McDonald's New 3CardiB & #Offset Meal Actually Sounds So Good

McDonald's New 3CardiB & #Offset Meal Actually Sounds So Good


McDonalds New Cardi B  Offset Meal Actually Sounds So Good

McDonald's New Cardi B & Offset Meal Actually Sounds So Good

It's an universal truth that some people's favorite date night order includes McDonald's fast food. Cardi B and Offset are no exception to this rule, making them perfect candidates for McDonald's new celebrity duo meal!

Starbuck's celebrity meal collaborations, such as Travis Scott's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Bacon, lettuce and medium fries with barbecue sauce; Saweetie and Mariah Carey's McNuggets; and K-Pop group BTS' dipping sauces have all received widespread recognition and sales success.

1. Cardi B’s Cheeseburger

On Valentine's Day, McDonald's announced a special celebrity duo meal featuring Cardi B and Offset. This will be their first celebrity duo meal ever, perfect for sharing with your partner, best friend or anyone else in your life.

At their Super Bowl ad, Offset and Cardi B revealed how much they both enjoy eating at McDonald's. As they held hands, recited each other's orders, and discussed whether sharing fries earns them "brownie points," it was clear the couple adores both food and their relationship.

In a special collaboration with Cardi B and Offset, fans can savor Cardi B's iconic McDonald's Cheeseburger paired with zesty BBQ sauce and an unlimited Coca-Cola. Offset will enjoy a Quarter Pounder with cheese and Hi-C Orange Lavaburst juice while receiving an ample serving of fries as well as an appetizing Apple Pie to finish the meal off.

Cardi B & Offset Meal will be available at participating restaurants starting February 14th, featuring cute packaging inspired by the season of love. This is the chain's first celebrity duo meal and another star-studded promotion from McDonald's.

Offset and Cardi B have achieved great success with their music in recent years. They won a Grammy for Invasion of Privacy (2018), followed by two hit singles last autumn that reached number one on the charts. Their newest track "Press" marks their first solo track since releasing Invasion of Privacy album.

If you're a fan of their songs, then you may know that they have made several powerful statements about fame and success. Retweeting the hashtag #FeelThePress to remind their followers that fame and success can be exhausting; and that they should be allowed to enjoy life without external pressure from the media.

She employs this same strategy in her latest solo song, which follows up last year's chart-topper "Bodak Yellow."

With its fiery lyrics, the track sounds like a declaration that many artists have made after reaching superstardom. It's an affirmation of her independence but also serves as a tribute to her fans.

2. Offset’s Quarter Pounder

At Super Bowl LVII, Cardi B and Offset showed their devotion for McDonald's in an endearing commercial that also featured seven real-life couples. The rapper couple shared their go-to meal order before reciting each other's names - a true sign of affection according to the spot.

On Tuesday, February 14th at participating restaurants nationwide, McDonald's is introducing their first-ever celebrity duo meal! Perfect for sharing with your partner or best friend, the fast food chain says the new meal comes complete with Cardi B's cheeseburger and zesty BBQ sauce; Offset gets a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst; plus there's plenty of fries and apple pie for dessert!

McDonald's meal collaborations with Travis Scott and Saweetie have seen tremendous success, garnering both critical acclaim and sales growth. This latest venture promises to be no different.

But this is the first time a hip-hop couple has come together for such an exclusive meal - and it sounds like it will be a hit!

In addition to the Cardi B & Offset Meal, which is a limited-time promotion, McDonald's is offering an extra-large Happy Meal for $6.13 that's ideal for sharing with someone special or wanting to wow someone. Furthermore, McDonald's will release merchandise featuring Cardi B's iconic purple hue and golden arch design.

To mark the launch of their Valentine's Day-inspired meal, Cardi B and Offset took to Times Square to showcase their collaboration. A packed house of fans lined the sidewalks and waited outside the restaurant in anticipation for them to step up to the counter.

They did not disappoint -- and the fan response was truly remarkable! Thousands of people were so eager to see them that some even made their way up to the Jumbotron outside, which was in full effect.

The delighted couple were all smiles, with even a kiss cam set up inside the building for them to capture some photos! But what truly captured everyone's attention was seeing them walk up to the counter surrounded by their many admirers!

3. Fries

Some may envision an elegant dinner for two with glasses of wine and dancing candlelight in the air. On the other hand, some people find romance in sharing their favorite fast food order with their special someone on date night - even if it means skipping dinner altogether!

If you're one of those people, then you'll likely be super-excited about McDonald's new Cardi B & Offset Meal coming to restaurants this week. This celebrity duo meal marks the first installment in McDonald's ongoing Famous Meals initiative.

It's no secret that celebrities are a major draw for fast food chains, and this has been proven by the success of the company's past celebrity meal collaborations with Travis Scott, Saweetie, J Balvin, and even K-pop group BTS - all of whom helped drive significant traffic and sales for the chain.

Beginning February 14th, McDonald's is offering Cardi B and Offset their favorite items: a cheeseburger with zesty barbecue sauce for Cardi B; as well as a Quarter Pounder with cheese and large Hi-C Orange Lava Burst for Offset. Plus, enjoy an ample serving of fries plus apple pie to share!

Fries are the main ingredient in McDonald's hamburgers, but you might not know that they begin as potatoes. After harvesting and blanching them with a water gun knife, they're then processed and dipped in an "ingredient dip" to maintain consistency and color regardless of which restaurant you visit. Finally, they receive treatment with dextrose and sodium acid pyrophosphate to extend shelf life and prevent graying while being frozen.

Some historians believe fries were first invented in the 17th century at a Belgian restaurant called Carreme Frites - meaning "squarely fried potatoes." Although its exact origins remain uncertain, many believe it derives from caille, French for "fun." Given their common appearance in paper cones with mayonnaise on the side, some even suggest this might have been their inspiration.

4. Apple Pie

Are you in search of a Valentine's Day meal that sounds extra sweet? McDonald's might have just what you're searching for. Rap duo Cardi B and Offset have collaborated with McDonald's to create their first-ever celebrity couple meal, featuring their beloved burgers, fries, and hot apple pie to share.

The duo first teased their new menu item during a charming commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. In it, couples shared their favorite McCafe or McDelivery order with one another and stated that knowing your loved one's preferences is an indication of true affection.

In a recent commercial, Offset and his girlfriend shared memories of growing up together while enjoying dinner at McDonald's. According to Offset in an interview with PEOPLE magazine, McDonald's "is my go-to place for date nights."

Now that we know they'll be offering a special meal this holiday, let's hope it sells out quickly. After all, everyone loves music from the duo and this meal should definitely be something people want to experience.

This apple pie has a delicate flaky crust and juicy apples with just the right amount of warming spice - the ideal way to celebrate the season. Plus, it's simple and quick to make so you can get all of the benefits out of this delectable treat in no time!

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