizes 214MB less memory than its previous version, providing for an amazingly quick and smooth startup experience. Furthermore, 19 of the most frequently used system apps - like camera, clock and messages - have been reduced from 29% RAM usage in MIUI 13 to 11% RAM consumption.

MIUI 14 introduces the Photon Engine, which optimizes third-party apps by 88% and reduces their power consumption up to 16% compared to MIUI 13. This leverages deep optimizations in the Linux kernel and gives developers access to this functionality so apps run much faster and smoothlyer.

Additionally, this feature enhances security and privacy by storing data locally on the device instead of sending it to the cloud. Furthermore, you can protect your photos from being uploaded to online photo services without your knowledge or consent.

If you're considering upgrading to MIUI 14, take advantage of the company's Early Adopter Plan. This will give you access to testing the new interface for one month, and registration can be done from either Mi Store or on their website.

2. Declutter notification panel

Android users who find themselves scrolling through a disorganized notification panel every time they want to check messages or emails will appreciate the decluttered notification panel feature in MIUI 14. This latest version of Xiaomi's custom skin has made managing notifications on your home screen much simpler than ever before.

Notifications that don't need immediate action now appear as floating bubbles instead of taking up valuable space in the notification shade, allowing you to quickly glance at them without having to swipe down from the top of the screen. This frees up more screen real estate for other notifications you need to view.

Another recent feature in the notification panel is the ability to move multiple apps around your home screen using folders. This makes it much simpler to organize and arrange apps by type, making it faster to locate what you need.

MIUI 14 is also expected to introduce a redesigned Assistant interface and Anti-Fraud Protection feature, which shields your device from suspicious calls, messages, and apps. This system utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious activity and block it - thus avoiding potential phishing or malware infections on your phone.

MIUI 14 may include support for the Qualcomm Low Energy Audio standard, which promises better sound quality and lower power consumption than traditional Bluetooth streaming. This would be a welcome addition to devices compatible with this standard such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.

3. Faster image recognition

MIUI 14's faster image recognition feature leverages local computing for faster and safer text extraction from images. It also supports real time subtitles during video calls, providing on-device privacy by enabling over 30 system scenarios without sending data to the cloud.

MIUI 14 provides a more user-friendly interface for background apps, as it has been optimized to reduce memory usage between foreground and background applications. Furthermore, its energy saving mode only kills apps prematurely when necessary - helping your battery last longer.

Another notable improvement is a redesigned calculator, clock, notification panel and quick settings menu. It features four distinct icon sizes as well as interactive "cute things" like cat avatars, floral ornaments or pets which can be tapped to interact while you navigate between apps.

Finally, MIUI 14 has been designed with improved battery life in mind with new widgets and customizable folders. Furthermore, it features a faster internet experience thanks to an upgraded high-speed interconnection bus that boosts earphone discovery, mobile TV connection speed and picture transmission during streaming by 50%, 12% and 77%, respectively.

Finally, Xiaomi Redmi devices will receive the MIUI 14 update in the first quarter of 2023 - including the recently launched Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G, Redmi 12T, as well as many other Redmi smartphones.

4. Customization options

MIUI 14 offers a host of customization options. You can select an attractive wallpaper or pack, alter the color scheme of your home screen, and adjust icon sizes accordingly.

There are also new widget formats and home screen folders. Furthermore, you can add a plant or pet ornament to your desktop screen for an eye-catching touch.

Another useful feature is a faster and more animated animation when closing an app in its folder. This makes it ideal for those who prefer quickly accessing their favorite applications and services.

Additionally, PhoneCruncher helps save phone storage space by automatically compressing apps that aren't frequently used and saving only one copy of duplicate files. This keeps your device running smoothly without having to worry about running out of storage space.

MIUI 14 boasts a host of other improvements and tweaks in addition to these features, such as an overhauled settings page with fewer entries and narrower line spacing, plus larger icons for easier identification.

Additionally, a newly designed paired-device interface enables easy switching of inputs between two connected devices with just a touch. Furthermore, you can utilize the family account feature to share your photos and cloud subscription services with up to nine people.

The new version also boasts improved text extraction and recognition from gallery images, as well as internal changes such as kernel-level optimizations for improved CPU and GPU performance. Overall, MIUI 14's custom UI is simpler to use and more visually appealing.

5. Bluetooth LE audio support

Xiaomi Redmi users can look forward to receiving the Android 13-based MIUI 14 update soon. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has started rolling out the new software to some devices in China and is now updating some global models as well.

MIUI 14 offers several design and security improvements to enhance the user experience on Xiaomi smartphones. Furthermore, performance optimizations and enhancements have been introduced which make devices run faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

MIUI 14 update brings support for Bluetooth LE audio, a next-generation wireless technology designed to deliver superior sound quality. It supports various codecs including Multi-Stream and Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) as well as Auracast broadcasting - which lets you listen to music simultaneously from multiple headphones that support it.

MIUI 14 also brings enhanced anti-cheat protection, alerting users of suspicious calls, messages and apps. Furthermore, this update declutters notifications and enhances the Assistant interface for easier navigation.

Customizability is also provided, such as changing the background of the camera app. Plus, you can share your photos and cloud subscription services with up to nine people; create shared photo albums and use them as family screensavers.

6. On-device privacy

MIUI 14 now introduces an on-device privacy feature that processes sensitive data on your device without sending it off to servers. Available across more than ten system services, this feature is designed to reduce risks associated with data processing and safeguard your privacy.

The update also introduces a duplicate file merger feature to save space on your phone by merging old files and compressing those that haven't been used recently. This is accompanied by other improvements such as internal kernel-level optimizations and an easier control centre toggle for connecting various Xiaomi accessories.

Other enhancements include improved support for multiple languages, automatic compression of apps you rarely use and the option to turn off persistent notifications on the lock screen. Furthermore, this version boasts a more versatile home screen design which enables customization using card-style interfaces that help present information more efficiently.

Performance has been enhanced with MIUI 14's update, which improves memory usage and decreases system resources to keep things running quickly and smoothly. It has also reduced the size of system apps and the operating system, enabling applications to run faster even during high-load conditions. Furthermore, MIUI 14 increases third-party app smoothness by 88% while decreasing power consumption by 16% compared to MIUI 13. Xiaomi has shared an eligible list for MIUI 14, consisting of devices like Xiaomi 12T Pro, Mi 10T, Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, Redmi Note 10 Pro/Note 10 which are all expected to receive this upgrade soon.

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