Meghan Trainor - Mother Official Music Video

Meghan Trainor - Mother Official Music Video


Meghan Trainor  Mother Official Music Video

Following the global success of her multi-platinum selling single "Made You Look," Meghan Trainor returns with an iconic music video for her new track, "Mother."

The track, available on the deluxe edition of Trainor's fifth studio album Takin' It Back, features a guest appearance from none other than Kris Jenner herself. She channels Old Hollywood glamour in the video with diamonds adorning her face as she lip-synches to Trainor's vocals.

Video Directed by Charm LaDonna

On March 10th, GRAMMY(r) Award-winning global superstar Meghan Trainor released the music video for her hit single, "Mother." Directed by longtime collaborator Charm LaDonna, it features Meghan and her mother-of-all mothers Kris Jenner glitzing up the stage wearing an array of glamorous gowns.

Meghan Trainor, a GRAMMY(r) Award-winning artist, has become an inspiring icon of strength and femininity around the world. In her newest music video for her song "Mother," Meghan shares her devotion to her mother and how it has shaped her in profound ways.

Recently, the singer-songwriter has been keeping busy. In October she released her fifth album Takin' It Back (Deluxe Edition) and recently announced she would be publishing a book called Dear Future Mamas that explores motherhood. Additionally, two years after welcoming their son Riley into the world, Daryl Sabara and she are expecting another child together!

She has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, such as Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, Ella Mai and Rosalia. Recently awarded a VMA in the Best Choreography category for her work on "Con Altura" featuring Catalan star Rosalia and Colombian artist J Balvin, Ms. Sae was nominated for this work at an industry convention in Dallas last November.

LaDonna began her career at the tender age of 10 as a protegee of choreographer Fatima Robinson (Michael Jackson, Aaliyah). Since then she has collaborated with some of music's biggest names, choreographing tours for Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd and Lil Baby as well as their Super Bowl halftime performances.

Her impressive list of credits also includes collaborations with Selena Gomez, Britney Spears and Pharrell. Furthermore, she choreographed The Weeknd's 2021 Super Bowl halftime performance as well as having creative directing projects in development.

She's a 21st century Renaissance woman with no plans of slowing down! A dancer, creative director and rapper by trade, her work has earned her multiple Grammy(r) nominations for its ability to shape culture from behind-the-scenes.

She has achieved true artistry, combining her love of music and creativity to craft an original style that will leave audiences everywhere with lasting impressions. Her latest single "Queen" will be released this February and she's already making waves within the industry with her music.

Video Starring Kris Jenner

Meghan Trainor's latest hit single, "Mother," stars the one and only Kris Jenner - momager extraordinaire!

At her first appearance, Kim Kardashian channels classic Hollywood glamour in a white silky gown with puffed sleeves and a blonde bob studded with diamonds. Later she changes into a black velvet mermaid dress embellished with stunning jewels.

The 67-year-old mother of six has made several music videos before, most notably Ariana Grande's "Thank You, Next," where she played Amy Poehler's mother in a pink tracksuit. In this latest clip, she pays homage to Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" routine by lip syncing to Trainor's vocals.

At one point, she proudly flashes her sonogram to celebrate the new addition to her family. It's her second pregnancy and she announced it earlier this year with a post that shared both ultrasound images and an endearing picture of Riley, their son.

As the video progresses, Jenner is joined by her two twin daughters and close friends in matching black dresses as they're flanked by backing dancers and suited men holding flowers. Eventually, they appear together on screen lip syncing to the song.

It's also an ideal chance to show off some of her eye-catching diamond jewelry, which plays a major role in the video's theme. Directed by Charm LaDonna, the video offers both vintage-style moments as well as some modern updates.

In the clip, she taunts arrogant men with lyrics such as "You with your God complex, but you can't even make life!" This track samples The Chordettes' 1954 hit "Mr. Sandman".

Charm LaDonna directed the video, which serves as a response to sexism still prevalent in Hollywood. She believes it's especially pertinent for women going through difficult times; adding, "This message is for anyone who feels they are being mansplained to and wants to take back their power."

Video Released on March 10th

The Deluxe edition of her fifth studio album Takin' It Back features the doo-wop inspired track, "Mother," featuring a sample from The Chordettes' 1954 hit single, "Mr. Sandman." This song expresses feelings that your opinions aren't valued or that people fail to take them seriously.

The GRAMMY(r) Award-winning singer released the single as part of her new deluxe edition, which also includes two other songs: "Grow Up" and a remix of her hit single, "Made You Look," featuring Kim Petras. Fans can now hear the tune and watch the video for yourself!

In the music video directed by longtime collaborator Charm LaDonna, the mother of six stars in an elegant ensemble and lip-syncs to her own vocals while dancing and singing along. She wears a long white gown complete with long sleeves and matching opera gloves as well as crystal-adorned sandals for extra glitz.

Daryl Sabara, who is also a singer, makes an appearance in the clip wearing a vibrant noise canceling headset and glasses. He holds his son Riley proudly while waving his little hand towards viewers.

This video is a celebration of motherhood, yet also serves as a reminder that life is not all about your children. As both newlyweds and new moms, Trainor shares her insights on raising her son - who will turn two next year - through reflections on her experiences as a mom.

She credits the experience as a source of confidence and motivation to reach new goals for herself. She and her husband hope to expand their family in the future, with him declaring it as his "dream come true" to have a baby of their own.

Her firstborn, Riley, is a contented and healthy toddler who loves reading books and listening to his favorite songs. He's already quite fond of his mom's music, and Trainor hopes he grows up to be an accomplished musician in his own right. As proud new parent, Trainor strives to raise her son into an inspiring leader and good friend.

Video Credits

Trainor has been an advocate for mental health awareness and has shared her story of postpartum depression after the birth of her son. Additionally, she has made a comeback as a singer-songwriter, releasing her first single as a mother entitled "Mother".

Meghan Trainor's latest video is an exuberant celebration of motherhood directed by Charm LaDonna. Starring renowned actress Kris Jenner and comedian Amy Schumer, it captures all the vibrant energy of motherhood.

Though the video and song are a celebration of Mother, it is essential to acknowledge some shortcomings in its production. Notably, the use of glitter and flashy lights is over-the-top; additionally, there's an air of narcissism evident when looking at its title card at the start.

Nevertheless, this video serves as a prime example of the type of pop music people desire. It boasts vibrant colors and engaging visuals that you won't find elsewhere.

The video features several cameos, such as comedian Amy Schumer and singer Tinashe. However, Kris Jenner shines brightest in the spotlight of this captivating clip.

In the video, she channels Old Hollywood glamour while showing off her stunning blonde transformation. She mouths the words of the song and dons a custom Cult Gaia gown for an iconic look.

Kris has made multiple memorable appearances in music videos; when Ariana Grande released her hit "Thank U Next," Kris paid homage to iconic films like Mean Girls by portraying Regina George's mom (originally portrayed by Amy Poehler).

The video has been praised for its feminist message and efforts to address sexism in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, much work remains before women can truly be considered iconic figures within this field. Kris Jenner can serve as an inspiring role model for young girls by providing them with strong female role models - something she certainly does.

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