Miley Cyrus - River Official Video

Miley Cyrus - River Official Video


Miley Cyrus  River  Official Video

Pop star Katy Perry returns with another electrifying single from her eighth studio album, 'River'. This one's perfect for dancing all day long - perfect for getting in the zone!

Fans were eagerly speculating as to what this song was about, but Miley revealed it's about someone she has been deeply in love with. As she put it, "This love rains down like an April shower."


On March 10th, Miley Cyrus finally released her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation after months of anticipation. This record offers us an intimate glimpse into Miley Cyrus' "new Miley," a woman choosing to celebrate herself and her growing romantic interests instead of dwelling on heartache.

Liam Hemsworth's new single, "River," is one of the hottest hits off the album and features an irresistibly catchy hook that revolves around him!

In a promotional video for her Disney+ concert special, Cyrus described the song as a "dance floor banger that's fucking nasty" and said that it was about (redacted). But if you look at the lyrics closely, it's unclear exactly what she means by this statement.

On this track, she uses water imagery to describe her lover. She refers to them as a river and says they "go on forever." Additionally, the song's chorus mentions April showers and flowers - symbols of good luck.

She also alluded to a "dream" and an "hope" for this new relationship. She expressed that she wants to be with this person for an extended period of time, with hopes that they would have children together.

Miley Cyrus' River Official Video features lyrics about her new lover, whom she affectionately refers to as a "river." She likens them to an April shower and a dream, believing they will soon have a baby together.

It's hard to know if this song is about Liam Hemsworth or not, as she hasn't confirmed it. However, the pop star certainly appears to be flirting with him in the video. Her latest music video features her wearing a black and white minidress while dancing among a sea of shirtless men.

Rumors swirl that Miley Cyrus' River Official Video may be about her former husband Liam Hemsworth's cheating scandals, and it appears they may be right! According to PopTingz on Twitter, the house where the music video was shot was used by Hemsworth to allegedly cheat on Cyrus with 14 women.


Miley Cyrus has released the music video for her track "River" from Endless Summer Vacation. In the steamy clip, she can be seen dancing with 14 shirtless men against a black and white background. However, some fans are wondering if the song is about Miley's ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

The song "River" is one of the standouts on her eighth studio album 'Endless Summer Vacation' and it's sure to get people moving. Produced by Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson (who also worked on her hit single 'Flowers'), the track speaks about finding joy after heartbreak; how her current partner has shown her an unconditional love that pours down like April showers.

Though the song has already reached number one on the charts, its meaning behind the lyrics remains uncertain. Some fans speculate that 'River' refers to actress Kate Hudson's former husband Liam Hemsworth and his numerous cheating scandals.

After the success of her eighth album 'Flowers, Miley is back with her eighth offering, 'Endless Summer Vacation', due out March 10. This collection includes hit singles "Jaded," "Wonder Woman," and the brand-new song 'River". Miley looks absolutely incredible while promoting her album; we can't wait to see the video!

This week, she shared some photos and video snippets of her 'River' music video on Instagram, showing off an incredible physique. After years of practicing Ashtanga yoga, it's no wonder why this woman has such a toned physique!

Miley shared on her IG story that the song was written during a difficult period in her personal and emotional life. She explained how songs often develop over time, such as how her 'River' might go from being about April showers to showers of love.

On March 10, 'River' video was released alongside her album and is expected to be as successful as previous hits. Additionally, 'Flowers' star has been celebrating with some fun content on her Instagram feed; be sure to take a look!


Miley Cyrus' music videos have always been wild and unpredictable, and her latest video for "River" does not disappoint.

In the video, she's wearing a backless black dress and we can't help but be mesmerized by her toned legs and arms as she moves to the music. It's an impressive look - especially considering she has been working out regularly as evidenced by her Instagram posts.

She loves yoga and running, too, making her an expert fitness expert who knows exactly how to tone up and build muscle.

If you've been following the pop star, then you may have heard her latest hit single, "Flowers," which has been on top of the UK charts for seven weeks. This lead single from her new album Endless Summer Vacation shows that she's feeling better than ever before.

This catchy pop track features lyrics that compare her new partner to a river, featuring water imagery throughout. Definitely worth listening to!

What's remarkable about this song is how distinct it sounds from her other tracks on the album. While it retains some elements of her classic dance pop style, she also incorporates some more contemporary influences like rapping and electronic sounds.

This marks a refreshing departure from her previous releases, which were more in line with Disney Channel's bubblegum pop sound of the 1990s. This shift could indicate a shift in her artistic vision.

No matter the lyrics or music video, Miley appears to have a successful summer with her new music. And it's no shock that fans around the world are showing her support.

If you've been following her social media, then you know she's been touting her new songs nonstop. One post in particular showed a video of her dancing along to one of the new tunes and fans were going wild!

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Two months after her chart-topping lead single, Miley Cyrus has released the second song from her new album Endless Summer Vacation - "River", which looks set to be just as successful as its predecessor!

"River" is a vibrant synth-driven dance anthem with an accompanying steamy music video. Miley Cyrus sings the lead role in this black-and-white clip which follows him around on a catwalk before joining an ensemble of wet men.

This song is the most successful single from her eighth studio album and it was produced by Kid Harpoon, Greg Kurstin, Mike WiLL Made-It and Tyler Johnson. As one of 13 tracks on Endless Summer Vacation - which she describes as her love letter to Los Angeles - Johnson writes that this album serves as a platform for other artists to express their creativity.

Spotify 'Storyline' reports the track was inspired by gay dance parties. The video, which could be an indication of things to come for Cyrus as a pansexual musician, features multiple shots of her dancing - and it certainly appears she's having an enjoyable time!

Aside from its water-soaked video, 'River' is also an impressive track. With its energetic bass line and catchy melody, it's a pleasure to listen to.

In addition to its impressive production, 'River' is an elegant work of pop art that incorporates some clever video editing. The lyric "River" makes reference to the River that flows through Los Angeles - where the song was recorded.

No wonder 'River' is one of Cyrus' most popular tracks on her latest album; it's an uptempo electro-pop number with a catchy chorus and captivating music video. Not only does this showcase Cyrus' dancing abilities, but it will undoubtedly be played at every club and festival she attends this year!

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