Michael Strahan Leaves Fans in Disbelief With New Video

Michael Strahan Leaves Fans in Disbelief With New Video


Michael Strahan has not appeared on 'GMA' since Monday, March 27, prompting fans to speculate as to his whereabouts. It's not the first time he's taken an extended leave from GMA.

Strahan made his mark as an NFL player before transitioning into television personality status. Currently he co-hosts ABC's Good Morning America show and serves as a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday.

He’s Back

Michael Strahan made headlines in March when he abruptly left Good Morning America without giving any explanation as to why. In subsequent days, however, it became evident that he was taking an extended hiatus but didn't provide any details as to why.

GMA co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos held down the fort with various stand-in hosts - but Michael finally returned this week - making an exciting return that couldn't have gone better!

After an extended absence from television, Strahan was welcomed back with an enthusiastic "Welcome home!" from his co-hosts. While he did not disclose why he had left, his appearance made many people happy to see him back on screen.

He also took time to reveal new projects, such as his medical drama in development. According to Variety, he's in the early stages of producing a show which will follow an NFL player who transitions into medicine as his career.

Although this wasn't Strahan's first live television antics, it certainly marks his most recent. Just recently he took aim at meteorologist Sam Champion during a live broadcast.

Strahan was expected to launch into another feud against Robin Roberts' return after her short hiatus and decided to send out some subtle digs during an interview, making this unlikely event inevitable.

She was taken aback by his comment and looked at him with shock. As she attempted to explain herself further, his jokes quickly interrupted. Finally he told her, "I just wanted you to know I have new group of friends."

Robin Roberts may make for an interesting company, but not after fans blasted her for making indecent remarks on a show last week.

Strahan decided to make his co-hosts laugh on Instagram by posting an aviator sunglasses photo - it remains unclear whether or not this was meant as a joke but fans believed otherwise.

He’s Taking a Break

Michael Strahan, one of the co-hosts on Good Morning America, has not been featured as frequently recently; which has caused fans to wonder what's up.

Strahan has taken a temporary leave from GMA to focus on other projects, leading to speculation he'll leave entirely.

He recently took a trip to Easter Island, an isolated volcanic island in Polynesia, and shared a video clip on social media showing himself dancing alongside locals.

Michael has taken time off in the past - including an eight-day vacation to Jamaica - as part of his hosting duties.

But it doesn't appear he will leave GMA any time soon; in fact, he recently signed a four-year extension deal with ABC that keeps him as co-host for that show.

Strahan has long been recognized for his generosity. As an active supporter of charitable causes such as St Jude Children's Hospital and volunteering at St. Jude. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for Pat Tillman Foundation which invests in military veterans and their spouses.

Michael, as an ex-NFL player and fan, remains passionate about football. While playing for the New York Giants he earned seven Pro Bowl selections and four First Team All Pro selections; helping win two Super Bowl championships along the way and becoming an honoree of Pro Football Hall of Fame membership.

He's an enthusiast of modern and classic cars alike and owns several. In addition, he is an ardent dog owner and often posts pictures of them online.

Strahan lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side with his twin daughters and beloved pooch Enzo. He regularly shares glimpses of this luxurious property via social media platforms such as Instagram, and even allows charity fundraisers at his 19th-century mansion.

Former NFL player has built an extremely successful career since 2016, co-hosting Good Morning America since 2016. Since then he has won multiple awards, such as Emmy Awards for Best Morning Show in 2017 and 2018. In his spare time he supports numerous causes and charities while actively advocating for legalizing same-sex marriage through making an ad showing support.

He’s Producing a Podcast

Michael Strahan has become a familiar face on TV since winning a Super Bowl with the New York Giants in 2007. Not only has he hosted shows such as Fox NFL Pregame and Good Morning America, he's also established a highly profitable media company.

In 2019, ABC launched Close Up, hosted by journalist Kelley Carter and featuring timely topics pertaining to entertainment industry news and topics. Close Up will debut its second season this Thursday and it will explore timely issues through ABC's GMA.

Another project, American Football: How the Gridiron Was Formed, which he's co-producing with actress Kate Mara. This podcast will delve into the history and development of America's favorite sport as it battles its difficult roots.

Mara, an avid football fanatic, will narrate the show as part of Strahan's SMAC Entertainment, an organization comprised of management-production talent including Erin Andrews and Wiz Khalifa.

Strahan says he's excited about the podcast because he believes it will help more people gain an appreciation of basketball, while working alongside Mara.

Strahan understands the value of hard work and dedication as an athlete and hopes to inspire others to live the best lives they can and pursue their goals.

He strongly embraces philanthropy and giving back to the community, contributing both time and money to USO and HELP USA charities.

Strahan can often be found gracing Good Morning America as co-host and hosting ABC's popular game show $100,000 Pyramid. He also co-founded SMAC Entertainment with longtime business partner Constance Schwartz - an entertainment, music, and branding company dedicated to multidimensional entertainment, music, and branding services.

These two are busy juggling multiple projects and expanding their lifestyle brand, which includes top-selling clothing and accessory lines, an NFL licensed collection, Michael Strahan Daily Defense skin and shave collection as well as being carried at JCPenneys, Men's Wearhouse, Jos A Bank stores nationwide as well as being available online.

Strahan's lifestyle brand is rapidly growing and will soon feature an assortment of men's skincare products. He hopes to expand it further in the form of sports-licensed apparel in the near future.

He’s Pranking a Super Fan

Good Morning America viewers were left speechless by Michael Strahan's unexpected appearance on Thursday's Good Morning America, as his much-awaited return was celebrated with an unexpected video posted to social media by Strahan yelling out, "It's so good!" and doing an enthusiastic happy dance.

Strahan is no stranger to playing practical jokes on his fans; last month he convinced many that he would get his teeth fixed on April Fool's Day - only for him to reveal it was all an elaborate hoax!

Strahan told Ellen DeGeneres he was uncertain as to how many people would be interested in his story; he simply assumed people would recognize it was all an elaborate hoax and not take an active interest.

At first, they thought the prank would go over well; but to their horror, many were actually very concerned and needed to cancel part of their vacation due to all of the messages he received in response to it.

Since stepping away from football, Strahan has dedicated much of his time to other projects. He has hosted multiple game shows like $100,000 Pyramid as well as co-hosted several morning shows on broadcast networks.

He has also established his own men's lifestyle brand sold through JCPenney and collaborated with a range of sports teams and organizations to promote their products.

As a former professional football player, Michael Strahan can offer invaluable knowledge. In fact, he helped the New York Giants win Super Bowl 2007!

Mr. Strahan is a national celebrity and has received multiple awards throughout his career, such as being honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now an integral part of television industry hosting multiple morning shows while providing expert analysis of football games.

Strahan was awarded both NFL Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year during his playing career, breaking an 18-year old record with 22.5 sacks during 2001 season, making him one of the greatest defensive players of all time.

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